Tuesday, April 21, 2015

We are living in a Broken World

Once upon a time "Knowledge is power" was true, but it's not anymore.

The world we live in is run and designed by morons. Idiots that had enough money and influence to hop in the pilot seat before they had even flown with an instructor.

These data breaches where millions of accounts are 'hacked' aren't some result of super sleuths and cyber criminals breaking down fortresses. More often than not, it's just some idotic person peeling back the wallpaper that wasn't put up correctly in the first place; they just found a corner that was starting to peel up. If people knew how broken this world really is, they would rise up as an angry mob, drag their idiot taskmasters into the streets, and put them out of their misery for the good of themselves and their children.

But no. The machine keeps on moving. Destroying lives, grinding up the people it rolls over. Just keep consuming and reproducing. More bodies for the fire. The complacency of people makes me sick.

Our basic rights are not what we think

We've been told or made to believe that we have the right to individual privacy, right to speech and right to participate, everything that we see in our constitution is down right a lie.

We believe Our basic rights are there only to shield us from an alien entity that might suppress our freedom of expression. But when it comes to batting the same govt that hold those rights for us, there's a good chance they might let go of those rights in your particular case.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Over-Unity Reactionless Generator Invented In India

Over-Unity Reactionless Generator Invented In India
Paramahamsa Tewari's search for the nature of reality has led him from study of the ancient Vedas of India to the formulation of Space Vortex Theory.

Over the last four decades his new ideas on the basic nature of space, energy, and matter have solidified into definite shape from which a new theory has emerged.

The theory reveals the most basic issue of relationship between space and matter precisely pinpointing that space is a more fundamental entity than matter.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Concern between the Nations regarding Global Warming

Greenhouse gas emissions per capita in 2000 wi...
Greenhouse gas emissions per capita in 2000 without land-use change Data from the World Resources Institute's CAIT 4.0 database (registration required). Includes CO2, CH4, N20, PFCs, HFCs and SF6. Neither land-use change nor bunker-fuel emissions is included. 

China's cumulative greenhouse gas emissions since 1990, when governments were becoming aware of climate change, will outstrip those of the United States in 2015 or 2016, according to separate estimates by experts in Norway and the United States.

"A few years ago China's per capita emissions were low, its historical responsibility was low. That's changing fast," said Glen Peters of the Center for International Climate and Environmental Research, Oslo, who says China will overtake the United States this year.

Using slightly different data, the U.S.-based World Resources Institute think-tank estimated that China's cumulative carbon dioxide emissions will total 151 billion tonnes for 1990-2016, overtaking the U.S. total of 147 billion next year.

Selfie Sticks

Selfie Sticks
Everywhere Selfie stick has its own unique culture. I am sure there are plenty of areas, or at least circles of friends, where they are socially acceptable. Then there are some areas where they are not. Finally, I am sure there are a number of people who get made fun of behind their backs by their own friends.

I personally would not make fun of someone for using one. I think that's rude. Same thing goes for people who take lots of selfies or pictures of their food. They will sadly get made fun of a lot behind their back, because in Indian culture that's somehow acceptable but politely voicing your opinion directly is not.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Facebook Admits to Tracking Users, Blames Bug

Facebook Admits to Tracking Users, Blames Bug
Richard Allan, Facebook's vice president of policy in Europe, says the tracking is due to a bug that is currently being fixed.

The bug was first discovered in March when Belgian researchers reported that Facebook was tracking users across pages with its plugins - despite the users opting into a do-not-track system or not even being on the site.

WhatsApp gets a new Makeover and it's Pretty Slick

WhatsApp has received a major haul on android, and now it looks a whole lot better than the previous WhatsApp.

The update is not yet available on Google play, so you will need to install the latest version manually. It features a dark green title bar and new buttons in chat, attachments & so on.

Head over to www.WhatsApp.com/Android to see the changes.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Apple Watch Pre-Order Sales hit 1 Million

Apple has yet to release official sales data for the watch, but Slice Intelligence tapped its panel of more than 2 million online shoppers to size up demand for the wearable, finding that early Apple Watch buyers spent an average of $503.83 per watch.

As can be expected, most buyers - 62 percent - went for the cheaper Apple Watch Sport model.

Space black aluminum was the most popular case, with 40 percent of buyers choosing that option, followed by stainless steel at 34 percent, silver aluminum at 23 percent, and space black stainless steel at 3 percent.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Microsoft 'Freemium': Facelift to its Software Distribution System

Microsoft Freemium
Gone is the intense focus on Windows and Office at the cost of everything else, replaced by the 'cloud first, mobile first' approach of Nadella, ensuring that Microsoft doesn't fall behind as it did post-2007.

Software no longer comes on a CD that is bought in a shop but instead from the internet, and Office is managing this transition in a way that is totally new to Microsoft.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Files Stored in Dropbox Can be Accessed via Office Web App

The first fruits of that partnership allowed those using Office apps on iOS or Android to link their Dropbox accounts up for easier access to any Office files stored there.

Now, Microsoft is ready to announce further integration with Dropbox: as of today, you'll be able to view your Dropbox documents when using Microsoft's free Office Online apps.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

I'm so Psyched

This came to me as a surprise when my father calls me up and says beta are you preparing for your SSB's ? And I was like what happened Papa ? Is everything all right ?

He said I got selected for the Interview of one of the most prestigious Jobs in my Country (I.e Serving the Country: Indian Army). I was like papa don't kid with me, he said the merit list is out and it has your name in it.

I opened up laptop and went to the site to check if my dad has been telling the truth ! And yer it was true. Soon after some time I just texted my uncle right away on whatsapp !

Its has been the most beautiful day of my life :) And I'm happy & excited for it !

Windows 10 Build 10049, Project Spartan

This time, with build 10049, Microsoft has added one of Windows 10's major new features: its next-generation Web browser.

Unlike Trident, the new browser engine is designed to be updated, which allows Microsoft to keep its new browser current in a way that was impossible with IE. Maximum possible score is 555. Project Spartan will provide a level of plug-in support similar to Windows 8's Metro IE browser.

India appreciated by countries around the world for its Rescue Operations in Yemen

More so than any other nation, India has taken the lead in the rescue of foreigners trapped in Yemen, evacuating more than 550 foreigners from 32 countries, including a dozen Americans and three Pakistanis.

India's coordination and presence was such that the U.S. Embassy advised American nationals to seek Indian assistance to leave Sanaa, the Yemeni capital, which is now under rebel control and has come under heavy bombardment by the Saudi-led coalition.

World's Smallest Computer

Michigan Micro Mote
Michigan Micro Mote is the world's smallest computer.

A University of Michigan's March report can tell you that the team behind the computer have come up with a fully autonomous system that can act as a smart sensing system.

"To be 'complete,' a computer system must have an input of data, the ability to process that data - meaning process and store it, make decisions about what to do next - and ultimately, the ability to output the data," said David Blaauw, one of the faculty members who achieved the Michigan Micro Mote.

Pro-ISIS Websites hosted by US & UK Companies

Online hacktivist collective Anonymous has released a comprehensive list of websites suspected to be linked to Islamic State, together with the companies responsible for hosting the content.

The latest release forms part of Op Isis, an ongoing cyber campaign carried out by the amorphous group designed to disrupt Isis' online operations and "Cure the Isis Virus".

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New update to fix TLS security hole in Firefox

HTTP/2 is coming, some time soon, and one of the things it offers is a feature called HTTP Alternative Services, abbreviated to Alt-Svc. At the moment, if you want to redirect vistors to your website somewhere else, you send a special sort of HTTP reply to tell them to do just that.

We tell your browser to try again, connecting instead via HTTPS, the secure version of HTTP. We use HTTPS because you get encryption, which means no-one sitting nearby in the coffee shop can see what you're reading.

We use HTTPS because you get authentication, which means you can be pretty certain that the security advice you're getting came from us, and not some shabby imposter who wants to use our good name to talk you into bad practices.

10 TB SSD's are a Possibility now

NAND Flash accelerates Moore's Law
NAND Flash accelerates Moore's Law (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
An Innovative new process architecture can extend Moore's Law for flash storage - bringing significant improvements in density while lowering the cost of NAND flash.

Intel Corporation - in partnership with Micron - have announced the availability of 3D NAND, the world's highest-density flash memory.

3D NAND works by stacking the components in vertical layers with extraordinary precision to create devices with three times higher data capacity than competing NAND technologies.

Google purges Chrome extension store

Screenshot en résolution originelle d'extensio...
Most rogue extensions bombard people with ads, but the most malicious steal login names and other valuable data.

Many of these extensions have hidden extras that cause trouble for people who install them, said UC Santa Barbara computer scientist Alexandros Kapravelos, who worked with Google on the rogue extensions project.

The research found that malicious extensions were available for every major browser.

Preliminary results revealed that 5% of people accessing Google every day have been caught out by at least one malicious extension.

Some bad extensions were easy to spot, he said, because they were so obviously written to steal saleable data such as bitcoins, bank logins or personal data.

Mr Kapravelos said Google had acted on the early findings of the research by removing 192 actively malicious extensions from its Chrome catalogue. 

Rumor Mill: Microsoft ready to start work on the first Windows 10 Update

Acc to Softpedia, Microsoft is ready to start work on the very first Windows 10 update, reportedly codenamed Redstone, so rumor has it that the company is very close to finalizing the upcoming operating system, which is expected to launch this summer.

What we’re hearing is that Microsoft is planning to stop developing new features for Windows 10 as soon as possible and instead start focusing on fixing bugs and issues that are found by company employees and insiders.

This means that the final version of Windows 10 is ready and the rumored mid-2015 release dates that we've told you about in the past could actually be accurate.

Facebook monitors your unposted Thoughts

You know any text that you write in the status box is sent to Facebook servers even if you don't publish it. Facebook calls it 'Self-Censorship'.

"Facebook calls these unposted thoughts "self-censorship," and insights into how it collects these non-posts can be found in a recent paper written by two Facebookers. Sauvik Das, a Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon and summer software engineer intern at Facebook, and Adam Kramer, a Facebook data scientist, have put online an article presenting their study of the self-censorship behavior collected from 5 million English-speaking Facebook users. (The paper was also published at the International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media.*)

It reveals a lot about how Facebook monitors our unshared thoughts and what it thinks about them. The study examined aborted status updates, posts on other people's timelines, and comments on others' posts. To collect the text you type, Facebook sends code to your browser. That code automatically analyses what you type into any text box and reports metadata back to Facebook."

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What's with all the men and lego's ?

Every alternate day I see an article heading which consists of the word 'Lego'.

Today its a Lego Battery, Yesterday its a toy movie, tomorrow its my breakfast in that shape. I can understand why people love lego so much, it helps the creative part of us and all that stuff but grow up guys !

People seem to picture everything in blocks nowadays, earlier I was watching youtube where I stumbled upon a gamer who's playing Lego Mario Bro's (with live commentary) as if he's playing WOW !

This world is becoming ridiculously Insane.

Microsoft is rolling out Windows 10 Downloader Silently

Microsoft is rolling out Windowns 10 Downloader Silently
In other news, Windows is secretly rolling out an update to all the PC's which has either Windows 8.1 or Win 7 Service Pack 1. If you're wondering what this Update KB3035583 is for ? Its for their upcoming Windows 10 Operating system. It doesn't reveal much about itself, only that it adds additional capabilities to Windows Update.

What this downloader does is, when the Company releases Windows 10 it will download the base Windows 10 Installer which when installed will further fetch all the necessary files like drivers etcetera and all..

5 Terrorists 'Encountered' while moving from Warangal to Hyderabad

Five suspected terrorists were asked by Nampally High Court to be moved from Warangal to Hyderabad for a Hearing and while moving them, near Aler, the terrorists tried to over power the policemen. And hence they were shot down.

Reports coming in about the seating of policeman in the van must have something to do with this. Was this a genuine Encounter? Or are there any external forces involved ? More to find out.

What's New in Windows 10 Build 10.0.10051 ?

What's New in Windows 10 Build 10.0.10051 ?
Please Note that Build 10.0.10051 is an leaked build which leaked a few days ago, it isn't recommended to install it, so if possible wait until the next preview build which is rumoured to be build 10054. 

Following are the major Improvements seen in this build starting with..

An IBM Team Provides an Efficient way to Harvest Solar Energy

A team at IBM recently developed what they call a High Concentration Photo Voltaic Thermal (HCPVT) system that is capable of concentrating the power of 2,000 suns, they are even claiming to be able to concentrate energy safely up to 5,000X, that’s huge.

The process of trapping the sunlight produces water that can be used to produce filtered drinkable water, or used for other things like air conditioning etc. Scientists envision that the HCPVT system could provide sustainable energy and fresh water to communities all around the world.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Flipkart Joins Airtel Net Neutrality Violation with its Airtel Zero Platform

We need to hurt these companies, either monetarily or by generating consistent outrage. Most of the Indians don't know or care enough about Net Neutrality. Twitter Twitterhas been a great platform to influence public opinion, especially in India. (Reminds me, the cuntwads at Twitter India are also violators of Net Neutrality).

In case you forgot what havoc these bastard Indian carriers can wreak upon their users, let me remind you about the old days of VAS. In fact, not just users, but any startup that didn't pay up the protection money to this telco mafia died.

If you are using Airtel, I implore you to shift away from them. Their service may or may not be great (having used them for 3 years, they were quite good), but these assholes are not just against Net Neutrality, they are bullying the government into helping them strip away any chance to bring NN to India. Vodafone, Idea, Reliance Comm., MTS have all formed a cartel alongwith Airtel into pushing TRAI against the wall.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

People are turning Zombie Everyday

People are becoming Zombie Everyday
Could just be me getting older, but I notice a surprising amount of people are generally 'out of it' or have low-grade mental illness in everyday life. I even know a lot of people who are successful in the traditional sense, but are clearly mentally imbalanced, self-destructive, and just generally messed up. What's going on?

Friday, April 3, 2015

Stop Competing & Start Collaborating

Stop Competing & Start Collaborating
My heart goes out for all those people who don't have access to basic amenities, who suffer from diseases, who have no exposure to basic services such as hospitals. These are all a luxury for them...

And all the organisations that fight for these people, to provide equity, to provide them a sense of belonging in this world, that we're all brothers & sisters, to provide equal status quo, they're doing it all wrong.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Partial Knowledge about Blogging Platforms is Dangerous

Impartial Knowledge about Blogging Platforms is Dangerous
People have the wrong impression about free blog platforms. They read & quote a bunch of articles written biasedly by people who only write to earn money. You cannot criticize them, they are presenting their perspective but without proper research and 'Google" you cannot come to a proper conclusion.

Let me Explain....

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Facebook app auto corrects your login credentials

I use Facebook app to browse through Facebook, unlike others who are too concerned over app's permissions & use browsers.

But there's this thing about the app which you would not find in any browser. In browser if you even type a letter wrong you will be asked to login again.

But on Facebook app even if you type in wrongly the username, the app will auto fill the username that you're trying to write by matching each letter to the username in their database. And then you just have to enter the password.

This could mean many things to many people, for some it's a convenience of typing the username correctly.. for some who know the password or others it will be an easy hack.

April Fool's Day doesn't feel the Same

There was a time when people were sort of scared of this day, of getting fooled eventually turning the whole day into an embarrassment.

I remember being fooled by my dad during my school days. I didn't keep on top of all the current affairs and my dad knew this, so he took it to his advantage. That day he'd told me that Atal Bihari Ji (Prime Minister of India at that time) Expired. I was shocked even though i wasn't much fond of politicians i did believe him that day and went to school and said the same to all my friends.

Fight for Net Neutrality In India

Fight for Net Neutrality In India
If you haven't heard yet, the TRAI wants to allow telecos to regulate OTT services such as WhatsApp, Skype or Viber. While this does not directly imply that shit has hit the fan, it could allow Telecos to charge you seperately for each WhatsApp message, or make you pay equivalent charges for Skype calls etc.