Friday, March 28, 2014

Microsoft's iPad; Does it suck ?

Well yeah but I would think that most people would need a 365 subscription for any other computers they need (unless they acquire it through less than legal means). My point was that the iPad version is the same as any other version.

The Surface is the ONLY system (that I know of) where you do NOT need to pay for it. The iPad has a similar system to ANY other computer you may have.

If you mean that getting office for free is a major selling point for the Windows tablets, I certainly would not buy an expensive consumer gadget just to save money on one piece of software. I would but the gadget I want most, especially if the full versions of said software have the same functionality.

Although I'm surprised no one's commented on the lack of printing ability. I don't print much at all, but I would think that's something that Microsoft would pride themselves on doing right. Maybe it'll come out in a later release.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The over-reaction to the sell out of Oculus: Slides in Facebook Shares

[Facebook's Stock]  Seems like what Facebook did was none too popular, and it's harming others. It's nice that they're gambling on the fact that virtual reality become a big thing in the future, and I hope it does (in a Google Glass type of way) - the problem being that they're playing the fat, lazy, rich man, who instead of researching and developing a new market on their own, decided to purchase what looked like the best (and most acquirable) option.
The silver lining lies in that OculusVR will remain mostly independent to develop their own system; the big (and ugly) downside is that they will be controlled by Facebook, who could do anything with it.

What I don't get is why Facebook is "acquiring" all these companies/apps/things instead of developing their own. Wouldn't it be cheaper to create a WhatsApp and force it out of popularity than to purchase one for almost $20 Billion? It would certainly help them form an identity for themselves.

I guess the only thing we can do is wait and see where they go after this.

(An article about Facebook's acquisition bringing the stock market's closing numbers down)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Social Anxiety

I can't even be in public without over thinking everything. I think constantly about if I look alright, if I smell alright, if the things I say are funny, I just can't interact with people normally without a constant fear of being judged. If someone gives me a complement, I will immediately ask them why their complementing me because I automatically assume they are making fun of me.

This makes me super awkward in public, I never know what to say or do. This leads to me being even more self conscience and awkward, and the cycle keeps repeating. I have no idea why I care so much what people think of me, especially totally strangers. I will literally worry of the person driving behind me thinks I'm a good driver or not. I want to get help, but I'm scared to do that too, and I know it will be expensive.

Sometimes I just want to live in the woods and not have to deal with all this stupid social anxiety I have. It's definitely gotten worse over the past year, and it's really starting to affect my life.

Monday, March 17, 2014


Which today are becoming an acceptable form of communication amongst the Facebook generation, have been around for as long as the Internet. The earliest memes were cultivated more than a decade ago by technologically savvy teenagers on gaming forums, and consisted of such hilarity as misspelled words and numbers substituted for letters. Many Internet users would argue that memes have not come far since, while many others would argue that these guys have sticks up their ends. Regardless, what started off as nerd lingo has become a pervasive Internet phenomenon.

Wishing You all a Happie Holi

Happy Holi Everyone! 

I was surprised to learn that today's holiday, known as Holi, is the one day that it is culturally acceptable for everyone to drink weed milkshakes.
Holi Celebrations near my Place
Credit: Kanthala Raghu

This tradition is mostly celebrated in the North India.
The Hindu wandering wise-men, or Sadhus, ritually use the cannabis plant as part of their spiritual lifestyle, believing it to be created by the deity Shiva from his own body. For some Hindus, cannabis is believed to be one of the "five sacred plants", and bhang - a beverage made from the female cannabis plant - is ritually consumed during the spring festival of Holi.

Once again wishing you'll a 'Happie & Safe Holi'.

P.s Don't use those Chemically (In organic) Induced colors which don't wash away for days.

Send me Ur Holi Pics :)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lego Robot sets Rubik's Cube World Record

This solve (With the Robot) would not count as an official world record. The cube is not seen "inspecting" the cube, or in this case scanning the cube.

In WCA regulations it states that a competitor has 15 seconds to "Inspect" a cube before the solve. If this was an official solve, as soon as the cube is placed in the holder the "Inspection" would start. I assume that placing the cube in the holder, starting up the app, and scanning the cube would take more than 15 seconds. This would make the solve a DNF (did not finish).

Also, if this would to be counted as an official world record, they would also have to count almost any PC with the capabilities to run Cube Explorer, which is a program that can solve any rubik's cube in 20 moves or less, as a world record holder for FMC (Fewest Move Count). Even though this would not be considered an official Rubik's cube world record, the creators have accomplished something amazing!

Check it Out - Here

With Increase in Knowledge Our Brain Becomes Messier

Currently my mind is clouded with thoughts of college, money, friends, intellectual subjects, deep thoughts, emotions, too many things on my mind is making my life messy and unorganized.

My Curiosity has taken over my mind and I cant stop learning, cant stop exploring, cant stop thinking. With this new knowledge has its consequences and some days I'll feel depressed and hopeless as I learn more and more. As I learn more I discover even more opportunities and realize that one could never know/understand everything. This keeps me distracted most of the time from my priorities in my life as I want to experience as much as I possibly could within my time on Earth. Could too much knowledge lead to unhappiness? Has anyone ever felt like this and if so how do you deal with it? Is it bad to try to understand everything?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

I have nothing new to do this Weekend.

I can't fathom doing nothing new this weekend, seems like everyday is the same old routine.

I woke up, had my breakfast, didn't had shower today cause I like to keep myself dirty on weekends and get all lazy. You must be thinking I'm crazy, but I ain't. There's a reason why I don't take shower on weekends.

Everyone has that one day in the weekend (Possible Sunday, for some its Saturday). Its the only day where you get away from work, college and other things that keep you busy on weekdays. So Saturday's mine.

Every weekend I do something new, like learning an algorithm in programming, doing research on a topic in the Deep Net or just watch a new movie.

But this time there's nothing new, should I try something new ? maybe learn about the new Dragon Triangle (part of Conspiracy theories). Now that I realize I did learn something new but didn't go into it deep. 

My Cousin enlightened me on this new stuff about UFO's and the disappearance of Malaysian plane. He said 
'I think the ancient aliens are back. The disappearance of the Malaysian plane is no hijacking, but its the work of aliens '.
He thinks the aliens have abducted the plane, or else how could a plane go missing without any trace ?

Everyone tells their version of truth, but if you want to learn the truth you have to seek it yourself. I really hope the passengers are all fine.

What's going on with you this weekend ? Care to share ?

Education System is Manipulated

And how, would you ask, is this accomplished? well, very easily my friend, if something has the potential to give you freedom or personal power of any kind it's very stupid to say that you won't teach it, because that's a big clue. Instead of that, the educational system provides you with a watered down version, or an altered version in some form that you can hate.

So, lets take maths i.e., a lot of people hate maths, why? because they are teached in a way that 80% of people will hate them so much to only want to learn basic maths, just enough to handle domestic economy, mission accomplished, the system has new slaves that will be trapped for a long time in bad economy due to this simple twist. What about the other 20% who loves maths? I would say that a part of them will become teachers, a part of them scientists pressured down by their peers as to not say what they think or risk losing the money for their studies, a part of them enslavers of other people, and a very very very small part of them will comprehend and apply the real power of maths in real life to develop new technologies and ideas that can help the world.

Well, but now we have a problem, maths are not the only thing that can give personal power to people, in fact, any and every field of knowledge if taken seriously can make people very smart. So, how do we control that? easy, let's divert attention, we'll use all the ways in our hands to make sure that people think that real effort is bad, and that the cool thing is being a bad-ass that is smarter than the system, we'll create an stereotype for each kind of person, be it man or women.

And there we have, means of communication selling what is "cool", selling the pressure of pairs, making women struggle between being a supermom and a superworker, making man fight vs man, in real life and in videogames, and generally diverting attention from the real issue: that everybody can attain a part of empowerment, that everybody can contribute to make society better, and that the only thing to do it is realizing it and applying the knowledge.

So, if you are procastinating, if you hate what you study, then, you are being manipulated by the media, the society and the educational system, in a way so smart that you even think that it's your idea or your fault. No, it isn't, you are being pressed to do that, to become a slave.

Now you know it, are you going to act?.

To No One in Particular

Hello there.

I wonder where you are. Eyes glued to the faint glow of lcd projection. Reading my words through time, space, and consciousness. Who are you, I wonder? What experiences and perceptions have shaped your individuality? I imagine the things you know. I feel what you feel. I imagine you, reading my words through time, space, and consciousness.

You are the type of person that screams for comfort in silence. You are a contradiction, in all it's beauty and madness. Your thoughts, feelings, actions, and perceptions change with new stimuli. Or they don't. This is why you are beautiful. You contain within you the most complex and intricate systems imaginable.

And yet.

You are simple. You are simplicity at its finest. You are elegant and unfathomably deep in your simplicity. This is why I love you.

I love you, who loves me not. I love you, who knows no love. I love you, who loves unconditionally. I love you for loving. I love you for hating. I love you for singing and staying quiet. For dancing and staying still. For thinking and remaining thoughtless. For winning and losing. For your happiness and your sadness.

For your thoughts, feelings, emotions, irrationalities, and explanations. For it matters not, the differences among us. They make us stronger, together. Our differences provide clarity and understanding for those times in which we thirst for understanding and comfort.

The multitude of generations and mediums bring with them new thoughts, expressions, and insights. For as we walk this Earth, we are not destined to walk it alone. We need but lift our gaze upwards to know where we are going. We need but tilt our heads left or right to see how we get there.

Can't you see?

Can't you see that we have available to us, the greatest tool known to man? Because unknown to man, the tool is man. We are extensions of each other. We compliment each other.

And yet.

We isolate ourselves. Through our words, actions, temperaments, and insecurities. If we could but put aside the fear, we would then realize. We are each other's greatest assets.

My note's purpose is not to remind you of the loneliness, but to remind you that you are not alone. You are loved regardless of feeling loved.

In lieu of this, I do declare that I love you. I'm not sure who you are, or if we will ever meet. But it brings me great joy and comfort to know that you live.


With me, on this Earth. I can't help but wonder. Will you love me as well? Will my message pierce the veil of isolation that separates us? Will my words of love reach you, as you sit there, face slightly illuminated by the faint glow of lcd projection? Or will they be lost to time, space, and consciousness.

Love, Kanthala Raghu.

I love You

I love coming home to you every day. I love holding you tight. I love spending time with you. You're the cutest girl ever and I love you. You're all I'm ever gonna have. Whenever I'm feeling sad I go to you, even though it doesn't help all of the time. Yes, I love you, and you're the only one who will ever love me. You're the best dog I could ask for. [Miss my Snoopy]

Do I Overdo Everything ?

I like talking, chit-chatting building an Online relationship out of it on the Internet. I get this feeling sometimes that I maybe over doing it. In the sense talking too much, posting too many statuses, making lots and lots of conversation.

Which is why I cultivated the habit of blogging separately so that I could take it out there.


I made some new friends, with whom I talked less prior to be-friending. Some days we talked for long time, some days we talked less. When people of such mindset talk to me I have this habit of forgiving everything and start conversing as if we’re too close to each other.

But when people talk to you so freely (with open mind) doesn’t that mean we could also talk to them the same ? Apparently that is what I did and now I kinda feel sad that I may have hurt them in the process.
Sometimes when I don’t get a response I feel sad that I’ may have perceived their open mindfulness with something else.
Maybe I should do less from now…

Everyday I Envision myself doing great things

Every day I wake up and tell myself “I going to do great things with my life and be very successful one day” but the thing is I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. I envision my self clear as day driving a nice car and owning a big house but never find a way to put a plan into action.

I’m currently pursuing 3rd year and am 20 years old. While others of my age are busy Inventing something or doing something great with their life, I’m just sitting here behind a PC and exaggerating my emotions.

FOSS ended up Garbage: Linux Enviornments KDE & GNOME.

Back in the turn of the millennium, Linux was the mean & lean new player in the OS field. Windows 98SE and Windows XP both suffered from catastrophical stability issues. When Windows XP hit the markets in 2001 it was barely usable. It wasn't until the SP2 it got its act together. Nobody really gave any attention about the new, slow & bug-ridden OS X, either.

KDE on the other hand had practically reached maturity: it was fast, easy to use, and most importantly in comparison to commercial competition from Microsoft and Apple, it was very stable.

Fast forward ten years to present day. Windows 7 is extremely stable, better optimized and faster than 10-year-old Windows XP. UI is responsive and well thought out. It's a pleasure to use.

Unfortunately Linux desktops have not been blessed with the same development trend as the commercial ones. Exactly the opposite has happened. KDE 3.5 was a mature product, but then the developers decided to scrap it all, start from a scratch and imagined a concept for a super-modern semantic desktop where everything is a plasmid (a kinda powerful widget). Three years after it is obvious they have failed miserably.

I tried to like it and some aspects of KDE are truly outstanding, but it still is not a product I can recommend to anyone without malicious intend. It is filled with instability, cluttered UI, development uncertainty, and bloat. Indexing/meta-data combo which should be the very core of this desktop is extremely buggy. It can hog 100% of CPU in some cases, it is prone to crashing and simply doesn't work (can't index PDF's, can't index even ODT). Disable that combo of doom, and you're left with a glitchy UI which isn't nearly as responsive nor stable as Windows XP was before SP2. Windows 7 outright stomps its teeth on sidewalk. It is simply a big unusable mess with no way out. I've had enough of KDE4 after tolerating it for so long, filing bug reports, hanging in IRC and posting on mailing list. I really wanted to believe, but nope. It will never happen.

GNOME3... ahh, where should I even begin? Like team KDE, GNOME devs decided that perfectly functional, stable & simple GNOME2 is bad. So they scrapped it, started practically from scratch and gave birth to GNOME3, which is oversimplified to the point of unusable. Drawing inspiration heavily from OS X and iOS, it simply fails to work on computer that is operated with mouse and keyboard. It is inflexible, un customizable and on top of that, it consumes more resources than anything else on the market. What were they thinking? Now here comes the really disheartening part: even if it seems like handicapped to retardation, it still is better than the current KDE and it seems to have future.

In ten years FOSS desktop ended from pack leader status to absolute garbage. It isn't fun anymore.

Must Read Books about FOSS/Linux

On Weekends I've nothing to do than promoting FOSS/Linux, explaining it to every other user out there. Since weekend is the only time that I promote FOSS, here a list of scooped up books for you to get started.

You can start from here:
  • The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary. Linux Torvalds and David Diamond.
  •  The Cathedral & the Bazaar. Eric S. Raymond
  • Free Software, Free Society: Selected Essays of Richard M. Stallman
  • The Success of Open Source. Steven Weber
  • Free Culture: The Nature and Future of Creativity. Lawrence Lessig
  •  Rebel Code: The Inside Story of Linux and the Open Source Revolution, by Glyn Moody.
There's also a torrent around out there with about 50 Linux ebooks bundled together. Some of them are upwards of ten years old, but if interested search "Linux ebook" of your favorite. 

JNTU should adopt FOSS/ Swtich to Linux

The university, and all publicly funded institutions, should switch to free and open-source computer software.

This means the university, where possible, would switch to a Linux operating system instead of Microsoft Windows (desktop and server), and free software like LibreOffice instead of Microsoft Office.

Not only would the university save money on software, there is also cost savings on hardware. Many Linux operating systems have low system requirements, meaning they run very fast on old computers.

Governments and schools around the world have switched to free, open-source software to save money and promote open data. The list includes: America, China, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Austria, Spain, France, and more.

I believe that as the public becomes more aware of free software, they will pressure publicly funded institutions to switch to it. This is an opportunity for the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU) to be leader by promoting financial responsibly and open data.

For those unfamiliar with free Linux operating systems, the most popular is Ubuntu:

The most popular free, open-source office suite is LibreOffice:

Google to Encrypt User Searches

 Well for most part I think this is good, encrypting user searches can do little to prevent our Information reaching any 3rd party. But this also scares me that google can still decrypt the encrypted searches.

Its not like your using TOR, atleast then you can be sure that you're Information will & cannot be revealed at the other end. But this 'Encryption' can be undone by Google if and when a user violates its dynamic and poorly maintained terms of service.

In the end this doesn't matter if you take your privacy seriously. Google has the key to decrypt these searches anyway, and will turn over that data to the government, ad agencies, and etc. If they can make some profit or get some favors thrown their way. 
Don't forget: 
Google is evil, your data is Google's Product

Friday, March 14, 2014

Must Hear Songs Compiled off the Internet: March 2014

Instead of Studying, Wasting time ranting about Stuff

DISCLAIMER The following is highly controversial, and may prompt you to call me ‘Insensitive.' If you are easily offended by beliefs incompatible to your own, stop reading immediately. Also, this whole thing is kind of a joke, even though I’m being serious the whole way through.
Feel free to share your thoughts on any of the following items. But please please don’t correct my grammar/punctuation, because I don't give a fuck Idgaf.

SOCIALISM Completely inconsistent with all other natural processes in the universe. Equality is great, but not when hard work is undermined. This is not something that ought to be forced. Seriously, you have no idea how much this backwards way of thinking pisses me off.

FLIPPY HAIRIts kind of surprising to see that some of the folks I grew up with in middle school/ high school STILL have not grown out of the flippy hair stage. Most kids grow out of this at age 17 or 18. Then again its not that surprising, because these were the kids who tried so desperately to fit in no matter what the cost. These were the kids that would gladly sell their soul for $5 off at hot topic. Dying your hair black and covering one eye does not make you cool; it makes you a pussy. Grow up.

RELIGION (particularly that of a Hindu origin) Now is the time that your intelligence will be insulted. So please if you are easily offended, STOP reading this immediately. Assuming of course that people are actually reading this. Aside from the fact that religion has responsible for many, many wars and murders, lets run through a typical scenario that an average, Indian kid goes through growing up in a religious household. This may or may not relate to you, but I can relate to it in a couple ways.

You grow up in a moderate or strict religious household, be it Hindu, protestant, jewish, or muslim, to an extent it doesn’t matter which one. You become a teenager and gradually begin to see the world through your own eyes (hopefully), in the same way that you would remove training wheels from a bicycle. This might include rebelling against your parents and rejecting the religion you were brought up with, but you come crawling back to it whenever you want something really bad. High school comes along, and you finally get what you’ve always wanted. It could be getting a boyfriend/girlfriend, or just feeling that you are apart of something. Thanks be to god, you are reunited with your religion once again.

You leave home for college and broaden your horizons, learning about science, mathematics, world history, and whatever.To state the obvious, at least some of the material you learn contradicts your own religious beliefs (evolution, the big bang, etc). Your still clinging on to it, but now your facing a dilemma: which one to choose- science, or your religion? The answer is simple: you choose both. Neither philosophies specifically say anywhere that you can’t force/glue them together. The bible/torah/koran/vedas doesn’t say anywhere that dinosaurs didn’t exist. And even though the world was created in 7 days doesn’t mean that none of what you learned didn’t happen. Gods years must be much longer than our years. Now you’re satisfied. It all works out. By forcefully gluing science and religion together, you successfully dodged a bullet. Next semester you take a world history course. You learn that your the specific denomination of the specific branch of your religion, narrow as it may be, was not always the correct one. Nope, it is simply a product of evolution and maybe a great schism here and there.

AFTERLIFE Just kidding, Im not. I’ll be a little more sensitive about belief in an afterlife, since its impossible to know what EXACTLY you go through when you die. I will first address the lucky people who have died and been revived. Almost all of them see a bright light at the end of a tunnel, most of them see their family/loved ones, important landmarks in their life, and some even see God. The closer you get to the bright light (the less oxygen getting to your brain), the further you drift away from consciousness. And then all of a sudden you are back, with an amazing, inspiring, and true story to share with the world. Ever heard of the DMT? Its a naturally occurring substance found in many plants, and most mammals. It can also be synthesized in labs, and sold on the streets to people who like to trip balls. When you die, or get close to death, you are simply hallucinating from the DMT produced . I dunno about you, but I find it comforting to know that just before my brain flickers for the last time, I will be tripping balls. What irritates me most about belief in an afterlife is how people who have had near death experiences call their stories “proof that god exists and of an afterlife.” How dumb are you? They're just brain waves/signals. That’s like saying that everything you encounter on your acid trip actually happened. I’m sorry, but your perspective does not = reality. Some people just don’t get that. (In fact, I would even go as far as saying that “reality” is invisible to the human eye. I mean cmon, our eyes can only detect a small fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum. There is so much we are are not seeing!) Also, I dismiss the concept of life after death because its just so ignorant. Most denominations assume that they are the lucky ones that get to go to heaven, and everyone else gets to spend eternity in a fire pit (btw, what kind of fatherly figure would do such a thing?). Out of all the different religions, what are the odds that you are right and everyone else is wrong? I’m afraid its not looking very good for anyone. If everything I have just said about an afterlife is not news to you, yet you still choose to believe, then I’m happy for you. I’m not being sarcastic. God is just one more resource to turn to during those darker times, like family or close friends. While I perceive the voice of God to be everyone’s subconscious, steering us in the right moral direction, you perceive him to be an all-knowing, all-mighty, and loving father-like figure. As long as you leave it at that, I encourage you to keep on keeping on. Do what makes you happy, as long as what makes you happy doesn’t involve killing people who don’t agree with you. After all, belief in a higher power doesn’t exist for no reason, and it didn’t come to be for no reason. If it were just some arbitrary code of behavior, I don’t think it would even be around in the first place. I perceive it to be just another product of our (seemingly) sophisticated cognitive abilities, risen from tens of thousands of years of human evolution. It has been developing along side us the entire time. Thats my take on the whole thing.

INTELLIGENT DESIGN Still not done bashing your beliefs. Some of you have managed to find a middle ground between believing in God, and not believing in God. No particular religion is involved, but they still cling on to the whole ‘higher power’ bit. They look at nature’s complex precesses (the double helix shape of DNA, complex molecules, formation of galaxies, etc) and figure that someone has to be behind it all. Isn’t it odd that as time goes by and we make new discoveries, our own view of ourselves gets diminished exponentially? First it was that the planets, stars, moon and sun don’t revolve around us, but we revolve around the sun. Then it was that we are sitting on just 1 of 8(9) planets that revolve around the sun. Then it was that we are part of just 1 of many solar systems. Now, we believe that we sit on a rock that orbits a star that orbits a galaxy that is still just one of many. That pattern persists. My interpretation of all this is that the world does not exist for us to exploit, like we once thought. Rather, we exist for the universe to exploit. Btw, the reason I believe that we are sitting on a rock in the middle of a cold, calculating universe is because it is supported by controlled experiments, observations, the scientific method, and it is consistent. Its not much, but its something to go by. Religion has nothing on science.

PETA Let me get this straight... Its wrong for me to consume animals, but its ok for animals to eat other animals? 

PRO-LIFE Yeah, its murder. No, I don’t care.

FEMINISTS You demand rights which you already have, and you reinforce the implied social norms that counter what you preach. The fact that men make bigger salaries than you do is because most of you are mothers, not because your unequal.

99%ERS If you spent the amount of time actually looking for a job that you spend occupying your local herp derpery, you would all be employed by now. But no, instead you sit on your ass holding up a sign with a catchy phrase that you don’t even understand, while you wait for a wad of cash to magically appear in your pocket. What a drain on society you guys are! Stop blaming the government for the poor financial choices you’ve made and get it together. Also stop blaming hard-working people for making more money than you do. It’s your own damn fault. If this is your way of dragging everyone else down with you, you are losing because nobody gives a shit. Also, if you really do want to change the way things are run around hear, the absolute least you could be doing is coming up with a common cause. Right now you only have one thing in common: you are all a bunch of fat pigs.

SO-CALLED “MINORITIES” The sooner you stop labeling yourselves and sub/categorizing everyone else, the sooner everyone else will forget about your sexual orientation or what color your skin is. Want to get fully integrated into Indian society? Stop messing around and drawing attention to yourselves! Its really annoying.

MYSELF, for writing this whole thing. I definitely could be doing something more productive right now. I’ve finally come to the end of my pointless little rant about how I’m right and everyone else is wrong. It was a HUGE waste of time, but god damn it felt good. What should I do next? Count how many times I’ve contradicted myself?

Hopefully that last sentence I just said will rescue me from feeling too stupid. Also, what was the purpose of this, you ask? There wasn’t one. However, by typing this out I have successfully not studied for finals, and by reading this you have successfully wasted 5-10 minutes of your life. Once again, if your offended by anything I just said, idgaf. But if you agree with it, hit me up so we can hang out some time. 

Your Buddy
Kanthala Raghu

Things have Changed with Time

I have learned many things from the Internet, as I am sure many of us have. I have learned that there are people out there across the world that I would love to meet, and that I could instantly befriend. I have learned that my family now expects a random fact about science, technology, or politics every time they see me.

I have learned that there are people out there that have done the most amazing things that I could only dream of doing in my lifetime, and that when it comes to being exciting and Internet-like, my life has only but scratched the surface of normalcy. I have learned that I consider all people on the Net to be "possible future candidates to win at life with", meaning I know there must be others out that long for the same fulfillment that I too have been lacking.

[Internet] Users young and old, funny or serious, fat or skinny, hopeful or discouraged, the receptive and the unconcerned...I urge you to live the life that you alone wish to live. If you see something that sparks your interest, do it. If you see someone that catches your eye, go meet that person. If you have something on your mind and wish to rid yourself of the burden it has left within you, speak your mind and relieve yourself. I can only hope that in my own life that I can practice what I have preached. It seems to me that this life may be the only chance we have to do these things, so why not do them.

Things that Pisses Me Off on Everyday Basis

  • When a web page that plays music before I'm actually looking at it.
  • When a web page that puts its pictures on their own individual page.
  • Any page that is completely done in flash.
  • Anyone who uses akimbo 1887's.
  • People who walk slow or take to long in a line.
  • Anyone who thinks I enjoy fixing your shitty computer.
  • People who say 'Can I ask you a question'?
  • Everyone in politics (even you Rahul).

Google is Creating Nicer UI's than Apple

I may be in a very small minority here, but I think over the past year or so Google have really upped their game with UI design.

  • The redesign of the web services that happened around the time of the Google+ launch looks great. I was one of the people moaning about getting less gmail on my screen at first, but now I'm accustomed to it I wouldn't go back. The design right across their products from search to Gmail to Google+ looks sleek, modern and organized.
  • The recent versions of Android, particularly JB & KitKat look fantastic. Although different to the web services, it's clear that they have started with the same principles of clean, modern design.
  • The Google apps for iOS, particularly the Google Search and Google+ apps are some of the nicest looking on the platform. Chrome on the iPad makes Safari look like an OS 9 app! 
At the same time Apple seem to be going backwards:
  • iOS apps are looking quite dated now, grey with blue, shaded buttons looked nice on the original iPhone, but look tacky compared to the sleek, flat elements that Google uses.
  • I really dislike the leather and wood type UIs on Contacts, Calendar, Pages, etc.
  • iTunes on OS X and Windows looks like it should have had a complete redesign about 5 years ago.
  • OS X is one of the better products from Apple in terms of design, but even Lion is beginning to look dated. Far too Grey, the window widgets look very 2005 era, some of the icons look very poor. 
I understand that this is all very subjective, and some of the things that I dislike are liked by the majority of users. I just thought it would be interesting to get other peoples opinions on this.