Do I Overdo Everything ?

I like talking, chit-chatting building an Online relationship out of it on the Internet. I get this feeling sometimes that I maybe over doing it. In the sense talking too much, posting too many statuses, making lots and lots of conversation.

Which is why I cultivated the habit of blogging separately so that I could take it out there.


I made some new friends, with whom I talked less prior to be-friending. Some days we talked for long time, some days we talked less. When people of such mindset talk to me I have this habit of forgiving everything and start conversing as if we’re too close to each other.

But when people talk to you so freely (with open mind) doesn’t that mean we could also talk to them the same ? Apparently that is what I did and now I kinda feel sad that I may have hurt them in the process.
Sometimes when I don’t get a response I feel sad that I’ may have perceived their open mindfulness with something else.
Maybe I should do less from now…