Education System is Manipulated

And how, would you ask, is this accomplished? well, very easily my friend, if something has the potential to give you freedom or personal power of any kind it's very stupid to say that you won't teach it, because that's a big clue. Instead of that, the educational system provides you with a watered down version, or an altered version in some form that you can hate.

So, lets take maths i.e., a lot of people hate maths, why? because they are teached in a way that 80% of people will hate them so much to only want to learn basic maths, just enough to handle domestic economy, mission accomplished, the system has new slaves that will be trapped for a long time in bad economy due to this simple twist. What about the other 20% who loves maths? I would say that a part of them will become teachers, a part of them scientists pressured down by their peers as to not say what they think or risk losing the money for their studies, a part of them enslavers of other people, and a very very very small part of them will comprehend and apply the real power of maths in real life to develop new technologies and ideas that can help the world.

Well, but now we have a problem, maths are not the only thing that can give personal power to people, in fact, any and every field of knowledge if taken seriously can make people very smart. So, how do we control that? easy, let's divert attention, we'll use all the ways in our hands to make sure that people think that real effort is bad, and that the cool thing is being a bad-ass that is smarter than the system, we'll create an stereotype for each kind of person, be it man or women.

And there we have, means of communication selling what is "cool", selling the pressure of pairs, making women struggle between being a supermom and a superworker, making man fight vs man, in real life and in videogames, and generally diverting attention from the real issue: that everybody can attain a part of empowerment, that everybody can contribute to make society better, and that the only thing to do it is realizing it and applying the knowledge.

So, if you are procastinating, if you hate what you study, then, you are being manipulated by the media, the society and the educational system, in a way so smart that you even think that it's your idea or your fault. No, it isn't, you are being pressed to do that, to become a slave.

Now you know it, are you going to act?.