Wishing You all a Happie Holi

Happy Holi Everyone! 

I was surprised to learn that today's holiday, known as Holi, is the one day that it is culturally acceptable for everyone to drink weed milkshakes.
Holi Celebrations near my Place
Credit: Kanthala Raghu

This tradition is mostly celebrated in the North India.
The Hindu wandering wise-men, or Sadhus, ritually use the cannabis plant as part of their spiritual lifestyle, believing it to be created by the deity Shiva from his own body. For some Hindus, cannabis is believed to be one of the "five sacred plants", and bhang - a beverage made from the female cannabis plant - is ritually consumed during the spring festival of Holi.

Once again wishing you'll a 'Happie & Safe Holi'.

P.s Don't use those Chemically (In organic) Induced colors which don't wash away for days.

Send me Ur Holi Pics :)

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