Friday, March 25, 2016

Politicians targeting Encryption after Brussels Attack

I believe it is time to start considering classifying politicians as the terrorists. 

They are the prime pushers of fear in society as well as the media that enables them. They are also the only ones taking away our freedoms and prying away our rights. They also can be pointed to as a greater cause of death and despair in this country than any terror group or attack. 

I am not trying to be a socialist or something, this is a bare fact. We might whine about it for a while, we will make angry blog posts, at most, we will make a gathering and a candlelight march.

"I saw a car run a red light yesterday. The only explanation I could think of why anyone would do that was encryption.
Yep. Ban encryption and keep the babies safe.

Monday, March 14, 2016


Life begins when you try to change your world and change your mind. I tell myself, even though it is redundant, "this is the beginning of the rest of your life."

I think we try to live too much in the moment. And that is great too because sometimes we skip small opportunities that may not come up again but we will often turn down chances at change because we are trying so hard to live in the moment.

Everyone has a Pi Day

Find your's at

Stumbled upon a website today which helps you find a Pi Value for your birthday. My first thought; they're either really silly or just trying to be smart asses. 

There is definitely a precise answer to this question (for each particular format, eg DDMMYYYY), and it wouldn't even be hard to compute. We know that because there is a finite number of possible birthdays (as people must be born prior 2016 and you can't have negative/BC dates), and Pi obviously has every eight digit number.

This one is mine: 01061993
Check out yours @

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Why Celebrate International Women's Day ?

The world celebrates the women’s day today, and it means different things to different people. The politicians consider it as an opportunity to trade their cleverly crafted agendas mixed with the theme of empowering women in various social arenas. The marketing world tries to push through some products by churning out some advertisements which appeal to our sentiments and emotions. The products range from lingerie to mobile phones to clothing. The hospitality industry offers some discounts on their food products and makes people to dine out. The health industry comes out with some offers on various health check schemes, and urges women to have concern on their health.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Owl City on Commute

The great thing about Adam's work is the variety. When I'm working I listen to Port Blue, Color Therapy and some Windsor Airlift.

My cab commute is usually an Owl City album, and The Perfect Theory and his other side projects have become my road trip music. And now add in his scores and there is enough content there to keep me busy for a long time.

Samsung dominated LG before & after MWC 2016

I have been keeping an eye on both phones since their respective announcements at MWC - and though they have some differing features, both phones are equally desirable devices.

But in terms of pure marketing skill and getting their flagship noticed... Samsung have beat the shit out of LG this time round. And G5 uptake will suffer greatly.

Samsung have allowed for pre-orders weeks in advance, even throwing in a VR headset to sweeten the deal. Even before this, and shortly after the MWC reveal, Samsung had a dedicated landing page ready to go and was chucking some money at PPC. They wanted customers to find the phone and to build on that hype.

It took LG several days to get something even close to a landing page together - there's still no way to pre-order the damn thing and we are left in the dark about prices.

In a nutshell, LG have let their guard down and have allowed Samsung to get a serious lead on them - I'll put my money on customers looking to upgrade gave up on the G5 and put their money with Samsung because it was more readily available.

What do you guys think?

Amazon wins two years right to power IRCTC’s online retail arm


Almost after a year of suspense, Amazon has successfully bid for IRCTC’s retailing arm. The ticketing portal has put ‘shop on Amazon’ tab on its homepage which redirects to a separate landing page on Amazon India. Besides Amazon, Flipkart was also lobbying hard for the government-owned platform.

The final amount quoted from Amazon is unknown but according to YourStory sources it’s in the range of six to eight crores for two-year deal. Gurgaon-based Yebhi was the first player to bid for the platform and paid around two crore annual licensing fee through open bidding.

Source: YourStory