Can Universe Expand Faster than Speed of Light ?

The metric expansion of space. The inflationar...
The metric expansion of space. 
Let's assume the universe was infinite even at or before Big Bang. It was just different in the sense that everything in it was completely close together. An easier way to imagine this could be that our current universe is infinite. Now if you condense everything in "infinitely" it will still be infinite. But it will be an infinite black hole. Then if you exploded such an infinite black hole, you would get what we have now. This would seem to explain why the age of the universe can be 13.7 billion years even though the edge of the observable universe is already 46.5 billion light-years away. That would seem impossible because it would have had to have grown faster than the speed of light. But, that state of affairs would seem to be explainable IF we assume that The universe was infinite already at Big Bang. (It just happened to be an infinite black hole). 

This seems to me the only acceptable explanation to the question of how could the universe have expanded faster than light. It also does away with the question of "What is outside the universe?" Nothing, because universe is infinite. There is nothing "outside the space". And that makes sense because we can't really imagine an "edge of space" after which the would be "nothing" (as separate from vacuum).

So please correct me if I'm wrong (I hope I am). If so, please answer the question "How could the universe have expanded faster the the speed of light?". And if it can not, isn't it the logical conclusion that the universe had to be infinite already at Big Bang? (this to me seems no more illogical than that the universe would be infinite now).

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