An Ode to Pets on National Pets Day

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I am a cat and I rule this land, I own two giants and they both feed me by hand.When I wish to poop I have a box full of sand, and they clean that for me too.Things have always been grand in my land, where I am king, the master of those who stand.

But there is a new creature now, a monster who threatens all the kingdoms hard earned peace.The monster also has a hold on the giants and he too is fed by hand.

True, the monster does not have as much favor with the giants as me though.
It's not allowed to poop in the sands, it is forbidden say the giants.
Though the monster has power over them, this indicates to me their resistance.
I will endeavor to help them in their quest to regain freedom.

Before I fight it though, I must learn the monsters name.
My name is 'Freckles', they both coo when I'm called.
I listen around them for the usual verbal clues.
I hear the word 'baby' about the house.

Could it be, is this my foe?

I've learned its name, now fight.
I jump into the crib.
Soft, warm, stinky, leaking.
Good to cuddle.
Why not?

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