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A good first step in learning anything new is to sharpen your google-fu skills:

Linux is really fun, free and not as complex as it is made out to be. If you are an apple user- use it like your apple (Don't touch anything other than the apps) Windows users will be right at home. Unity is as useless as the start screen is on non-touch devices and Android users will complain about the POS not working after they attempted the latest most unstable version ever!

I've compiled a list of websites that I feel could be beneficial to linux newbies.

Introduction to Linux
Linux Documentation Project
Introduction to Linux
Many useful Linux links

Linux Tutorials

Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
Linux command line
Alphabetical Directory of Linux Commands
many command line tutorial links
Linux package management systems explained

Where to get Linux Distros
FrozenTech's Live CD List
Linux ISO Torrents

Miscellaneous Sites

Screen shots of various distros
Windows Managers for Linux

Linux Software

Linux Gaming
Morphix Site 1
Morphix Site 2
Games Knoppix
Live Linux Gaming Project

Linux News

Linux Networking commands and scripts

  1. arpwatch – Ethernet Activity Monitor.
  2. bmon – bandwidth monitor and rate estimator.
  3. bwm-ng – live network bandwidth monitor.
  4. curl – transferring data with URLs. (or try httpie)
  5. darkstat – captures network traffic, usage statistics.
  6. dhclient – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Client
  7. dig – query DNS servers for information.
  8. dstat – replacement for vmstat, iostat, mpstat, netstat and ifstat.
  9. ethtool – utility for controlling network drivers and hardware.
  10. gated – gateway routing daemon.
  11. host – DNS lookup utility.
  12. hping – TCP/IP packet assembler/analyzer.
  13. ibmonitor – shows bandwidth and total data transferred.
  14. ifstat – report network interfaces bandwidth.
  15. iftop – display bandwidth usage.
  16. ip (PDF file) – a command with more features that ifconfig (net-tools).
  17. iperf3 – network bandwidth measurement tool. (above screenshot Stacklinux VPS)
  18. iproute2 – collection of utilities for controlling TCP/IP.
  19. iptables – take control of network traffic.
  20. IPTraf – An IP Network Monitor.
  21. iputils – set of small useful utilities for Linux networking.
  22. iw – a new nl80211 based CLI configuration utility for wireless devices.
  23. jwhois (whois) – client for the whois service.
  24. “lsof -i” – reveal information about your network sockets.
  25. mtr – network diagnostic tool.
  26. net-tools – utilities include: arp, hostname, ifconfig, netstat, rarp, route, plipconfig, slattach, mii-tool, iptunnel and ipmaddr.
  27. ncat – improved re-implementation of the venerable netcat.
  28. netcat – networking utility for reading/writing network connections.
  29. nethogs – a small ‘net top’ tool.
  30. Netperf – Network bandwidth Testing.
  31. netsniff-ng – Swiss army knife for daily Linux network plumbing.
  32. netstat – Print network connections, routing tables, statistics, etc.
  33. netwatch – monitoring Network Connections.
  34. ngrep – grep applied to the network layer.
  35. nload – display network usage.
  36. nmap – network discovery and security auditing.
  37. nmcli – a command-line tool for controlling NetworkManager and reporting network status.
  38. nmtui – provides a text interface to configure networking by controlling NetworkManager.
  39. nslookup – query Internet name servers interactively.
  40. ping) – send icmp echo_request to network hosts.
  41. route) – show / manipulate the IP routing table.
  42. slurm – network load monitor.
  43. snort – Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention System.
  44. smokeping – keeps track of your network latency.
  45. socat – establishes two bidirectional byte streams and transfers data between them.
  46. speedometer – Measure and display the rate of data across a network.
  47. speedtest-cli – test internet bandwidth using
  48. ss – utility to investigate sockets.
  49. ssh – secure system administration and file transfers over insecure networks.
  50. tcpdump – command-line packet analyzer.
  51. tcptrack – Displays information about tcp connections on a network interface.
  52. telnet – user interface to the TELNET protocol.
  53. tracepath – very similar function to traceroute.
  54. traceroute – print the route packets trace to network host.
  55. vnStat – network traffic monitor.
  56. websocat – Connection forwarder from/to web sockets to/from usual sockets, in style of socat.
  57. wget – retrieving files using HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and FTPS.
  58. Wireless Tools for Linux – includes iwconfig, iwlist, iwspy, iwpriv and ifrename.
  59. Wireshark – network protocol analyzer.

I'll keep this space updated with new information as and when I can, in the meantime feel free to share anything in comments that needs to be added.

Last Updated on Nov 18 2019.
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