Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Book Review: 'Without Their Permission' by Alexis Ohanian

English: Alexis Ohanian, one of the founders o...
English: Alexis Ohanian, one of the founders of reddit, as he speaks about his experience getting reddit from a startup to one of the top competitors in User-rated news and networking. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Genre: Non-Fiction/E-commerce
Published: 1 October 2013
Author: Alexis Ohanian

Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of reddit & other sites is well re-owned public speaker & also a partner at Y Combinator. Of all the time I've spent on reddit, I've never bothered to look up the story of Reddit from "How it started ?" to "How Conde Nast brought it ?"

Interview with @photomatt

Watching Matt Mullenweg, the Founder of Open source Blogging Software 'Wordpress' talking at Lean Startup Conference. Personally I haven't seen any of matt's Interviews before although I've followed his blog & twitter and actively participated in discussions on Wordpress.org. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

A staggering 29 aircraft disasters recorded this Year

As reported by many news sources, yet another plane has lost contact during a trip. This comes on the heels of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 which is still missing, and Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, which was shot down.

AirAsia flight carrying Sixteen children and one infant among the 162 passengers is said to had an impact some where in the JAVA sea. Because there has been no sightings of the plane crash or debris the fact is yet unknown.

Take a look at this. At least 17 civilian accidents and incidents, 8 military and 1 space-related (the Virgin VSS test flight). Also 2 hijackings are recorded this year. 

Movie Review: "The Interview"

the best targeted propaganda film ever produced
Hype for 'The Interview' is shooting up everywhere and reporters are freaking out and so is the North Korean government. Kim Jong Un himself is ultimately replaceable by the political institution that surrounds him. The real damage that this film could cause would be to the cult of personality that the Kim family has built up; showing that the Kim lineage are not the God Emperors they portray themselves as.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Often feel bored ? Try this...

English: A bored person
Often for no good reason, one can be really bored out of one's wits. Not knowing what to do and how to pass time, or even simply handle boredom. It is not really necessary that boredom should only be countered with work and further boring routines of reading heavy books and novels. Knowing what to do when bored can be the best thing that can happen for you.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Pirate Bay to be resurrected under the name "Hydra" on New Year Eve

Pirate Bay to be resurrected under the name 'Hydra' on New Year Eve
"As you probably know the beloved Pirate Bay website is gone for now. It’ll be missed. It’ll be remembered as the pilgrim of freedom and possibilities on the web. It’s a symbol of liberty for a generation of internet users. In its honor we are making the oldpiratebay.org search. We, the isohunt.to team, copied the database of Pirate Bay in order to save it for generations of users. Nothing will be forgotten. Keep on believing, keep on sharing." - Isohunt
Torrent site isoHunt recently resurrected OldPirateBay.org as a means of providing a torrent search following the raid of The Pirate Bay on December 9th. While users were happy to see this at the time, it still didn't make up for the fact that The Pirate Bay was shut down and there had been no word on when or if it would return.

Happy Holidays to all of You

This is the time of the year that normally gets me thinking. It is interesting that most seasonally bound religious holidays have a different meaning in the different hemispheres, but there is a similar theme that is celebrated on or around 25th December, no matter where you are in the world. Whether you celebrate the heathen Saturnalia, or the Christian Christmas, or the Hindu Pancha Ganapati, or the Jewish Hanukkah, or the Wicca Yule, the theme is a dawning of a new light and renewal.

In the Northern hemisphere the days become longer and that brings new life and hope for the future. In the Southern hemisphere it is probably a more spiritual new dawning. Either way, the old and discarded makes way for the new, and hope rises in the hearts of all people.

Feeling "Meh" !

Have been emotionally crappy for a couple of days now. Last month of the year with nothing pleasing my Interests. Staying at home is super boring, so doing a lot of Internet. But the overall feeling is "meh".

I'm trying to talk to my SO, play Far Cry 4 when I'm not talking & then look at pics of cute dogs and cats at nights. Working out should work as well, but it's hard to get the "yeahhhhh" feeling about working out when you're feeling "mehhhhhh".

CMS Review: Magento, Drupal, Joomla & Wordpress !

There are various CMS platforms which are popular and individuals are confused when selecting the right CMS for their needs. Here is my experience with four of the most popular CMS solutions.

WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Drupal are the four most popular content management systems (CMS) you can find online. All four are open source and built on the PHP + MySQL platform. They have different features, capabilities, and customization flexibility. Here is a strong analysis of each of the CMS platforms.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Something big will Happen on 1st May 2015

ISIS, the Illuminati and Malaysia Airlines are going to team up to do something big on May 1, 2015.

ISIS looks a bit like 1515 (1/5/15), the Illuminati was founded exactly 239 years before that on May 1, 177. There were 239 people on board Malaysia Airlines flight MH370... 239 years and 239 days after the foundation of the Illuminati is Boxing Day next year & one year from tomorrow.

The Sony - 'The Interview' Conspiracy

The NSA believes that Korea's nuclear capabilities are better than they've been letting on, and feared that showing The Interview would actually result in a nuclear launch by North Korea. They can't reveal this because it would cause a panic and definitely ruin Christmas sales.

So the NSA hacked Sony as a false flag operation, making it look like it had been done by North Korea, forcing them to back off releasing the movie.

Working In Google Keep

There are many productive apps out there in the market. However, when it comes to Google Keep it is offered by default for Android users. It comes integrated with Google apps, more like a bundle along software. If you are using this app frequently then you already know about using the notes and other information about it. It is not only about creating notes but adding color coded categories and concatenating them for distinction. The app is all about helping users identify categories for different notes created along with changes that they make. However, if you are still not aware of it then you should read on to work with this Google app.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

AMD bringing Stiff Competition

AMD and Nvidia are often neck-in-neck. AMD has had the upper hand (as far as reach goes) for awhile, though. AMD processors are already in various gaming consoles from Microsoft to Sony, and the company also has some laptop presence. Prior to mobile, the PC ruled the market. Now, that's all changing, and companies like Nvidia and AMD have to get on board or be left behind to drown.

Airtel Violates Net Neutrality in India

How would you feel about your home or cellphone provider if they charged you different rates to talk depending on whether you called a man or woman, or whether the other person's voice was low or high or even by accent?

Now how would you feel about your cell phone company if they charged you different rates for calls depending on... the topic? Or what if they had a system that automatically detected topics and buzzwords and reduced call quality for certain topics

Heard about Cache Box ?

When you walk into the Pune Office of CONDUIT TECHNOLOGIES, you will realize that this is where People, Processes and Technology are brought together to deliver efficient business solutions creating €The Perfect Blend of People and Technology'. This is the world of CONDUIT!

And When a company like Appliansys, that has designed, built, and deployed Internet server appliances in more than 100 countries, recommends CACHEBOX, maybe it's time to rethink your corporate network strategy. ApplianSys experience with ISPs around the world has shown that whether you're in Ghana or in California, CACHEBOX is the ideal solution for ISPs operating where internet bandwidth is in short supply or very expensive. ISPs want to offer customers a fast, reliable service

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Why Teens are moving away from Facebook ?

A recent survey shows that, in this year 2014, there has been a 6% drop of teenage users on Facebook, the social media giant that gained massive popularity among teens and young adults. From 95% on 2012 to 88% in 2014, Facebook has seen a 7% drop in teen usage in the past two years.

Now, this number may seem rather negligible as the social media giant has more than a billion users, making it rank on top of the list of popularity. But this also means that, among the billions of users, Facebook is losing millions of young teen users, which contributed to the growth of the social media giant during its early times. And this is bad for the company, as this data is a matter to worry about, both for the company and its investors.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

iOS Game Center

Game center of Apple can be a real learning experience for the budding youngsters who want to make an indelible mark on the world of iOS game development. It allows people to play games, manage online multiplayer games. Besides, one can add new friends from the forum along with the browsing of leader boards and achievements.

One can make great use of this platform to give excellent and augmented game center experience to the users through his app. There is a lot to learn and it emits principles which can serve your purpose of making an efficient game in a much better way. The following guidelines can help in setting your vision and action plan.
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I've borrowed my body from the Universe

It's funny to think that this is my body. This is my skin, these are my limbs, this is my brain. I feel like I own all of the parts that make me who I am because it's me. I can look down at my hand and wiggle my fingers any way that I desire because I am in control of my own body. I feel like I own it because of the fact that I am in control, but I really don't. I'm just borrowing the matter that makes up my body from the universe. When I'm dead all of that matter will eventually go on and be part of something else. Hell, I only borrow all of the atoms in my body for up to 7 years while I'm alive until they are replaced. Everything is just borrowed.

North korea living nightmare ?

Flag-map of North Korea
There are satellite photos of what U.S. intelligence claims are camps, which they probably are, but the details of how the camps work and the way they label individual buildings and areas as 'execution grounds' are conjecture and not concrete fact, with no actual proof provided that the places are indeed execution grounds. After 2003 why any person would trust satellite photos with the blanks filled in by American intelligence agencies is beyond me.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Do You Suffer from Aching Wrists ?

You may have heard experienced computer users lamenting that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has affected them big time. Just what is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and how can I prevent it from affecting my computer keyboarding ?

The hand to keyboard relationship is the most strained interface between you and your computer. Typing can be more than a bothersome task. Typing can cause permanent damage to your hands and wrists. It has been found that approximately 60 % of keyboard operators can be found to have recurring symptoms of keyboard related injury. Damage to wrist and hand function can be so severe that in approximately 10 % of those affected have had to contact health care professionals - be it Physiotherapist, chiropractor, medical gp or orthopedic medical specialist.

Women and Perfumes

It often goes that girls have many moods, as well as every mood, there's a perfume. In the modern age, the thing that lots of women want to produce a statement with is perfumes. Needless to say, women's perfumes command reduced position these days. Every woman has her very own collection of perfume dependent on her outlook and how she interprets life. For those who are informed about perfumes, you will agree that we now have generally three types of perfumes currently available. Some perfumes might be classified as mild, some as sensual, although some may be classified as bold.

Rise of Journalism in Pakistan

With the rapid increase in print and mass media, journalism has made its roots stronger in Pakistan and rest of the developing countries. Pakistan is a country that is highly influenced by industrialist, politicians and feudal, which makes it hard for a journalist or a columnist to speak against their wrongdoings and unjust attitude with rest of the population. The developing media has provided a bold platform for Pakistani Columnists to speak the truth without fearing for the consequences.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Negative Impact of Facebook

Image Intended for Humor
Facebook is one of the fundamental social networking sites that have changed the course of social connection on the global scale. The Facebook created by Mark Zuckerberg and his colleagues that includes over a billion users worldwide that have different connections with friends, organizations, families and businesses and more.

It is an increasing strength that has been part of the rising process of youth across globe. Facebook has created a connection among real and virtual world in the life of the people that includes actions dedicated to the value of real life on Facebook. It provides a way to the new problems that has developed with increasing the usage of the site with dejection and passion. The younger generations are using more social media sites like Facebook that has impact on socializing skills and psychological growth. The social media sites especially Facebook has increased the antisocial behavior that impede the psychological disorder.

I hear alot about Friend Sweeper, What is it ? Marketing Tool ?

Robert Mercado -The creator of Friend Sweeper is a producer of over forty IM merchandise, and he's quickly turning into a house name within the IM business. His main specialty is manufacturing WordPress plugins, therefore you may be prepared to confirm that his development team and technical support goes to be ALIVE for years to come back.

Friday, December 19, 2014

My Experience from Yesterday

As many of you know, I went to my friends marriage yesterday with my friend Raj.
It was an amazing experience, let me narrate it to you.
We started from home at 10pm reached MGBS at 10:30. Brought tickets & boarded a deluxe which started at 11pm at night.
The whole night I couldn't sleep because of the cool breeze sneaking in from the crack beside the Window. The night was disturbing, we reached armore at 3am in the morning.
Got down, went to washrooms to get ready, after getting ready at the bus stand. We drank tea at a hotel & boarded an auto for another 23kms. From there the bride's brother received us and took us to his home.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

In few hours from Now

Its a fabulous day, the sun is shining bright, with stillness in the air. Wedding seasons have started and tomorrow one of my friend is getting married. Another friend will be joining me tonight on due course. 11hrs to start & I haven't even packed anything for the wedding couple. Looked up the internet for ideas finally settled on one particular thing that I'll be gifting them. It's a surprise so i can't tell you what it is ?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Social Media Etiquettes

Internet is indeed the latest coined platform for businesses to display themselves and track their ranking in arena. The rule is to such an extent that people have their businesses established and well-run solely over the web.

The introduction of social networking websites adds another cream layer to the existence of the above. It has emerged as the most effective manner of boosting online presence as well as building connections with customers. Moreover, there are several entities that religiously look forward towards these platforms to market their business and add upward spirals to their business graph. To peep a bit more, often entities miss onto basic etiquettes while expanding their business' social network.

Protecting kids from Online Dangers

Protecting kids from Online Dangers
When I speak of dangers , I explicitly mean the negative side of the Internet. I'm sure most of the kids knew about Internet at some point in their life. They are able to use it to perform research for school, for playing interactive games, and for communicating with their pals and teachers. With a single click of the mouse they can access a window.

but how secure is Internet for them?

Uninstall Buggy Windows 7 Update in time

According to Microsoft, they have recently confirmed that the KB3004394 update issued on the 10th of December to Windows 7 users could cause several problems, one of which is the prevention of the installation of future and newer updates. This appears to be a Windows 7-only problem as Windows 8 users are said to be unaffected by this.

PhpBB Compromised

Several of the web servers powering phpBB.com were compromised on sunday. Upon discovering the ongoing attack, they immediately took network offline to perform a thorough investigation, which is continuing.

If you were using your www.phpBB.com or area51.phpBB.com passwords anywhere else, please change them to unqiue ones. Good news is your personal phpBB Forums are NOT affected by the compromise of their servers.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

6 Upcoming Events in 2015

Dubai Football Challenge
So all football fans, here's is a good news for you. Catch this biggest single football match ever! It is Real Madrid vs. AC Milan, the city will witness the biggest match staged ever! Fans will see some intense action from both the teams! It will prove to be a spectacular year-ending sporting event. December 30th! Cheer for the big names as they fight for glory!

Is it time to end Death Penalty ?

"There has always been a long debate regarding whether the death penalty should be abolished from the books of law" says Koushik Mondal who is a senior lawyer associated with the profession of legal process outsourcing, and those in favor opine that man has got no power to take the life of a fellow person.

However, those against this motion are of the view that death penalties are given in the rarest of the rare case where the offense of the accused is such brutal and heinous that it cannot be pardoned from any angle. In the previous eras when India was ruled by various emperors, death sentence was quite a common punishment. There are various methods in which these punishments were executed. Some of the common methods included crushing the head by elephant, throwing the person into burning and boiling oil, throwing him in front of a hungry lion or even beheading him. However, these were very cruel methods which stopped later on. A number of Indian revolutionaries were hanged to death during the British regime and there no mercy plea. 

Be Careful while you browse through TOR

Tor is not for Everyone...
I went on Tor few months back. I disabled scripts, didn't allow my browser to load images and mainly browsed the Hidden Wiki. In a kind of Russian Roulette fashion, I kept clicking on the random page button to see what would load since I was a morbidly curious person. The Hidden Wiki is actually tiny, so I'd frequently get the same page every now and then.

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Instagram Envy

Instagram has created a new kind of voyeurism — in which you can look into the carefully curated windows of the rich, famous and stylish — and a new kind of lifestyle envy.
If Twitter is the street, Facebook the suburban-sprawl mall, and Pinterest some kind of mail-order catalog, Instagram is the many-windowed splendor of a younger mountain village, showing all we possess or wish for, under squares of filtered glass, each photographic pane backlit 24/7. Each pane is, or intimates, an entire landscape or room. Follow enough of the international lifestyle-setters, and you’ll see: women’s fashion, men’s fashion, home or apartment décor, beautiful food, art, color-coordinated books and magazines. What feels new with Instagram is the mode of photography that feels most akin to the window display.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Ship that doesn't sinks - The Pirate Bay

After repeated warnings & the legal issues, the site is still able to hold its integrity after all, its the home of the pirates & digital content uploaders whose actions are never the less of 'Pirates'.
Police in Sweden carried out a raid in Stockholm today, seizing servers, computers, and other equipment. At the same time The Pirate Bay and several other torrent-related sites disappeared offline. Although no official statement has been made, TF sources confirm action against TPB.- TorrentFreak
The Pirate Bay (TPB for short) started good and was a "trusted" torrent site to me for many years...however after a while there was a steep decline in their quality as the site got infested with virus laden files, crazy amounts of pop-ups for porn, and obnoxious people.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

WiFi greyed out ? Here's how you can fix it !

While downloading crysis 3 from torrents, I discovered that my WiFi is turned off. I wanted to tether internet from my laptop to my phone for which I need WiFi turned on.

I did a research...

Uninstalled the drivers, disabled it, again updated it, turned on/off airplane mode.. found nothing that could fix the issue.

I had a hunch, that if could turn on the WiFi from Linux (elementary OS) which I had installed along with Windows 8.1 then I could figure whether I need to reinstall the Windows or is it adapter problem ?

So I booted up elementary OS and was able to turn on WiFi. After booting back to Windows I was able to use, tether internet and it was back to normal.

I'm not sure if most of the users out there in forums or blogs complaining about the same had Linux installed?

If yes, then you can apply the same and resolve it.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

How to Install Atheros Wireless Drivers for Elementary OS ?

Please try:
sudo apt-get install  linux-backports-modules-cw-3.8-precise-generic
I believe cw-3.8 includes the modalias for your device.
If your device is still not shown, please post:
modinfo ath9k | grep 0036
dmesg | grep ath
Please get a working ethernet connection, open a terminal and do:
sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic build-essential
Download this file to your desktop: https://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/projects/backports/2013/11/13/backports-20131113.tar.bz2 Right-click it and select 'Extract Here.' Back to the terminal:
cd Desktop/backports-20131113/
make defconfig-ath9k
sudo make install
Reboot and let us know if it is working. You will have compiled the driver for your currently running kernel only. When Update Manager installs a newer kernel version, also known as linux-image, after you reboot, re-compile:
cd Desktop/backports-20131113/
make clean
make defconfig-ath9k
sudo make install
sudo modprobe ath9k
Please retain the files and these instructions for that time.

Thanks to Chilli for this info.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Dean Space: The first Social Network

Before facebook even came into existence, Zack Rosen had developed a social networking tool which he created to connect with Dean Space campaign members, supporters on various topics, form groups, and organize action.

TGC 121 Notification is out

Apparently this notification came out on 1st December but I was way too busy to notice anything new on Join Indian Army. My semester exams have started and I didn't get the time to look at it. Anyhow I submitted my online application today.

What is TGC ? (short version)

TGC stands for 'Technical Graduate Course' aimed particularly at graduates & post graduates. If you're looking to get into army in any technical field through graduation, then this is your entry to it. Better not be late than sorry, If you're between 20 & 28 years of age with a graduate/post graduate degree and have no other work then apply now.

You can always find more information about it here.

The Worst corporate hack

It's time to take a moment of silence for Sony Pictures, because more startling revelations about leaked information just came out and employees are starting to panic.

BuzzFeed raked through some 40 gigabytes of data and found everything from medical records to unreleased scripts. This is probably the worst corporate hack in history.

Meanwhile, Fusion's Kevin Roose is reporting on what exactly happened at Sony Pictures when the hack went down. The hack was evidently so extensive that even the company gym had to shut down. And once the hackers started releasing the data, people started 'freaking out,' one employee said. That saddest part about all of this is that the very worst is probably still to come. Hackers say they stole 100 terabytes of data in total. If only 40 gigabytes contained all of this damning information, just imagine what 100 terabytes contains.


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Lost in Space

There was a time when love meant a series of relationships; my teenage was so confusing. But even now my mindset is similar to that of a teenager. I thought I knew what love is ? But l'm so wrong. Life has taught me a good lesson.

While I was dealing with this confusion, life led me to a person who's not so good looking, not studious, certainly not the most desired yet she taught me what is love without ever speaking about it all these days.

Brief moments of silence, leading to conversations without speaking... caring yet understanding. This moment is very frustrating ... I hate this realization. I wish I could undo somethings in my life cause when I see back I don't want to remember this person that life led me to.

Typical Marriage Confusion

I've been invited to a wedding...There's this girl from my class who is getting married after the semester exams. I'm confused, I don't know if I should be going to her wedding or not ?  Part of me feels obliged since I've been her good friend (my perspective of course) for over 3 years but then the other part of me, the egoistic one doesn't wants to go.

I even don't know what I'll be doing there .. I've been to many weddings, but this one is typical. Maybe I'll just send her my regards, and apologize for not coming. Its not like she'll miss me, we aren't best friends yet.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sony hacked again, but this time its Sony Pictures.

Hackers calling themselves GOP (Guardian of Peace) claimed to have downloaded 11TB of data from Sony Pictures servers including movies 'fury','Annie' and many documents along with passwords & email id's of the employees accounting for 37m files in total. 

Hours after, the leaked movies appeared on torrent sites making the unscreeened movies available to public at large.

11TB seems like a lot of data and to get a feel for it, I did a research and found a link on Reddit that explains how many files it'd really be ?

And just because they have an index that contains 37m file names, does not mean they have 100% of those files. It only takes seconds to do a "find . > list1.txt" on the root of a server, downloading all those files takes quite a bit longer.

'cat list*.txt | wc -l' shows that there are 37.937.159 file names.

'cat list*.txt | grep -i ".pdf" | wc -l'

.txt 659.987 files
.pdf 5.419.564 files
.xlsx 1.421.089 files
.xls 8.512.625 (includes the 1.4M .xlsx files)
.docx 531.845 files
.doc 5.396.801 (includes the 531K .docx files)
.mp4 46.139 files
.mkv 34 files
.avi 6.366 files
.raw 311 files
.mp3 73.113 files

Monday, December 1, 2014

Mark Shuttleworth: A Strategic Genius

Whenever a Linux project needed by Ubuntu for future systems was lagging, he would announce his own, make some disparaging remarks about the original project and get the Linux community to start an arms race between the projects.

This resulted in him getting what he wanted a lot faster and cheaper than giving the money to the developers of the original lagging project in the first place.

Listen to free music on Jamendo

The Internet Archive not only runs the wayback machine, but also hosts books, music, movies, and classic video games that can be played in the browser.

Jamendo is a repository of free (creative commons licensed) music uploaded by the artists. If you have an ideological axe to grind about licensing, or you have some repressed guilt about supporting the record industry, or you want to be the guy with the most obscure musical tastes, Jamendo will meet your needs.

10 minute mail

I think it's the greatest thing ever. Want to get access to that coupon code or get a hold of that whitepaper but DON'T want to give your real email address and endure a lifetime of SPAM and your account being passed around like a cheap h****r on a naval ship? Get an email address for 10 minutes so you can respond to the email verification and get access. Then it disappears without a trace.

Source: http://10minutemail.com/

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Students are more Productive during Exams

It's exam time and the only period when students become creative, productive and greedy.

One of the many factors I've observed during this time (among my peers) is 'Isolation'. The more isolated you are, the more productive you become which ultimately leads to yielding better grades.

I have isolated myself from friends, now I indulge In less conversations, which helps me in being more productive, manage time and chart out my study hours.

When I say isolation (in my case) it's just from peer to peer interactions. I can't possibly imagine a day without Internet. So I make time to indulge in activities such as blog, tweet, poke and stuff to my hearts content.

Switching to Old WhatsApp

I am one of many users who don't like privacy intrusion, especially with what WhatsApp has done recently with 2 Blue ticks feature.

Prior to this update there were just 2 grey ticks which implies that the message has been sent. But now with the inclusion of blue ticks, I feel Like right to my consent (Whether I choose to reply or not) is affected. So therefore I've decided to switch back to the Old WhatsApp & so can you.

Download the latest apk on http://www.whatsapp.com/android/current/WhatsApp.apk installing this  version disables the blue ticks feature. However this feature is limited to android users those who download the app from website, and will be available to all soon via playstore/app store.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Monday, November 24, 2014

People are a Mystery

World is mysterious, people are mysterious in ways I couldn't have possibly imagined. Everyday I see different variations in people's behaviour, some days Its good other days not so.

I've adapted to this change in people with time. In my freshmen year it was all different to what we are today. Back then there was Lots of hand shaking, lots of smiles. Now it's just a smile often when approached with a query or to tell something. I guess everyone's busy except me.

I take time to write my blog, update my Twitter & Facebook and still have lots of time to make meaningful conversations. Is the World going crazy around me or is it just me ?

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Higher Internet Speeds can Improve the Gaming Industry

I think higher internet speeds can offer game developers to start putting pressure on ISPs to actually improve infrastructure. If there's a market for it?, they'll build it -- if anyone can put pressure on Comcast or TW, it's Sony and Microsoft. Given enough bandwidth or electrons or whatever makes the internet work, you open the door to realistic multi-party combat, even with present tech like the kinect, and all sorts of other cool concepts I can't even spend the time to think of right now.
Remember how "online gaming" used to be playing chess on the university network? And now you can go kill dragons with people from other continents in real time and get paid real cash monies for it? Imagine what comes next!

Quantum OS based on LINUX

Developing an operating system based upon Linux which conforms to Google’s Material Design guidelines. The focus is on creating a stable and easy-to-use operating system with a heavy emphasis on well-thought-out design.

This project was originally named Quartz OS but has since been renamed to Quantum OS because of conflicts with the OS X graphics technologies.


Currently the team consists of mainly just (Michael Spencer/@iBeliever), though he's already getting some great design feedback and mockups from Andrea Del Sarto. Anyone who is interested in contributing code, design, feedback, or testing is welcome to contribute, though he plans to remain in control of project management to ensure that we stay focused on our goals.

The code is hosted on GitHub at https://github.com/quantum-os, with the Material Design QML framework hosted at https://github.com/quantum-os/qml-material. You can also track our mockups here, though because of the flexibility and power of QML, we often work directly in code versus designing mockups first.

The Desktop Shell

We plan to develop the desktop shell and applications primarily using Qt 5 and QML, which will allow us to build highly polished and dynamic user interfaces and will work well for implementing Material Design. If possible, we will build the desktop shell in as much QML as possible built on top of the QtCompositor API, which provides a Qt framework for building a Wayland compositor.


What are Routers ?

Routers are the machines that internet companies use to deliver you pictures of cats. Each router has a special book it writes addresses in (this is called a routing table). But there are only so many pages in that book, and the router can only write one address per page. Because 512 is a magical number within computing circles (because it's the number you get if you start with one and double it nine times), a lot of routers have books with 512k pages in them.

Today, some routers in some parts of the internet needed to write down more than 512k addresses, so they ran out of pages. When it runs out of pages to write addresses in, routers get sad. Sometimes they get very sad and stop working at all, other times they keep working, but because they don't have addresses for all the internet in their special book, there will be some places in the internet they won't know how to get to.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Into the Future Year 2050

I'm so excited to see what science has in store for us. By 2050, I predict:

• Scientists will find a way to get around many microbial resistance problems.

• Massive steps will be taken towards beating cancer on all fronts. Preventative care, treatment and rehabilitation will all benefit from the huge breakthroughs by amazing geneticists, pharmacists, clinicians and chemists.

• Elements 113 through 118 will be confirmed and named.

• We will have become much better at using renewable technology and energy. It'll be more efficient, effective and sustainable that it currently is.

• Large colliders will either confirm or disprove string theory.

• There will be a manned mission to mars.

• One of the Millennium Problems will be solved.

• Driverless cars will become huge.

• Wearable technology to really take off. Stuff like Google Glass will become more refined, and more integrated.

I'm also really excited to see what the future has in store that I can't even imagine yet. I'm convinced something will come out of nowhere and will revolutionize the world, like the television or the internet, something that it's difficult to imagine life without.

Motorola is doing Progress

Motorola is doing really well right now, it makes one of the best small-medium range smartphones (Moto G), some of the best high-end smartphones (Moto X and Nexus 6), what is probably the best smartwatch out here (Moto 360) and led the way for modular smartphones (before Project Ara was handed to Google when they were sold to Lenovo).

They're not "a company with plodding, horrible technology" anymore.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Obama's Executive Action on Immigration

So I am fairly supportive of the program that Obama proposed in his speech. Specifically, I see three big reasons its good:

* It concretely helps a lot of people, by giving them the ability to lawfully work, and to live without fear, they can better participate in society and have better lives.

* I do not feel a strong moral reason to heavily punish violators of US immigration law, because US immigration law is deeply amoral.  Most people have no lawful route by which they could ever move to the US or any other wealthy country. 

People who have the ambition to move and work hard to improve their lives and their families lives are doing something that is noble and good.  Even though a law is broken in the process, I do not believe they have done something morally wrong by breaking that law, and would not punish them harshly, if at all, for the violation.

* It does appear to be within the bounds of current law. 8 CFR 274a.12(11) allows for work permits for "An alien whose enforced departure from the United States has been deferred in accordance with a directive from the President of the United States to the Secretary. Employment is authorized for the period of time and under the conditions established by the Secretary pursuant to the Presidential directive."

My hesitations are 1: that I would like to see something done through legislature instead, though frankly that seems highly unlikely at this juncture, and 2: that it puts the immigrants who use the program in a precarious position at the discretion of the President who succeeds Obama.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

How to Survive free fall from an Airplane ?

Freefall from an airplane is completely survivable with some planning. Caught in a freefall? Your airplane explode? Your parachute didn't open? Here's what to do! Your body doesn't keep increasing in speed, it hits what's called terminal velocity. You're a human being, so you'll max out at about 120 miles per hour. Even less if you stretch out like a flying squirrel. That's not even that fast, really.

The first thing you'll usually do is wake up. There's not a lot of oxygen where airplanes fly, so you'll pass out when you get sucked out. This is fine, orient yourself, figure out which way is up and which way is down. You have about four minutes of quality time to come up with a solution to your very real problem.

Look around. Do you see a parachute barreling towards the Earth near you? Grab that shit, problem solved! Don't see a parachute? No problem, do you see debris? A big flat piece of airplane scrap is perfect, ride that shit to safety. It will slow you down immensely. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

WhatsApp Encryption Bullshit

Whatsapp is not open source. It cannot be trusted that there are no backdoors, such as phoning home with the encryption key, and it can't be trusted that the cryptographic protocol has been implemented correctly. Whatapp in fact has a history of cryptographic blunders.

There is no way to verify the authenticity of the other device. A silent MITM attack can (or may already) be easily executed, where you actually encrypt your message to an imposer that then passes it to the other party.

If keys are stored on the device and Sync / iCloud is enabled, the app data will be backed up to Google's servers or Apple's servers, making it no longer end to end encryption.

There are tons of better solutions if you're interested in keeping your messages private, including (shameless plug) (https://subrosa.io).

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Free Will

There's nothing scientifically that supports the idea of free will, and I believe that everything we "choose" could be predicted by somebody watching out lives from afar, provided they did so in enough detail.

But I think that believing in free will is a factor that can manipulate people into making better choices, and so I encourage people to believe in it, even though I don't.

It's not like I've got a choice.

Pain & Suffering

Pain and suffering is just subjective to who's feeling it. On a cosmic scale when your mother dies, nothing changes in the next solar system even though it feels monumental is to you. Instead of thinking that "pain and suffering" is proof that God doesn't exist, you have to not assume that everything revolves around you and that there are things you can't control and therefore you can't be attached to things who's destiny you don't control; because, they have a life plan of their own and it can't be inconvenienced for someone else's personal sense of suffering. That's how I see it. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

UES 24 SSB Dates are Released

The batch that I've applied for is UES 25 so this is for my seniors. I'm very excited knowing that next batch is mine whose ssb dates are probably gonna release next year (Jan/Feb) 2015. My dad went into depression knowing that my name is not there in the merit list. Poor dad he mistook my batch 25 for 24 and took the blame on him. He just called me few minutes back to console me and i was like dad it's not mine... my batch results will be out next year. I could feel his happiness in his voice knowing that was not my result.

I had a good 10 mins laugh with my mom and sister. This will be one of my memorable days for sure.

Don't worry dad, it ain't the end of the world.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Just Google It

People keep asking me to do stuff for them because they have come to know me as the guy who fixes problems. What do I do? Google it, and implement the easiest fix.

Install a sink? Google it.

Some website design shit? Google it.

Train a dog to sit? Google it.

I'm not a goddamn dog whispering IT wizard plumber, I just figured out how to google properly.

The Core Concept of Internet isn't going anywhere

The internet isn't really a specific technology, it's more of a concept (a bunch of computers connected remotely and sharing data), but the specific technologies that power it are changing and not that important.
While the transmitting tech might change, and much of the details about how computers might change, I doubt the core concept will go away.

Light Sabers to be a Reality Soon

Scientists have discovered that when photons are fired through a cloud of rubidium that is a few degrees above absolute zero, they come out the other end fused into a single molecule, and the molecules happen to repel each other similar to how a lightsaber would repel another.

Now, one day this may *lead to* a lightsaber, but it is not there yet.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Facebook has reactivated Messaging in App. Messenger no Longer Forced.

Facebook has stopped forcing users to download the Facebook Messenger app and has re-enabled in app messaging. The nag screen still exists, but now you may bypass it.. Good news for users such as myself with low storage capacity and no room for an unwanted app.

Current Facebook version:

If there's any problem, try clearing your cache to reactivate the "remind me later" button on the nag screen.

Friday, November 14, 2014

JNTU World Closed due to lack of Legitimacy

JNTU World Closed due to lack of Legitimacy
For many years, JNTU World has been providing more information than the official JNTU website, all most all JNTU students & Professors use this website for information, results, examination, time table & most importantly for the materials. The site used to have high traffic during results so many students thought that www.jntuworld.com is official (i.e hosts results and it maintains information and latest updates of all JNTU - Hyderabad, Kakinada,  Anathapur, Kadapa) but its not.
JNTU world is a 3rd party website.

Although its not yet Official as to why the site is down but rumors on Social Networking sites had it that the State Government had forced to close the site. There is also a possibility  that their servers must have gown down, but this is absurd because we know every one maintains back up and there is no official update about JNTU World site on Newspapers either.

For years students depended on JNTU World for Materials and questions banks but now it looks like they'll have to do it without any help.

Abstraction in CS

Most people confuse the idea of abstraction with the idea of information hiding. Abstraction does not mean "putting all the details behind some interface."

Abstraction is the process of isolating and identifying patterns, giving those now-recognized patterns names, and thinking and acting in terms of those patterns per se vs. instances of those patterns.

Numbers are an abstraction we deal with every day starting from a very young age. Consider the number 5. You can't point to the number 5. You can't touch, smell, or taste the number 5. You have never once encountered the number 5 walking around outside.

That said, the number 5 is an abstraction of many concrete every day experiences. You can't touch the number 5, but you can touch 5 apples. You can't smell the number 5, but you can smell 5 cows (and how!). You can draw me 5 smiley faces or 5 hearts.

What is 5 except something that all these groups-of-five have in common? It's an abstraction that isolates some aspects of these groups-of-five that we find relevant and only those aspects, discarding the particulars. It's powerful because it encapsulates 5-ness per se without needing to answer "5 of what?" It's not 5 of anything — it's just 5.

Even that symbol, "5", is still just a picture of the number 5. 5 is prime whether we write is as 5 (decimal) or 101 (binary) or V (roman numerals) or IIIII (tally marks) or 五 (Japanese). The number 5 is not an interface. It is not "hiding details." It is a pure expression of a pattern we've isolated and elevated to a thing-in-itself.

Did you know the first model of computation — the lambda calculus — was first written down in 1936, long before we had a computer that could ever possibly implement it? What "information" or "implementation details" could this model have possibly been hiding? The first fully programmable digital computer wouldn't even be invented for another decade!

Instead, the lambda calculus was an attempt to isolate and define what we meant by "computation." It allows us to think more clearly about computation per se. It allowed us to start making statements about what computers could and could not do (even absent a working computer).

Do Black Holes Deteriorate?

There is a theoretical evaporation mechanism called Hawking Radiation that is a quantum mechanical process that allows radiation to be emitted from just at the event horizon of a BH. The simple picture is that quantum fluctuations constantly cause particle-antiparticle pairs to be created now normally these particles immediately annihilate with each other, refunding the energy used to create them. If the pair is created right at the event horizon, one of the pair can be just trapped by the BH's gravity while the other is free to escape. Since the escaping particle requires energy to do so energy balance dictates that the trapped particle has negative energy meaning the black hole loses some of it's mass, if it loses all of it's mass via this mechanism this way then it will no longer exist.

This process is proposed to be ongoing on all black holes but, due to the evaporation timescale scaling with M3 , it is only relevant for fairly small black holes. Tiny tiny black holes will evaporate very rapidly whereas stellar mass black holes will last for time scales comparable to the current age of the universe (even larger black holes will last for 1060 times longer than the universe has existed).

For a black hole to dissipate completely it needs to be radiating away energy per second in Hawking radiation than the energy that is falling in per second. Due to the energy content of mass being quite high, any black hole that is doing accretion will likely be growing faster than HR can shrink it. In fact, due to the ubiquitous presence of the cosmic microwave background providing photons to fall into a black hole wherever it is this means there is a maximum size of BH that will ever dissipate (around the mass of the moon).

Attempts to detect primordial black holes that have since evaporated are ongoing.

The mechanism that produces this Hawking radiation is still not fully understood, no one really knows how to marry the theory with some other qm ideas (like the information paradox), and it has never been observed. Analogues, in quantum optics experiments, have been reported as detected but they are controversial.

Honest Lessons from Founders & CEO's

Link: https://medium.com/brutally-honest-lessons

First post on closing down your ideas/startups: https://medium.com/brutally-honest-lessons/12-lessons-on-closing-down-your-ideas-b2ea60036c4d

Each post crowdsources lessons and war stories from entrepreneurs, and to allow them to be as honest as possible, we semi-anonymize the content. In other words, you get to know exactly who is part of the advice pool but not exactly who said what.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Random Thought #4

The day is boring, so is the afternoon and the evening. Its almost 8pm and i'm infront of my Laptop trying to put some words together to make this post. Would you like to know what i did since morning ? My boring life story may interest you in some way..(hoping, fingers crossed !)

Woke Up late, had no shower today. Its not that I don't take shower or like being dirty, instead i'm just used to not taking a bath on my holidays. I call holidays my dirty days... cause i get lazy and do everything at a slow pace. No concerns, no college work, just me, my bed and the Internet. But unfortunately there was some hiccup with the delivery of my bank atm so had to check that out. Came back, browsed reddit for an hour then slept like a bear(ofcourse with a snore) just Kidding i don't snore in my sleep. :)

Then a few minutes back a friend of mine pinged me to ask if i knew the exam center for this semester, to which i said in reply 'No, I don't' !

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What our generation goes through ?

Looking from a lifetime perspective..
  • zero tolerance policies in schools/colleges.
  • parents paranoid about (accidents/child molesters/whatever) because of the cable news' fascination with violence.
  • constant social media record of all our cringeworthy moments through middle/high school and beyond (that your college staff/boss WILL look through)
  • College being seen as essential, and super competitive, to the point of obsession
  • Massive student loan debt being a norm, with absolutely no consumer protections common to all other kinds of loan
  • No real choice in politics
  • A saturated professional job market, and stagnating wages, forcing graduates to take low paying, low skill jobs, often while still living with their parents
  • Pensions are a thing of the past, social security is a joke, and who can afford to save money?
What I'm saying is, this generation is surrounded by circumstances that conspire to produce a learned fear of failure. Every place their parents and grandparents had to explore and learn from their mistakes is now a failure-critical step towards the next level of scraping by. There is no healthy outlet for the kind of rebelliousness that characterized the social revolutions of decades past. No sane person would take that kind of risk. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Protect the GNOME foundation from Groupon Insinuation

This is the Gnome-Logo made with vectors. GNOM...
"GNOME" has been a familiar name in software for the past 17 years, and a registered trademark since 2006. The GNOME project has been a staple desktop for GNU/Linux and BSD desktops. It was the default desktop for Sun Microsystems workstation class machines, continues to be the default desktop for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server distributions, and it is the default desktop of Fedora and Debian. SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service solution for the retail industry is based on GNOME. GNOME technology can be found in TVs, tablets, phones, consumer devices, and in common software everywhere.

Time has no Impact on Quantum Mechanics.

Diagram for the double-slit experiment
Diagram for the double-slit experiment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In the double slit experiment, if you shine light through two slits, one photon at a time, it will shine in a wave like pattern, as light is a wave. But, if you place detectors so that you can tell which slit each photon goes through, it collapses the wave and causes the light to shine in a direct line through the two slits, since light is also a photon. BUT, if you save the information on which slit the photon goes through on a computer, then erase that information after the experiment is over with, the light will shine in a wave like pattern, since no information exists as to which slit the photon went through. This is a long video going into the real nitty gritty of how the experiment actually works, but it looks like there are some shorter ones that are more accessible that are also up on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6HLjpj4Nt4

Internet is Weird

I'm probably posting this so that the future me can look back into the past, knowing that i had this thought before i even achieved what I am supposed to achieve in future.

"It's crazy to think that my past friends, old colleagues, old classmates might be reading this post and I have no idea. It's connecting us once again but we will never know. On the other hand future friends, future colleagues, and maybe even my future SO is reading this post right now and before we even meet, we made a connection already. So yeah, Internet is weird man, I don't know what else to say... "

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Is Speed of Light the Speed of Time ?

High Speed - Lights
High Speed - Lights (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This is the most mind blowing implication of relativity, in my opinion. Time slows down as things approach the speed of light. At the speed of light, no time passes. Photon travel at the speed of light. Therefore, photons exist for no time, because the entire duration of their existence no time is passing.

Photons are generated from some electrical shift in an atom, and when they are absorbed by an atom, they causes an electrical shift. So, from the perspective of a photon traveling from the sun to the earth, what's really happening is there is an electrical shift in an atom on the sun that instantaneously causes an electrical shift in an atom on the earth.

Homomorphic Encryption

English: Encrypted message authentication
English: Encrypted message authentication (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cryptographers have devised a way to perform any mathematical operation on encrypted text, allowing processing of this encrypted text without decrypting it. Think of it like this: You run a jewelry store but dont trust your employees to manage precious jewels and not steal them. So, you lock raw materials in a box, they have gloves into this box, and they can create rings/pendants using the gloves, but never steal the contents once they finish because its locked. Later on, you unlock the boxes yourself, without risk of anyone stealing it.


In biology, and specifically genetics, epigenetics is mostly the study of heritable changes that are not caused by changes in the DNA sequence; to a lesser extent, epigenetics also describes the study of stable, long-term alterations in the transcriptional potential of a cell that are not necessarily heritable. Wikipedia
It is extremely interesting new field. Modern research into epigenetics has really only been going on since the early to mid 2000s. There is still so much to learn about it and the technology to do the research is advancing incredibly rapidly. As an example, the Human Genome Project took over 15 years and cost $3 billion to sequence the first human genome. As of January of this year, there are companies that will do DNA sequencing that can sequence and entire human genome in under a week and for less than $1000.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Let us Honor Aaron Swartz's Legacy by Hacking for a Better World

Aaron Swartz fought for an Internet grounded in community, creativity, and human rights. By co-creating platforms like RSS, reddit, Creative Commons, and the technology that became SecureDrop, he helped build the tools that make information accessible to all, and in the process, called truth to power while putting power in the hands of the users.
Perhaps more than anything, Aaron Swartz believed that everyone should be able to participate in the political processes that determine the laws we have to live under everyday.
The entire community continues to benefit from and build on top of Aaron’s contributions. And so we at EFF are thrilled and honored to join our friends at the the Internet Archive this weekend for Aaron Swartz Day, a two-day hackathon to celebrate and remember Aaron, while we look towards creating the future he envisioned.

Universe is a Collection of Snapshots

time travel using parallel universe.
time travel using parallel universe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I have said for a long time that time and money and math do not actually exist. Time, aside from the eternal "NOW", does not exist. The only way time would actually "EXIST" is if there was a super presence that was taking snapshots of the physical location of each subatomic atom in the universe every microsecond and labeling each of those snapshots sequentially.

Every time someone talks about time travel, I do my best to explain this concept. With Infinite amount of energy within the confines of the universe, "GOING BACK IN TIME" would actually require assembling all sub atomic atoms to a previous unknown state and location in order to simulate the exact location at that "TIME". I agree that it is simply a very useful concept that helps us interpret the "human experience", but in reality all that is actually happening is matter constantly altering its form and location.