Airtel Violates Net Neutrality in India

How would you feel about your home or cellphone provider if they charged you different rates to talk depending on whether you called a man or woman, or whether the other person's voice was low or high or even by accent?

Now how would you feel about your cell phone company if they charged you different rates for calls depending on... the topic? Or what if they had a system that automatically detected topics and buzzwords and reduced call quality for certain topics

"Bharti Airtel Ltd, India's largest telecommunications carrier by subscribers, will soon start charging users extra money for using services such as Skype as Indian operators look to boost their data network and revenues.

 According to the company website, internet or data plans that give customers discounted rates will only be valid for internet browsing and will exclude Voice over IP services (VoIP). VoIP services include those such as Skype, Line and Viber that typically let users make free calls through the internet." - Reuters
I bet Comcast just had an orgasm reading this.. Unfortunately, net neutrality isn't much of an issue in India. Very few people really care about it. I really hope that this brings it to the forefront.