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/r/IndiaInTech: Promoting Scientific & Technological Knowledge of India

/r/IndiaInTech: Promoting Scientific & Technological Knowledge of India
Indian Space Research Organisation. 
"I presume most of the users here are not aware of the surroundings in the field of technology & science concerning our country. I believe people should be made aware of these.. and hence i came forth with a community (/r/IndiaInTech) on reddit just to promote scientific & technology inventions/news/ideas & discussions confining to our community (India)."
These are the words I've written in a post on /r/India in order to promote scientific & technological news about India. After the ISRO's biggest feat in Space, it struck me. There's a lot of scope for India to excel in scientific terms. We maybe short of financial aid for now, but the scientists at ISRO have proved that we are no longer confined to the resources at the mercy of NASA or anyother space agency around the world. We now have our own homemade $66bn MOM in space.

I like where India is headed at present and lately India's been in news frequently. This is the development that I've been waiting all along.

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