Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mathematics : A Discovery or Invention ?

Mathematics : A Discovery or Invention ?
The question of discovery vs. invention of mathematics doesn't make too much sense. An invention is the discovery of a possibility. Likewise a discovery often results from an invention. Thus the invention of the telescope leads to the discovery of the moons of Jupiter. The two notions are not clearly separated, especially if the discovered possibility does not take material form, as in mathematics.

In mathematics it often happens that the same thing is invented/discovered by different people in almost identical detail. G.H. Hardy recognized the genius of Ramanujan partly because some of his extraordinary and complex formulas had also been discovered by other people.

Watch Justin Bieber Get Roasted on Comedy Central Tonight

Watch Justin Bieber Get Roasted on Comedy Central Tonight
Tonight is the night many have been waiting for: The Roast of Justin Bieber. You don't want to miss the hilarious mockery that will be brought on by host Kevin Hart, Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart and more! Find out where to watch the Justin Bieber Roast live stream online free tonight, via Comedy Central live streaming.

The Justin Bieber Roast was taped on March 7, 2015, so it is an edited show. But the live stream of the show on Comedy Central will be available via a live stream app, called #BIEBERROAST CENTRAL. 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

A little Halo Master Chief, the intrepid fighter for life-ā xù

【小小Halo士官長,強悍的生命鬥士-阿旭】還記得前天發的服裝設計圖以及士官長戰鬥盔甲嗎?這是為了完成罹患骨隨形成不良症候群病童-阿旭(化名)的夢想。由於早產的因素,11歲的阿旭(化名)於三年前確診罹患骨髓形成不良症候群,骨髓造血機制有先天上的不良,自小體弱多病,無法和同伴盡情的奔跑玩樂,因疾病因素只能受限在旁邊看著同伴玩耍。然而,個性活潑外向的阿旭非常喜愛Halo《最後一戰》所推出的影集『最後一戰:航向黎明』,期許自己有朝一日也能像士官長一樣,成為捍衛國家安全的正義人士。Xbox、Hotel Cozzi和逸•台南西門館以及喜願協會決定共同策畫,加上圓夢大使士官長及王樂妍公益支持,幫助阿旭進入「最後一戰」的世界,與偶像士官長見面,並聯手排除萬難,完成打擊罪犯的夢想。每個人的心中都住著一位英雄,為自己帶來實現夢想的勇氣!就讓我們一為阿旭送上誠摯的祝福,希望這位可愛的小小士官長健康長大吧
Posted by Xbox 台灣 on Saturday, March 28, 2015
Remember the clothing designs as well as sergeant major of the day before yesterday: battle armor? Which is to get to poor bone formation disorder patients-ā xù (a pseudonym) dream.

Oxford University is Older than the Aztech Empire

The University of Oxford (informally Oxford University or simply Oxford) is a collegiate research university located in Oxford, England. While having no known date of foundation, there is evidence of teaching as far back as 1096, making it the oldest university in the English-speaking world, and the world's second-oldest surviving university.

25 Years of Experience put into the Making of Zenfone by Asus

A quarter-century of design excellence, sophisticated engineering, expert craftsmanship and manufacturing prowess rolled into one. 

An uncompromising pursuit of perfection, people-centered design thinking and brand spirit - the unique combination of ambitions that allows only ASUS to create ZenFone.

Learn more: http://www.asus.com/campaign/zenfone/

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Friday, March 27, 2015

Kindness Never Hurts

It's unbelievable how many people out there are just plain miserable. They want everyone else to suffer.. I never had a clue. Until I started succeeding and reaching attainable but not easy goals. People feel so entitled they want everything handed to them. Instead of being a jerk, how about being nice? Being genuinely happy for people who work hard and deserve the reward?

TimesNow Shamed Publicly on Twitter with #ShameOnTimesNow

TimesNow Shamed Publicly on Twitter with #ShameOnTimesNow
Clearly the people sitting in the news room with Air conditioned are not the best critics or commentators especially if they don't know shit about sports or sportsmanship.

Times Now Chief Editor has publicly shamed not only the Indian Cricket Team but the whole nation for their worthless debate. After today Arnab should stop debating on TV and pick up something else more appropriate on his lines.

Even more he brought disgrace to the whole media Journalism. STFU Arnab, being able to speak in english in front of Camera is nothing compared to the efforts you put on field. I seriously doubt if you've ever played any sports.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Let the Computer Revolution Begin

Credits: emylomazzo.com
Steve Wozniak talks about Computers taking over Humans which is very Intriguing considering the limitless opportunities that we can acquire in collaboration with them.

I think that ultimately this is a good thing. I mean, think about it. Where are the flying cars? Trips to Mars? All this stuff is stifled by humanity's inability to grow up.

Endless Search

Endless Search
So many people are falling in love – or so it seems to the less inclined. I genuinely don’t want to feel jealousy or envy, but I find myself suppressing those emotions more often than I care to admit. For me finding love feels like a fantasy of sorts - an elusive figment of my own imagination. And it isn’t for a lack of effort or lack of opportunity. I've met a lot of people in the past few years – just not the right one. 

People don't hate Google Glass, its just too damn Expensive

Google Glass is currently focused on being discrete. It's unfortunate there's so much bad press.

I think they are probably trying to find a way to fit it inside of a pair of regular glasses frames, or to attach to regular lenses without being too noticeable. I'd be surprised if they weren't looking into projecting straight into regular lenses instead of having their own prism, but that's probably very difficult to do while accounting for different prescriptions.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ugadi Wishes to You all

First of all let me wish each and every one a very happy ugadi 2015. Today I am before you with something special, yes Ugadi Pachada. We all love home made food. Don't we ?

Little history about Ugadi

Marathi, Kannada and Telugu people were under one king Gautamiputra Satakarni (78–102 CE) who was the twenty-third ruler of the Satavahana Empire. Satakarni started the Shalivahana era or Shaka Calendar which is still used by Gujaratis, Marathas, Telugus, Kannadigas and Konkanis.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Download current build Windows 10 Icons

Don't let the haters get you down. I personally think most of the icons of the current W10 build are beautiful. The colors and saturation levels are debatable though. 

On a side note, the new PC icon. They already changed it twice and this second change was a downgrade IMO. I also don't like the recycle bin icon. These icons are from genuine system files of the installed OS. These icons are available in PNG and ICO format.

Microsoft to divide separate teams for IE and Spartan Browser

Microsoft to divide separate teams for IE and Spartan Browser
Microsoft is splitting the development of Internet Explorer into two groups.
  • Group one will be dealing with the current internet explorer as is, upgrading it in a similar fashion to how they are now.
  • Group two will be working on a project named 'Spartan', which is there attempt at cutting out all of the legacy code and crap, while making it a faster, better user experience.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Saturday, March 14, 2015

I Hate Myself

I don't know if I'm just depressed all the time or bored, I don't know what I want in life and I hate it. I hate not knowing, never being sure, unless there is something in front of me that is undeniable in the moment.

I don't like lying, I don't like cheating, I don't like being this person... but I don't feel anything unless it's something like that. I want to find something that makes me feel alive and right now it only seems to be the bad stuff.

Smartphones for Smart Women

We've had many smartphone reviews, how to's, various categories when it comes to smartphones classification either based on budget, size, performance etc.

Girls also demand for latest technology and apps that are offered by recently launched models. Here is the selection of some of the best mobile phones for girls that would suit women.

Life of a Crab

Imagine you spent your whole life walking on the ground and watching flying fish above you, envying their freedom and speed. And then all of a sudden a big trap comes out of nowhere and pulls you up, up into the sky - where you've always dreamed of being, flying among the fish - but then even further, past the sky, and into a whole other world above it.

It's amazing. What you once thought was the limit of existence has been exceeded. You see the sun clearly for the first time, and it's beaming down on your face. There's a whole other plain above what you once knew, and what's more another sky on top of that - any maybe even countless more above it.

Youtube 360 degrees video is Amazing

The possibilities for VR, video scavenger hunts, 360 degree web series and movies, event coverage, and more are huge. Much more dynamic than a static video, allowing for multiple viewings with unique experiences each time.

I'm impressed. This will definitely mean higher engagement and more views per unique person. Advertisers will love this -- not to mention hidden native ads within content a la the above mentioned scavenger hunt. This will be fun to watch.

Friday, March 13, 2015

WhatsApp is too big to fail now with 1 billion Users

WhatsApp is too big to fail now with 1 billion Users
The Ease of using WhatsApp is too much to resist, it uses your phone number as your ID, with no need to create a separate account.

If you install an IM app, create an account, open it and have no contacts... you'll probably uninstall it after a week or two. But with WhatsApp, just by having it installed, others can see you as long as they have your phone number in their phone book. And you can see them too.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Guilt trips terrify me...

Not because of the guilt I feel, but precisely because of the lack of guilt I feel and how that subsequently gives the person taking me on the trip now ammunition to try to trip me.

Supposedly the fact that I don't care (Or more likely, just see through the nature of the trip and don't buy into it and am left awkwardly waiting for them to finish so that real argument can continue) is something to be guilty of.

Every Generation is Terrible

© Digital Divide
People just don't realize that every generation is nearly identical, and societal norms are cyclical.

I don't remember where it was, but I saw someone complaining online about how everyone is buried in their phones all the time and becoming antisocial. The response was a picture of a railway station with everyone using their smartphones. Everyone had their nose in a newspaper or tabloid. The medium was slightly different, but when you think about it they were all doing exactly the same thing.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Stop Complaining and Do your Homework

Everyone is always talking about how shitty Congress is and how corrupt elections and political favors are, yet every year we elect most of the shitheads right back in. Just... STOP. We're still a democracy. Do your homework and vote for the right people (or at least better people).

Also, I know this will never happen in the India because people are dumb and Indian politics is too far gone.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I was cheated in my childhood

When I was a toddler I had older kid neighbors. Once they "raced" me around the block and let me get a huuuuge head start. Basically, they never even ran, they tricked me into running around the block by myself. I was beyond shocked when they "beat" me! I swear it took me until I was in my late teens to solve that mystery. And I'd been telling that story for years "how did those kids beat me?" Uhhhhh


I'm amazed at how often what goes around actually does come around and people get what they deserve. I've always broken it down into two types, cosmic karma and practical karma.

Cosmic karma is when you give a friend Rs20 and the same day a gust of wind blows a twenty into your chest.

Practical karma is just the observation that if you are a shitty person and screw people over wherever you go, you will have a weak support network to rely on when you need it.

Conversely if you are nice and helpful, people in your life are more likely to help you, refer you for jobs, lend you money in a jam etc.

Monday, March 9, 2015

NDTV trolls the Government Ban on Nirbhaya Documentary

Yesterday on prime time both NDTV (English & Hindi) channels were scheduled to play the Banned Nirbhaya Documentary as a form of silent protest they only showed a single pic for last one hour.

NDTV has gone into history books by doing so , imagine how this specific instance would be remembered in history . Nice work done by them , next time a govt. bans something they will think very hard about it .

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Google Truth Rankings

At first glance, this seems like something that should excite me.

The more I think about it, though, the more I wonder if it's really a good idea to have Google out there telling us what's true and what isn't. Our society already has problems with accepting things that are questionable (at best), and while I'd love to have a database that was ranked solely on verifiable facts... well, what happens when someone decides to subtly alter (or even suppress) one of those facts to fit some agenda?

I tend to Overthink

This is a "thought bubble". It is an...
I can take several days to reply to a person's text (usually just due to pure laziness) and I expect them to be totally fine with it. But god forbid if someone else takes the the same amount of time to reply to me. My usual thought process is as follows: 

"oh my god do they hate me they definitely hate me I have to move cities now oh god what if I run into them on the street that's going to be so awkward would I acknowledge them or should I ignore them..."

The term "Don't Get Attached"

Seriously, it's a passive aggressive way to place blame on the person you're being friends with for simply liking you more than you like them and so you can use it as an excuse later on. If you want to be an eternal bachelor/bachelorette, fine be one, but say so. At least be honest with others and even more so, with yourself.

Don't place blame on someone for wanting more than you want. There are no winners in those kinds of situations anyway, just different degrees of losing.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Ubuntu to switch to Systemd on Monday

Systemd started as a replacement for initd, the initialisation daemon that is responsible for startup (if you run ps -A | head -n 2 you'll find init has the PID 1 because it's the first process to run on your computer, followed by the rest of the services), with the idea of making things more manageable.

In order to make things more sane they integrated other services natively like networking, process management, and mounting.

The big argument for Systemd is that it makes things much more sane, the current initd system is old and was mostly hacked together, so an effort to replace it is a good thing.

Control Your PC remotely with Smartphone via TeamViewer

There's great potential for this software. Basically I've read about it in the past but only recently had the chance to put it to an actual use.

With teamviewer you can collaborate, set up meetings, share files & remotely control you PC. The android app for teamviewer is simply amazing. To be able to see the 13XX x 768 laptop resolution screen on a 5" smartphone display is exhilarating.

Download Teamviewer

BBC Documentary Nirbhaya India's Daughter

I saw the entire documentary and it made me sad and angered me a lot. But I'm not ashamed of being an Indian. Why should I be? What did I have to do with Delhi's or any body else's culture or upbringing? I have never understood how someone's crime 2000 km away can shame someone else. That is, unless you're an NRI who'll very likely get stereotyped. Either those people stereotyping you have to change, realising that it's a universal problem, or you have to grow a thick skin.

I heard the woman who made the movie talking on NDTV. She said that she didn't intend to highlight India's rape problem but the world's. You know..it won't work like that. We'll keep getting stereotyped. The world or the west doesn't want to be ashamed for us.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Love/Hate Relationship with Internet

I seriously waste too much of my time when I shouldn't. I know a lot of it is a self control thing, but I can manage it pretty good aside from the internet. And I like being able to have a lot of things instantly accessible to me, but then I don't. I don't necessarily like being able to be in contact with people so easily with Facebook and Twitter, etc. I don't like how a lot of people use it, either. And the lack of social interaction it causes.

But then there's been so many possibilities and awesomeness to be had from it, as well.

Stupid Stuff from Facebook

As a twenty something dude who got Facebook in highschool, I can already feel its effect. My earliest pictures and posts don't reflect who I am at all now and I often think about deleting my account just to get a clean slate.

It's a similar feeling to having friends from childhood. They know all the stupid shit you did and they bring it up from time to time. The difference is that that stupid shit is recorded for almost anyone to see and reference whenever they want.

Had an Amazing Day Today

It wasn't one of my regular days with boring classes and same old friends. Instead I went out today to meet few friends, we had so much fun, ate, did little bit of time pass and then came back. I also met one of my bestiee ... in the afternoon ! She does her project in RCI so there's that !

Yeah today was special, I missed few friends..wish they were with me today :) It was sick and awesome day :) :D I even went to temple in the morning :) :D