I have nothing new to do this Weekend.

I can't fathom doing nothing new this weekend, seems like everyday is the same old routine.

I woke up, had my breakfast, didn't had shower today cause I like to keep myself dirty on weekends and get all lazy. You must be thinking I'm crazy, but I ain't. There's a reason why I don't take shower on weekends.

Everyone has that one day in the weekend (Possible Sunday, for some its Saturday). Its the only day where you get away from work, college and other things that keep you busy on weekdays. So Saturday's mine.

Every weekend I do something new, like learning an algorithm in programming, doing research on a topic in the Deep Net or just watch a new movie.

But this time there's nothing new, should I try something new ? maybe learn about the new Dragon Triangle (part of Conspiracy theories). Now that I realize I did learn something new but didn't go into it deep. 

My Cousin enlightened me on this new stuff about UFO's and the disappearance of Malaysian plane. He said 
'I think the ancient aliens are back. The disappearance of the Malaysian plane is no hijacking, but its the work of aliens '.
He thinks the aliens have abducted the plane, or else how could a plane go missing without any trace ?

Everyone tells their version of truth, but if you want to learn the truth you have to seek it yourself. I really hope the passengers are all fine.

What's going on with you this weekend ? Care to share ?