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Apple reinvents Macbook 2015

Macbook Re-invented
The average consumer does not think of “reinvention" as a collection of specs as we all apparently do. They think of it as a product that functions better than anything else they have encountered before. The new MacBook will undoubtedly be this for many people.

Why the Macbook and not something else? Because the hardware and software will work together to offer superior battery life and UX. The build quality will allow it to function without defect for many years to come. It will be completely devoid of bloatware and statistically more resilient to malware threats. The redesigned keyboard and trackpad will remain best in class. The purchasing and support experience will be in a league of its own.

All of these little intangibles will come together in a way that no Windows vendor has been able to emulate to date and will qualify the product as a “reinvention” in mainstream consciousness.

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