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Stop Competing & Start Collaborating

Stop Competing & Start Collaborating
My heart goes out for all those people who don't have access to basic amenities, who suffer from diseases, who have no exposure to basic services such as hospitals. These are all a luxury for them...

And all the organisations that fight for these people, to provide equity, to provide them a sense of belonging in this world, that we're all brothers & sisters, to provide equal status quo, they're doing it all wrong.

Stop Competing & Start Collaborating
A sense of race has developed among these organisations, they fight with each other for the popularity of their organisation instead of focusing on collaborating and looking at the greater grand scheme of life. These organisations aim is not so dissimilar than others, yet the variations in their ethos, their work culture, its sort of like a brand or something.

These people have so much power, the resources, the energy. I just wish people running these organisations come together and join hands to make a difference in all our lives.

For the Greater Humanity, Amen ! 

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