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Microsoft's iPad; Does it suck ?

Well yeah but I would think that most people would need a 365 subscription for any other computers they need (unless they acquire it through less than legal means). My point was that the iPad version is the same as any other version.

The Surface is the ONLY system (that I know of) where you do NOT need to pay for it. The iPad has a similar system to ANY other computer you may have.

If you mean that getting office for free is a major selling point for the Windows tablets, I certainly would not buy an expensive consumer gadget just to save money on one piece of software. I would but the gadget I want most, especially if the full versions of said software have the same functionality.

Although I'm surprised no one's commented on the lack of printing ability. I don't print much at all, but I would think that's something that Microsoft would pride themselves on doing right. Maybe it'll come out in a later release.

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