Life of a Crab

Imagine you spent your whole life walking on the ground and watching flying fish above you, envying their freedom and speed. And then all of a sudden a big trap comes out of nowhere and pulls you up, up into the sky - where you've always dreamed of being, flying among the fish - but then even further, past the sky, and into a whole other world above it.

It's amazing. What you once thought was the limit of existence has been exceeded. You see the sun clearly for the first time, and it's beaming down on your face. There's a whole other plain above what you once knew, and what's more another sky on top of that - any maybe even countless more above it.

And then suddenly you're dumped into a bucket with other crabs, so close the you can't even move. You're probably upside-down, with somebody else's claw in your face. And a pile more crabs are dumped on top of you.

And then you're shifted around a series of other crowded buckets until finally, briefly, you're given a little aquarium of space. There are tons of other crabs here, but no other fish. It's small, but after all that, you're starting to miss the water and its peaceful existence, and so you think - this isn't so bad. Maybe I can live happily here.

And then someone yanks you out again, boils you to death, cracks open your body and sucks your flesh out.

Crab life is tough.
Life of a Crab Life of a Crab Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on March 14, 2015 Rating: 5
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