Lego Robot sets Rubik's Cube World Record

This solve (With the Robot) would not count as an official world record. The cube is not seen "inspecting" the cube, or in this case scanning the cube.

In WCA regulations it states that a competitor has 15 seconds to "Inspect" a cube before the solve. If this was an official solve, as soon as the cube is placed in the holder the "Inspection" would start. I assume that placing the cube in the holder, starting up the app, and scanning the cube would take more than 15 seconds. This would make the solve a DNF (did not finish).

Also, if this would to be counted as an official world record, they would also have to count almost any PC with the capabilities to run Cube Explorer, which is a program that can solve any rubik's cube in 20 moves or less, as a world record holder for FMC (Fewest Move Count). Even though this would not be considered an official Rubik's cube world record, the creators have accomplished something amazing!

Check it Out - Here
Lego Robot sets Rubik's Cube World Record Lego Robot sets Rubik's Cube World Record Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on March 16, 2014 Rating: 5

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