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To No One in Particular

Hello there.

I wonder where you are. Eyes glued to the faint glow of lcd projection. Reading my words through time, space, and consciousness. Who are you, I wonder? What experiences and perceptions have shaped your individuality? I imagine the things you know. I feel what you feel. I imagine you, reading my words through time, space, and consciousness.

You are the type of person that screams for comfort in silence. You are a contradiction, in all it's beauty and madness. Your thoughts, feelings, actions, and perceptions change with new stimuli. Or they don't. This is why you are beautiful. You contain within you the most complex and intricate systems imaginable.

And yet.

You are simple. You are simplicity at its finest. You are elegant and unfathomably deep in your simplicity. This is why I love you.

I love you, who loves me not. I love you, who knows no love. I love you, who loves unconditionally. I love you for loving. I love you for hating. I love you for singing and staying quiet. For dancing and staying still. For thinking and remaining thoughtless. For winning and losing. For your happiness and your sadness.

For your thoughts, feelings, emotions, irrationalities, and explanations. For it matters not, the differences among us. They make us stronger, together. Our differences provide clarity and understanding for those times in which we thirst for understanding and comfort.

The multitude of generations and mediums bring with them new thoughts, expressions, and insights. For as we walk this Earth, we are not destined to walk it alone. We need but lift our gaze upwards to know where we are going. We need but tilt our heads left or right to see how we get there.

Can't you see?

Can't you see that we have available to us, the greatest tool known to man? Because unknown to man, the tool is man. We are extensions of each other. We compliment each other.

And yet.

We isolate ourselves. Through our words, actions, temperaments, and insecurities. If we could but put aside the fear, we would then realize. We are each other's greatest assets.

My note's purpose is not to remind you of the loneliness, but to remind you that you are not alone. You are loved regardless of feeling loved.

In lieu of this, I do declare that I love you. I'm not sure who you are, or if we will ever meet. But it brings me great joy and comfort to know that you live.


With me, on this Earth. I can't help but wonder. Will you love me as well? Will my message pierce the veil of isolation that separates us? Will my words of love reach you, as you sit there, face slightly illuminated by the faint glow of lcd projection? Or will they be lost to time, space, and consciousness.

Love, Kanthala Raghu.

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