Sunday, September 28, 2014

Coolest Websites on the Internet

Everyday I'm on a lookout for websites that I find amusing & entertaining. Today I've compiled a few which I've encountered from past 2 days. Here we go..

1. Eat This Much 
If you have any idea what you want out of your diet like specific calories / macros / ingredients / cook times, you can configure it and it gives you a meal plan that fits.

2. nautiluslive
Welcome to the future. Leave your pants at the door and come watch a live feed of the bottom of the ocean on your Smartphone/iPad/Laptop.

iPhone 6 plus bends when forced against 70 pounds body

Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports, a non-profit organization ran a stress test on Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus and concluded that iPhones 6 Plus starts deforming when 70 pounds of force is applied.

After running the “three-point flexural” examination, which involved applying the pressure of 10 pounds, then letting the device regain its position, and then applying twice the pressure, the report concluded that iPhone 6 Plus won’t start deforming until you have forced it against a 90-pound body.

Making of /r/MakeInIndia Campaign

Last week I created the subreddit /r/IndiaInTech in midst of achieving a huge success of MOM by ISRO and to keep on top of all the technological developments being done in India. Today its 'Make In India' that has motivated me to do so. Below is the short snippet from the subreddit adopted from Prime Minister's speech on wall street journal.

Hacker discovered a way to run Android apps on Chrome OS

Hacker discovered a way to run android app on chromeos...
An unplanned convergence of Android apps and the Chrome OS may be setting the stage for a wide-open cross-platform architecture that combines Android and Chrome.

Freelance programmer Vlad Filippov, aka "Vladikoff," discovered a way around Google's limitations on its ARC, or App Runtime for Chrome, which is essentially a Chrome extension application programming interface. Filippov hacked his way into the Google process to allow it to run on the Chrome OS and other platforms that run the Chrome Web browser. He dubbed that modification "ARChon."

Posted on LinuxInsider

Tim Berners-Lee calls for internet bill of rights to ensure greater privacy

English: Tim Berners-Lee at the 2009 TED confe...
The inventor of the world wide web has warned that the freedom of the internet is under threat.
Web inventor says world needs an online Magna Carta to combat growing government and corporate control.

The inventor of the world wide web has warned that the freedom of the internet is under threat by governments and corporations interested in controlling the web.

Josh Williams - The person behind the iOS 8.0.1 disaster

Josh Williams - The person behind the iOS 8.0.1 disaster
They say history repeats itself, this seems true in case of apple. The recent disastrous iOS 8.0.1 update that rendered the new iPhone 6 useless, has a link to the infamous Maps failure from 2012. According to a Bloomberg report, the man in-charge for quality assurance in iOS 8.0.1 Josh Williams was also in charge of quality control for Apple Maps.

Williams has been with the company since 2000, and is a mid-level manager. He leads a team of 100 people whose job is to oversee the quality of the products.

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Top Ubuntu desktop Certified Laptops

Official Ubuntu circle with wordmark. Replace ...
As the world’s most popular open-source desktop operating system, Ubuntu is used extensively throughout the enterprise, government, public and education sectors. To meet the demand for preloaded hardware from these areas, Canonical is committed to working closely with high-profile hardware partners around the world. Customers can choose from hundreds of PC configurations that ship preloaded with Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support), bringing all the major benefits of factory-level quality assurance standards, full support, and tight integration with BIOS, component and board-level certification.

Preloaded Ubuntu LTS OEM versions offer full Canonical factory-level certification, BIOS, component integration and support, where benefits include full support for security patches, bug fixes and more for five years from the date of each LTS release.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Movie Review: Lucy

I've got interesting theory to tell, mind boggling one.
The movie revolves around our capacity to obtain information by tapping into our brain. Unlocking the remote parts of our cerebrum (Cerebellum) which almost constitutes of neurons hardly countable, greater than the stars in our whole universe.

iOS is much better than Android in every sense

Structure of an SSH binary packet
Structure of an SSH binary packet 
iOS is true Unix at every level. Apps are not run in a VM, and a jailbroken iPhone is vastly more powerful than an Android device. I've read people installing a C compiler on their iPhones and can compile almost anything that runs on Linux, even SSH into it, and I even saw someone running an X server and Firefox on one.

It's also nice if you like something simple that you aren't going to tinker with. So tinkerer, hacker or basic user, iOS is the best mobile OS out today (I am looking quite forward to Jolla and Ubuntu touch though).

Samsung raises SSD capacity to 3.2TB

English: Samsung Logo Suomi: Samsungin logo
Samsung in logo
The SM1715 drive is Samsung's highest-capacity SSD to date, and is built for reliability and durability, Samsung said in a statement. Samsung didn't provide either a price or shipment date for the 3.2TB drive, but the company usually ships SSDs months after they go into production.

Jail for Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa

Tamil Nadu legislative assembly election, 2011
Jayalalithaa has been charged with accumulating Rs 66 crore wealth disproportionate to known sources of her income from 1991-96 in her first term as Chief Minister.
Appearing before the court four times, Jayalalithaa has answered 1,339 questions in closed door hearings during which she has maintained that the case was "politically motivated" and "fabricated" at the instance of her rival DMK.

The case was filed by Subramanian Swamy in 1996. She was arrested and jailed for some days after DMK came to power in the 1996 Tamil Nadu Assembly polls.

Swamy adds, "Jayalalithaa became chief minister in 1991 and at that time she declared that she has no wealth. During 5-year period. she acquired lots of properties. I don't think people want her to come back again. BJP will gain from this."

Violence erupts in Tamil Nadu following the verdict. Bus traffic halted in many places following the clash on the road. A Kancheepuram bus has been burnt, four people injured.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Free and Open Source Software Everywhere

The logo of the Free Software Foundation, the ...
The logo of the Free Software Foundation, the organization founding the principles of free software.
When I was 19 yrs old, I started using Linux. I began reading free software literature from the free software foundation's website.

Now I think it extremely important for all software to be free. On my computer I use elementary OS & persuade others to follow the free software tradition. I don't use any proprietary applications and limit my access to freedom denying websites like facebook. In other words, I've gone full freetard. I want to be able to use computers like a normal person, but I haven't been able to convince myself that the free software principles are wrong and ever since I've been promoting it. Few people appreciate what I do and then there are those who always criticize me bringing it down to proprietary vs free software.

Carbon Emissions on Rise

We can't change the climate
English: Biosphere CO2 Flux along 08.07.2006 (NOAA Carbon Tracker)
People are big on emphasizing individual initiatives to moderate one CO2 emission through lifestyle changes yet individual changes are not what we need in the face of the overwhelming pollution generated by the industrialization of China. It's even quite ridiculous to see ecologist media outlets praise small initiatives that concern only a few thousand people for each country.

Even the people who sympathize about this and are aware of the problems mostly won't take any daily life measures, not like these would be enough anyway.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

/r/IndiaInTech: Promoting Scientific & Technological Knowledge of India

/r/IndiaInTech: Promoting Scientific & Technological Knowledge of India
Indian Space Research Organisation. 
"I presume most of the users here are not aware of the surroundings in the field of technology & science concerning our country. I believe people should be made aware of these.. and hence i came forth with a community (/r/IndiaInTech) on reddit just to promote scientific & technology inventions/news/ideas & discussions confining to our community (India)."
These are the words I've written in a post on /r/India in order to promote scientific & technological news about India. After the ISRO's biggest feat in Space, it struck me. There's a lot of scope for India to excel in scientific terms. We maybe short of financial aid for now, but the scientists at ISRO have proved that we are no longer confined to the resources at the mercy of NASA or anyother space agency around the world. We now have our own homemade $66bn MOM in space.

Monday, September 22, 2014

An Experts Guide to Apple

We all know the sites and bloggers/vloggers that peddle rumors, superficial news, hardware/software reviews. But where to turn when you want expert, in-depth analysis of Apple's ethos, business, culture, etc? When you want to sound smart about Apple, these are the folks I recommend reading:
John Gruber of Daring Fireball (writer/blogger) - The quintessential non-official Apple apologist. Doesn't mean he always agrees. But if you want a definitive understanding of Apple's ethos, look no further.
Benedict Evans (VC analyst for Andreessen Horowitz) - Highly-regarded tech analyst. He and Dediu (below) are the two guys to read if you want great insight into Apple's business and cultural strategy. They also talk about the tech industry as a whole.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Philosophy behind Ubuntu

It all started from a philosophy based on Fitt's Law, which was very popular when Unity and Gnome 3 were being designed. What Fitt's Laws say is that the corners are the easiest target to hit with a mouse. Hot corners became popular. The Unity launcher originally had the launch button in the actual corner, but it was decided that close buttons were used more often.

Regarding the launcher position, remember that Unity started life as the Netbook Remix, being on 9" screens that had 600 vertical pixels. On laptops, 720-768 is still quite common. Do you want to take away 48 usable pixels from that dimension, or would you rather use some of the 1200 pixels from the horizontal one? Putting the launcher and the close buttons on the left with indicators on the right means that everything concerning applications happens in the top left, and everything concerning the system happens in the top right.

Ubuntu for Smartphones almost ready to be Shipped

The first smartphones to run Ubuntu software could ship later this year, and they’re expected to sell for between $200 and $400.

Ubuntu Touch User Interface
Ubuntu Touch User Interface
Development of the open source operating system for smartphones and tablets has been taking place in public view, and there are tools that let anyone try a pre-release build of Ubuntu on existing phones, tablets, or emulators.

But now the Ubuntu team has announced that they have a stable build of the operating system that’s ready to release to manufacturers. In other words, Ubuntu for smartphones is ready to run on actual smartphones.

Ubuntu for smartphones and tablets shares some DNA with the popular Linux operating system for desktop and notebook computers. But it’s been designed from the ground up for touchscreen devices and it features notifications, home screens, and mobile-specific apps.

Humans use more than 10 percent of their Brain

"On an Average Humans only Use 10% of their Brain"

It takes just 5 seconds to google search about it. Stop believing that stupid fact. And now they're making a whole movie based on it? Are you  kidding me? Even if that movie ended up getting a 10/10 rating I still wouldn't see it because of the stupid idea that its based on. Psychology should be a mandatory class.

Samadhi of a Girl: Another Ridiculous Story ?

The grave of a two-and-a-half-year-old girl whose parents claimed she was a “goddess” drew large crowds on Thursday amid conflicting versions about the manner of the child’s death and the suspicion that she had been buried alive. By the time the police moved in to break up the gathering at the grave in Kumher village, some 25 km, hundreds of villagers were streaming to the site, setting off alarm in the district administration.

A tent had quickly come up, prayers were being said, and a television channel arrived at the spot to air the proceedings live, showing visitors offering fruits, flowers and money at the site. The police later exhumed the body and sent it for post-mortem. The initial post-mortem report indicated that the child had acute diarrhoea.

Google is more than a Tool or a Company

Screenshot of Google Suggest function...
Screenshot of Google Suggest function in Google search.
I think that by having access to such a large bank of knowledge at any time, we are more easily educated as individuals than back in the days when you needed to search everything in books. Anytime you have a question about any topic, you can just Google it and easily find the answer in most of the cases.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

I'm Sorry to Turn You Down

I've always cared for people, most of the time helped them when needed. But i can't be around all the time. Sometimes when you expect me to be around, something important comes in the way.

Past Week I promised a friend of mine that I'd offer him a ride to a place far far away. And everything was going according to the plan except i had not anticipated that I'd get shit load of work dumped onto me.

The Day is TODAY...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Can Universe Expand Faster than Speed of Light ?

The metric expansion of space. The inflationar...
The metric expansion of space. 
Let's assume the universe was infinite even at or before Big Bang. It was just different in the sense that everything in it was completely close together. An easier way to imagine this could be that our current universe is infinite. Now if you condense everything in "infinitely" it will still be infinite. But it will be an infinite black hole. Then if you exploded such an infinite black hole, you would get what we have now. This would seem to explain why the age of the universe can be 13.7 billion years even though the edge of the observable universe is already 46.5 billion light-years away. That would seem impossible because it would have had to have grown faster than the speed of light. But, that state of affairs would seem to be explainable IF we assume that The universe was infinite already at Big Bang. (It just happened to be an infinite black hole). 

Automated/Online Driving Tests

Driving maneuver during the test....
Driving maneuver during the test. 
I just came back from RTA Uppal, today was my sister's driving test. There was a huge crowd of people swarming the place(Office). Literally more than 50 vehicles both two wheelers & four. And the driving test procedure was almost a pain in ass kind. I had to wait in a queue to get the receipt for driving test (showing the Original Documents [Verification]).

Also there were people standing near the track area, kinda we are not allowed to see the test, there was this tall wall in front. Everyone was peeking from the holes, some even went to higher ground to see the performance of their son/daughter/wife.

People are Amazing

Electronic eye Italiano
Electronic eye Italiano: Occhio elettronico 
Humans attempt on a daily basis to recreate technology that already exists in our bodies. Cameras are a pretty primitive attempt at an electronic eye. Machinery we create will never be as efficient as human muscle or bone. Dialysis (while crucial to the current medical field) will never be as efficient as the human kidneys.

People are amazing, amazing things. The most powerful on-board computer interacting with the most sophisticated peripheral devices carried by the most ultimately all-terrain vehicle, and it's all regenerative and self-sustaining (Brain). How incredible is that?

Human Beings can survive Extinction

The global warming icon for the ubx.
The global warming icon for the ubx. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Considering that we can survive in the harshest environment, from the hottest desert to a frozen sea of ice. We now have the technology to resist even worst conditions, in a few hundred years space colonies will be a reality and in a few thousand year we will probably have mastered terraforming and will be able to gather energy directly from the stars.

Lots of bad things could happen in the mean time, epidemics, floods , global warming, name it. But you have to remember that we are now over 6 billions and we use to be less than 5,000. So anything bad that happens that leaves 1 in a million of us alive means we can survive.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Windows 9 Preview leaks out showing Virtual Desktops

WinFutures A German site has videos of the Windows 9 new features, including virtual desktops and notifications. The virtual desktops remind me a little bit of OS X's Mission Control. The interface provides an overview not just of individual desktops, but also of individual windows open inside each one.

In yet another video, WinFuture shows the neo-Start menu can also be had sans live tiles.

I was hoping Microsoft would have moved to separating Modern from Desktop and give each a more distinct, customer-servicing focus, but it seems they are continuing down this path of smearing the two experiences together and hoping it works out. Have they not heard the old adage you can please some of the people all the time, all of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time? That would, in my mind, dictate the need for two, or more, distinct UI experiences and giving the users freedom to chose between them for the hardware/work/task environment they find themselves in.

Initially I thought this was stupid, but then I realized why - it kept you from having to go through your virtual desktops to find that one application. But it does raise the question - with so many virtual desktops, and so many applications running, that taskbar is going to be jammed up. I wonder how they'll handle that.

The Windows 9 Technical Preview is expected to arrive on September 30. If the rumors are right, we'll all get to play with these features very soon. 

Holy Grail of Free Programming Books on the Internet

Holy Grail of Free Programming Books on the Internet
Not sure if it has been seen before, however this is a pretty comprehensive list of all things programming. Has languages I haven't even heard of before, books on algorithms and other Discrete Mathematics, Graphical Processing, Networking, AI, and others. I haven't gotten to really delve in to deep yet ,but a lot of what I have been using for the languages I am learning I'm seeing so should be pretty useful.

Link - Download the Ebooks (Link to Github)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Only Perverts do Hypnosis on Others

I think that letting someone into your mind is a form of domination. The fact that you are willingly putting all trust into their hands when that person could just as well using it to manipulate you. Plus, in most cases, you don't know that hypnotist well enough so why would you let them enter your mind? You are giving your mind away and letting someone else think for you.

I told my friend this when she told me she was being hypnotized to fall asleep. I just don't understand how someone can just let someone control their whole mind. It's perverse and it's telling.

When I hear people engage in hypnotherapy I automatically assume they're submissive and perverted.

Candy Crush is Rigged

Candy Crush is Rigged
 Candy Crush Game
Candy Crush is rigged & winning each level is almost entirely based on luck.

The candy pattern to start each level changes, so sometimes you will start with combos and automatically destroy a few obstacles or rack up points. Some of the harder levels you need combos, and combos can depend simply on what candy falls down. If you don't get a striped combo that explodes down, you won't get rid of the jelly below or something like that.

The game is monetized by charging for levels and lives and boosters. The game was developed by King Games, a publicly traded company. It has a duty to its shareholders to make a profit.

It stands to reason that the candy arrangements in Candy Crush are not chance at all. There are complex algorithms behind a player's activity to determine whether a level should be easy or difficult, depending on if they tend to buy boosters or lives and all other sorts of factors.

In short, people are wasting their time "playing" Candy Crush, which is not a game but a visual quiz asking you how you are most likely to spend money.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Straight Up Lying

Straight Up Lying
In a week time both US President B Obama and the U.N. both said:  
ISIS has nothing to with Islam.
This is just false. Everything they do is because of their faith in Islam. All the rules and actions are based on there interpretation of Islam. To say it has nothing to with Islam is just straight up lying.

This doesn't mean all Muslims are like that and of course there are more peaceful interpretations of Islam. But saying that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam is just fooling yourself.

Pakistan Media on Rising India & Modi

Clearly, Anchor seems to be Impressed by Modi. I have not seen so much details in any of Indian News Channels. I hope we get better relations with Pakistan too in coming years.

Regardless of which point on the political spectrum you sit in, you have to appreciate the fact that a PM of India is acting like the PM of a growing power. If Modi can pull off the investments mentioned here (I doubt the half trillion figure though), it'll do wonders for the Indian economy.
Fingers crossed!

Friday, September 12, 2014

In the Next few Decades

I would like to see asteroid mining become a prevalent industry. Couple that with the ability to harvest the energies of the sun and the oceans and we could potentially solve the energy crisis. Along with cutting our dependancy on fossil fuels we would have significantly reduced our carbon footprint and slow down global warming.

In addition to that I would like to see various modes of transport that could run on solar energy and be completely driverless but obviously that raises some moral issues.

I would like to see a complete overhaul of the education sector so we're teaching children more useful concepts and ideas instead of just memorising dates and figures.

I hope that building designs take a leap forward and include solar panel windows and have vegetation and plant growth be taken into consideration. We are already seeing this in some places and I really hope it catches on.

I'm hoping for large advantages in medicine such a better treatments for cancer and various other ailments. Also better public health in general from various education programs, hopefully get a handle on the obesity crisis and the anti vaccination problem.

In regards to space I would hope to see the first colonies on planets in our solar system being established perhaps on Mars. I would also hope for the confirmation of alien life, even if it's just microbial life. I would just like to know definitively that life can be found on planets other than our own.

I'm pretty confident that most of this is achievable in the next fifty years and hope I'm around to see it happen.

How to stay Informed about News?

You have to understand that everything has some level of bias. 

The information should come from multiple sources. I emphasize that word because you shouldn't be gathering information primarily from opinion sources like prime time talking heads, blogs, or aggregators.

Those outlets are where mass distortions start coming into play. Instead, get information from primary originators of news - actual journalists, instead of bloggers who write wildly biased and incorrectly summaries of real news from real newspapers.

Check to see if Your Gmail Account is Leaked

Check to see if Your Gmail Account is Leaked
Almost 5 million Gmail accounts and passwords have been posted as text file on a Russian Bitcoin forum. Account details for users of and Yandex have also leaked to various websites. Google have released a statement which claims that these passwords were not obtained via a hack, but the data was instead collected from phishing websites over several years. This leak mainly affects English, Spanish and Russian language users.

If you’re worried that your account could be part of this leak, I have some suggested actions for you to take:

Check your email address in the database: The CM Security Research Lab has created a quick tool to determine whether or not your password is in the leaked list.

Check Now

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

iPhone 6 ? Meh..Voices of the People

iPhone 6 ? Meh..Voices of the People
Since the live stream of Apple (Sept 9) keynote, I've been observing and collecting opinions.. of people from social networks....Below is the list of comments that I find funny, Interesting, resistive and hateful. [Viewers Discretion is advised.]

"Can Apple now be known as a cult? The amount of followers whose sanity is questionable it has, I should think it can..

"But anyone will buy it nonetheless. Capitalism works.... in a way...

"Iphone6 definition : a simply overpriced piece of garbage the size of a candy bar that is overshadowed and out performed by just about every Galaxy Model.

"iPhones are different every generation" ya by around two centimeters and a few new colours.   

"Till they get a Intel language possessor in it, I will stick with my galaxy s4.

I like Apple, not because their products are good, but because their enormous fanbase and rapid adoption means that they bring technology to the masses. All the things people liked about the first iPhone were around for years, but Apple's enormous fanbase ensured that the technology was widely disseminated almost overnight.

Reactions to the Apple Event

Reactions to the Apple Event
A lot of people complains that Apple is no longer offering new technology. But if you look at there product line, they really never offered new technology. 

They offered better interface and usability. They are selling experience not technology. They combine different technology and presented it differently. iPod is mp3, iPhone is PDA and phone, iPad is bigger PDA. Now I think they are positioning watch as health gadget and luxury accessory not a smart watch. Apple is known for creating niche market if not finding it. 

The type of irrationally negative reaction to new products/devices is mostly people's insecurity about not being able to afford them. It's very rare to see someone comment that they really want this new thing but they can't afford it. Instead they decide to react negatively as a defense mechanism to protect their ego. They want you to believe of course they have $349 to spend on a device they don't actually need but they won't because it's SOOOOO terrible.

On the opposite end of the spectrum the people who are irrationally positive probably can easily afford it and their reaction/comments hype up the new thing. For them perhaps the 'payoff' is getting something at a higher cost before others or the attention they may get from people by having the new thing as early as possible. Everyone else (most people) who are not emotionally invested in it probably doesn't even bother to comment. If you're not the loudest voice in the room it's kind of a waste of time to say anything. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Should Companies be Worried about Apple Event ?

English: The logo for Apple Computer, now Appl...
If what is about to be released has the power to be revolutionary, as it appears to be, this will cause an earthquake in a lot of markets and several big names will be really screwed. Expect those companies affected by the launch dismissing the product(s). The only problem is that, as they dismiss and laugh, they miss the train passing over them. When they wake up, they are screwed.

Just as an example of two well established and solid companies screwed by Apple's iPhone in a matter of 2 years: Blackberry and Nokia.

In one day, in 2007, just a couple of months after the iPhone announcement, Blackberry stocks dropped from $220 to $80. Today it is $10.

What Apple stands for ?

Apple is a very long term goal oriented company, they don't ever do anything for short term gain, they don't need to and it's not part of their philosophy as stated in the quote below.
“You want to take the time to get it right. Our objective has never been to be first. It’s to be the best. To do things really well, it takes time. You can see a lot of products that have been brought to market where the thinking isn’t really deep and, as a consequence, these things don’t do very well. We don’t do very many things so we spend a lot of time on every detail and that part of Apple isn’t changing. It’s the way we’ve operated for years and it’s the way we still operate. I feel great about what we’ve got coming. Really great and it’s closer than it’s ever been.” - Tim Cook, April 24, 2014.
Whatever happens tonight (t-minus 3hrs), the stock may go up, people will talk shit about how underpowered and weak it is, then it will go on sale and Apple will make billions and billions of dollars while every other tech company tries to catch up and copy the technology. It's happened with the iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBooks, Apple TV and will continue to happen because of the fact that Apple focuses on the smallest details and take their time.
Sometimes the smallest details can have the greatest impact. It's not about specs, it's about the experience. An experience is something that can't be copied and it's why people love Apple products.

Hype surrounding Apple's new launch Event

At this point, I'm not even sure if the iWatch is the biggest news coming, there is so much hype and mystery around this whole event. All we know for sure is there are iPhones going to be there and we have an inkling that a watch will be shown off. Anything else and the capabilities of these devices are so far up in the air right now.

If this event even reaches half the hype level, it's going to be amazing, but if it pegs the hype meter full tilt, they better have ambulances on stand by carting fanboys out of the place.

My honest take on this is that Steve Jobs, Eddy Cue, and many others have already put their reputations on the line with their bold statements. If this was anything less than spectacular then I would question anything they say in the future. However, I think they've really got something up their sleeve for this, as they have strong reputations and I don't think they would make those claims without something to back them up.

If this event is as big as it seems like it's going to be... I may finally have to give up Android and take my last sip of punch.

Dying Star Captured by Hubble Telescope

These images do not look at all like what you would see if observed through an open filter (i.e. naked eye, no color band limiting). They are constructed by colorizing a coadded series of images from 3-5 different filters which usually include infrared and/or ultraviolet bands, which we couldn't see. These in particular have their colors faked as a representation tool.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Registry Errors in Windows

The Windows family tree.
The Windows family tree. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I've been using windows since 2006. But there are still few problems that i encounter with it. I sometimes have issues with Windows. Drivers wouldn't work for no apparent reason, registry errors randomly for no reason..not to forget its messed up bad.

It seems like most of the settings in Windows are placebos. They look technical and fancy yet do nothing of value. I would contact tech support and spend hours diagnosing an issue and have nothing to show for it. All sorts of fun problems.

Linux though? It an easy A. The only thing "hard" is you have to use the terminal. But even that's easier when you apply basic logic. In a terminal you tell the program exactly what you want to do. In a GUI you have to muck around in menus with terrible design to figure it out. I can diagnose and fix any issue in less than an hour now.

Universe isn't Infinite - Thoughts on Multiverse

Universe isn't Infinite - Thoughts on Multiverse
I believe that the multiverse theory and the theory that the universe is infinite is wrong.

If there were an infinite amount of universe and/or an infinite universe that we live in, that means all possibilities, every single thing we can imagine, should be happening at once everywhere. That means stuff like dinosaur aliens nuking the whale empire that is hiding on earth, and a bunch of random black holes are appearing because an alien squid scientist has gone mad.

Everything, should be happening at once. Time travelers, wars, aliens, everything. Yet we live in the bubble of the oort cloud, and nothing has happened. Clearly there is no infinity out there.

Western Capitalism will come to an End someday

A banner reading "Capitalism isn't workin...
A banner reading "Capitalism isn't working" (a pun on the Conservative election poster "Labour isn't working") at the G20 Meltdown protest in London on 1 April 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you Just look around: There's housing shortage, crime, pollution; we need better schools and parks. Whatever our needs, they all require work. And as long as we have unsatisfied needs, there’s work to be done.

So ask yourself, what kind of world has work but no jobs. It’s a world where work is not related to satisfying our needs, a world where work is only related to satisfying the profit needs of business.

This country was not built by the huge corporations or government bureaucracies. It was built by people who work. And, it is working people who should control the work to be done. Yet, as long as employment is tied to somebody else’s profits, the work won’t get done.

The global economy will soon start to fragment and transform and emerge as socialist.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Automata : Robotic Laws

Asimov altered the rules in later stories to improve them, but they were never infallible.

"A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm."

Something smart enough to understand - what's human, what harm is, how to prevent it - isn't likely something that can be controlled at a low enough level for the rule to hold.

They're a fun device to write stories to though.

I don't know about blasphemy. The whole point of the three laws (in-universe) was that they were only the best human roboticists could do--all of the stories where they're relevant are about how humans and robots 'break' them all the time.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Life is Pointless

I have no intention of any sort of self harm.

We are going to die at some point, and at that point (or some point relatively soon after) all of our memories, loves, hopes, accomplishments, failures and mundane scratchings will cease to be.

If I surpass any previous accomplishment by any other human, or spend all my days watching  English movies and eating chips, the end result is the same: oblivion.

All I want is peace, and an end to stress and worry. To live is to suffer, and death brings nothing but relief.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Hackers haunt celebrities by leaking nudes

The privacy uproar is understandable, but misguided. Just like a user who doesn't understand how to back up his data has only himself to blame when the hard drive crashes, affected celebrities have multi-million dollar brands to protect and should know better than to take and share nudes.

Celebs should learn about cloud computing, two factor verification, encryption, and SMS. For those celebs who can't live without seeing themselves depicted without clothes, there's always point-and-shoot cameras that keep pictures offline.