Not one of those Outings

Today I went out unexpectedly in the afternoon, there wasn't much. I was just missing someone badly and needed to see them before my dad arrives he's arriving on 17th of this month. So yeah, I'm super excited to meet my dad.

Been out for 3 hours or so, went to lumbini park with a friend to discuss about tomorrow's project review. We drank badam milk each and entered inside the park. I was so looking forward to go speed boating, but then situations were intense, couldn't make time. No probs, next time maybe.

We couldn't eat bhelpuri properly, the south indian bhelpuri is very different than the north. Also today I went on littering the whole park with papers, stuff.. and plucked out grass.. and did some pretty good social service too.

Couldn't be more proud of myself :) Haina cheeku ?