About Me

Photo of me from Nov 2021

Namaste/Greetings, my name is Kanthala Raghu and I'm 28 years old, I live in Hyderabad, India.


I completed my graduation in Electronics & Communications and Soon after graduation joined the eCommerce giant Amazon in the year 2015. I'm currently in a leadership role (Manager) handling Logistics Division for NA & Canada Marketplaces.

Blogging on regular basis:

Although I enjoyed writing since I was young, it was only when blogging became an internet trend that I seriously considered putting my thoughts online. Blogging is a kind of informal writing and letting the whole world know the minute you write an article! After all, what is the meaning of writing stuff if no one ever reads them?
With blogging every person around the world is a potential reader the instant you publish a story! I find that truly amazing.

Blogging also means that I put my thoughts on the virtual paper on a regular basis. Yet, there are no deadlines and no tight schedules. I write whenever I think I have something meaningful to say. I try to avoid writing just to keep readers coming back. Because eventually, they won’t!

During my blogging endeavors, I have learnt quite a lot about the web development business. I create websites/blogs and promote Free and Open Source Software's such as WordPress, Ubuntu, Libre Office, Open source platforms for developing Integrated Solutions for Communities so on so forth. (Ping me I'm available for collaboration project)

Since blogging is an ongoing adventure, I constantly discover new things that I’m excited to share with my online friends. Maybe some of them (like yourself?) are interested in starting their own blog or company’s website or improving their writing skills. I bet they will find something useful on my blog.

I also share things which I talk over coffee. This includes interesting conversations which I strike with passionate people.. apart from generic views and opinions once in a while..
I believe Internet is the man's best invention only after pen that is !