Friday, July 26, 2019

The glowing ones..

Some people almost seem to glow. Not literally. But it's like they have an energy that's more intense than that of other people. They're not everywhere. I could count all the one's I've met on two hands. But these people, The Glowing Ones...

You know exactly where they are in the room. You're tuned into them on some level, because their existence and proximity demand your attention. Even if you close your eyes, you can still feel them, sense their movement throughout the room. They don't have to say anything to earn your attention. You don't even have to know them. You're just Aware.

The Glowing Ones draw the attention of everybody, not just you. People talk about them. Everyone has an opinion. It's almost like that glowing energy is a magnet. It stirs up all that comes near it.

You have any glowing members in your family ?

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Netflix Original: Another Life

I can't even bring myself to explain everything that's wrong with this show, all you need do is watch episode 1 and never watch another. Netflix need to stop wasting money and talent and actually write something half decent.

I just finished watching 10 episodes of "this" series, and its absolute mindfucked.. to say the least. Worst sci-fi series I've seen in my life.

“Take the signal down to one Hertz per second.”

They could have spent just a little less on effects (which are pretty good) and hired one science advisor. Any high-school geek would do. Said advisor would have caught that and also mentioned that a rogue planet is not likely to have any atmosphere at all and it's certainly not going to be at breathable temperatures in the middle of interstellar space. And you're not mining “years of Hydrogen and Oxygen” from a few suitcases full of rocks.

Every single new Netflix show I've tried to watch suffers from this issue. A cool premise for a story and no lack of budget but is absolutely wrecked by rushed writing. I get it, they're trying to pump out tons and tons of shows to keep people subscribed but terrible science in a sci fi show isn't going to lead to success.

Please don't mess up the Witcher.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A Letter to a Friend

"I want you to know that -

i. It doesn’t matter that we ended. Life moves on. People forget. Friends become strangers. The ones that you love(d) change.

ii. That doesn’t mean I didn’t love you. I did. In my own convoluted, messy way. I did.

iii. I’m sorry I couldn’t heal the wounds in your chest, I tried. I’m sorry for creating them. I never knew that I was capable of hurting anyone like that until I hurt you.

iv. But… I know that war is never one sided. Sometimes, sometimes I feel like I lost a limb in that battle too.

v. When it comes down to it, I’m grateful for our moments of silence, our moments of peace, interspersed with laughter. I’m grateful for your kindness.

vi. Maybe I’ll never stop writing about you.

vii. But you should probably stop reading what I write.

viii. The truth is that some nights I still feel unbearable. But I’m getting there, I’m getting there. Most days now, I feel alright."

Kanthala Raghu // A Letter

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Debian 10 buster released

After 25 months of development the Debian project is proud to present its new stable version 10 (code name buster), which will be supported for the next 5 years thanks to the combined work of the Debian Security team and of the Debian Long Term Support team.

Debian 10 buster ships with several desktop applications and environments. Amongst others it now includes the desktop environments:
  • Cinnamon 3.8,
  • GNOME 3.30,
  • KDE Plasma 5.14,
  • LXDE 0.99.2,
  • LXQt 0.14,
  • MATE 1.20,
  • Xfce 4.12.
In this release, GNOME defaults to using the Wayland display server instead of Xorg. Wayland has a simpler and more modern design, which has advantages for security. However, the Xorg display server is still installed by default and the default display manager allows users to choose Xorg as the display server for their next session.

Thanks to the Reproducible Builds project, over 91% of the source packages included in Debian 10 will build bit-for-bit identical binary packages. This is an important verification feature which protects users against malicious attempts to tamper with compilers and build networks. Future Debian releases will include tools and metadata so that end-users can validate the provenance of packages within the archive.

Source: Debian