Second thoughts on Switching to Linux

I've been using, checking on & messing around with Linux for the last 10+ years.

My first experience with Linux was with Ubuntu (with unity) and I had a great time with it, and I knew that the issues that I was having were hardware-based and I didn't let that stain my experience, In my opinion, it made it more fun.

Flash forward couple of year: I have a good laptop and I try Manjaro/KDE
Never again. Crash, after crash, windows reappearing after I close them and having to reboot my system to get them to go away. Coupled with endless hours of searching for fixes only to find null/clickbait leads.

Roughly a year later: I tried Nobara.
My experience with Nobara wasn't nearly as jaded or as bad as it was with Manjaro. I didn't deal with the "phantom" windows appearing, but at some point, all updates broke (wth!?) and that was the straw the broke the camels back. I wiped my Nobara install a few months after that happened, periodically checking in to see if updates would work in either terminal or GUI repository....

So now here I am, trying Mint and actually enjoying it (while having a smooth experience.)
But now I'm posed with another dilemma: Taking my important crap from Win11 to Mint. Things like not modded/vanilla games, can just be re-downloaded, and stuff like Fallout 4, Skyrim, '05 Battlefront II, etc. I can just back those up on an external drive (that's in exfat) from what I understand. I'm honestly stressing out about this and getting a headache because of it, I'm having a helluva time with Windows because of it being itself, and windows just has a tendency to slow down over it's install life even if the process count is low. I dare not re-install windows and re-do all of the debloating and fixes that I've done over the past two years, that's been a nightmare in itself.

Have you tried Linux ? Comment below your experience of it and what you liked/disliked about it.
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