Microsoft monopoly prevails despite the backslash

Windows 10 in general Is seen as a big nice upgrade. People like it. Tech people aren't the main demographic and Microsoft won't care that we are up in arms against their UWP. EPIC CEO guy sounds pretty butthurt.

Microsoft has every incentive to want to close the Windows platform, from general control of the platform, to stronger DRM enforcement, to security, to getting a revenue cut of every app that's ever going to be built for the Windows platform (including games).

The only reason they can't close the platform all at once is because they know the backlash would be huge. But on the bright side for them, they still have a huge monopoly in the desktop OS market. They've already gotten quite gutsy with all the privacy invasions and forced updates for Windows 10, and it doesn't look like the backlash bothers them all that much, as they've continued to push through with all of those things.

So they might try to push this one step at a time, like deprecating the open desktop platform every year, until most developers are forced to just choose the closed platform.
Microsoft monopoly prevails despite the backslash Microsoft monopoly prevails despite the backslash Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on March 06, 2016 Rating: 5

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