TimesNow Shamed Publicly on Twitter with #ShameOnTimesNow

TimesNow Shamed Publicly on Twitter with #ShameOnTimesNow
Clearly the people sitting in the news room with Air conditioned are not the best critics or commentators especially if they don't know shit about sports or sportsmanship.

Times Now Chief Editor has publicly shamed not only the Indian Cricket Team but the whole nation for their worthless debate. After today Arnab should stop debating on TV and pick up something else more appropriate on his lines.

Even more he brought disgrace to the whole media Journalism. STFU Arnab, being able to speak in english in front of Camera is nothing compared to the efforts you put on field. I seriously doubt if you've ever played any sports.

Win or Lose is not the aim of any sports, its the friendly competitiveness & ethics that bind us to the sports. You moron, you have brought millions of indians wrath upon you on Twitter.

#ShameOnTimesNow is now trending #1 in India. I hope it stays like that until Arnab Goswami apologizes for his blunder on his TV channel.

Last but not least..f*** you man ! I'm more hurt of your comment than the loss of Semi-Finals to Aus.

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