Netflix Original: Another Life

I can't even bring myself to explain everything that's wrong with this show, all you need do is watch episode 1 and never watch another. Netflix need to stop wasting money and talent and actually write something half decent.

I just finished watching 10 episodes of "this" series, and its absolute mindfucked.. to say the least. Worst sci-fi series I've seen in my life.

“Take the signal down to one Hertz per second.”

They could have spent just a little less on effects (which are pretty good) and hired one science advisor. Any high-school geek would do. Said advisor would have caught that and also mentioned that a rogue planet is not likely to have any atmosphere at all and it's certainly not going to be at breathable temperatures in the middle of interstellar space. And you're not mining “years of Hydrogen and Oxygen” from a few suitcases full of rocks.

Every single new Netflix show I've tried to watch suffers from this issue. A cool premise for a story and no lack of budget but is absolutely wrecked by rushed writing. I get it, they're trying to pump out tons and tons of shows to keep people subscribed but terrible science in a sci fi show isn't going to lead to success.

Please don't mess up the Witcher.
Netflix Original: Another Life Netflix Original: Another Life Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on July 25, 2019 Rating: 5

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