Why Celebrate International Women's Day ?

The world celebrates the women’s day today, and it means different things to different people. The politicians consider it as an opportunity to trade their cleverly crafted agendas mixed with the theme of empowering women in various social arenas. The marketing world tries to push through some products by churning out some advertisements which appeal to our sentiments and emotions. The products range from lingerie to mobile phones to clothing. The hospitality industry offers some discounts on their food products and makes people to dine out. The health industry comes out with some offers on various health check schemes, and urges women to have concern on their health.

The corporate world catches up with the fever by organizing some special events for their women employees and providing some goodies. The entertainment world in order to make sure that it is not left far behind tries to portray women in bold roles in their offerings. Nothing much needs to be explained on the contribution of the media on women’s day as they come out with lot of talk shows, documentaries, some even sparking off controversies, interviews with women achievers etc…

Messages with the theme of empowering women receive lot of likes and shares on the various social media avenues. Husband's offering gifts to wives, children gifting cards to their mothers, brothers congratulating their sisters and male colleagues wishing their female counterparts; the world cherishes the women’s day in various ways. Does all these celebrations stop with only one day? Has all the women’s days that have gone by brought about any real changes in the lives of women? Are women getting the needed safety? Are women really empowered in the society?

Well, we wish there are positive answers to these questions, but the reality doesn’t seem so. Are women considered equal in inheriting wealth? I don’t think so, as parents prefer to write off their wealth to sons rather than daughters. Their ideology is that the sons would take care of them in their old age, only to see themselves lingering in old age homes. We see women czars ruling the corporate world, but at the same time we can also see hapless rural women being abused and exploited in the worst possible manner. Parents bring up their daughters with the only aim of getting them married to an honorable household, and consider that their duty is over. This, again they do with a selfish attitude as they want to gain the society’s respect.

Some women have become too bold with their dressing and attitude, but there are millions of innocent women who are still caged inside the society’s well framed barriers to be mocked and considered as objects to satisfy the lust and as child producing factories. These women have desires to fly, but their wings are clipped, they want to play a significant role in the upliftment of the society, but they are looked down by their own household. They want to be loved, but the society use them to satisfy their own needs.

Women working as bonded labourers, domestic maids, sweepers and scavengers, widows, destitutes, those left behind by their husbands for no wrong of theirs; All of these souls long for a day where they would be free from their society inflicted woes. The politicians, law makers and media take a lot of mileage out of the abuses meted out to women. This is not going to help the cause in any way. The days will continue to pass, and a few women would sit at elite places and would even dictate terms. But, for the unfortunate lot, the grind goes on and on!
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