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A little Halo Master Chief, the intrepid fighter for life-ā xù

【小小Halo士官長,強悍的生命鬥士-阿旭】還記得前天發的服裝設計圖以及士官長戰鬥盔甲嗎?這是為了完成罹患骨隨形成不良症候群病童-阿旭(化名)的夢想。由於早產的因素,11歲的阿旭(化名)於三年前確診罹患骨髓形成不良症候群,骨髓造血機制有先天上的不良,自小體弱多病,無法和同伴盡情的奔跑玩樂,因疾病因素只能受限在旁邊看著同伴玩耍。然而,個性活潑外向的阿旭非常喜愛Halo《最後一戰》所推出的影集『最後一戰:航向黎明』,期許自己有朝一日也能像士官長一樣,成為捍衛國家安全的正義人士。Xbox、Hotel Cozzi和逸•台南西門館以及喜願協會決定共同策畫,加上圓夢大使士官長及王樂妍公益支持,幫助阿旭進入「最後一戰」的世界,與偶像士官長見面,並聯手排除萬難,完成打擊罪犯的夢想。每個人的心中都住著一位英雄,為自己帶來實現夢想的勇氣!就讓我們一為阿旭送上誠摯的祝福,希望這位可愛的小小士官長健康長大吧
Posted by Xbox 台灣 on Saturday, March 28, 2015
Remember the clothing designs as well as sergeant major of the day before yesterday: battle armor? Which is to get to poor bone formation disorder patients-ā xù (a pseudonym) dream.

Due to preterm birth factors, 11 ā xù (not his real name) was diagnosed three years ago suffered from bone marrow to form a bad syndrome, bone marrow hemopoietic mechanisms are inherently bad, and sickly in his childhood, unable to enjoy the run of the play with his companions, disease factors can only be restricted to the side and playing. However, personality Extrovert ā xù loved Halo launched in the final battle of the series "final battle: course morning" and hopes that he could one day be just like Master Chief, to defend the national security of Justice.

Xbox Hotel Cozzi and Yi · Simon, as well as in Tainan-wish Association decided to jointly plan, Ambassador plus dream soldier and Wang Leyan public support helped ā xù into "final battle" of the world, meeting with Idol Master Chief, and even against all odds, complete the dream of criminals.

Lived a hero in everyone's heart, the courage to bring him the dream! Us to ā xù on wishes, desires the lovely little soldier health grows up.

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