Jail for Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa

Tamil Nadu legislative assembly election, 2011
Jayalalithaa has been charged with accumulating Rs 66 crore wealth disproportionate to known sources of her income from 1991-96 in her first term as Chief Minister.
Appearing before the court four times, Jayalalithaa has answered 1,339 questions in closed door hearings during which she has maintained that the case was "politically motivated" and "fabricated" at the instance of her rival DMK.

The case was filed by Subramanian Swamy in 1996. She was arrested and jailed for some days after DMK came to power in the 1996 Tamil Nadu Assembly polls.

Swamy adds, "Jayalalithaa became chief minister in 1991 and at that time she declared that she has no wealth. During 5-year period. she acquired lots of properties. I don't think people want her to come back again. BJP will gain from this."

Violence erupts in Tamil Nadu following the verdict. Bus traffic halted in many places following the clash on the road. A Kancheepuram bus has been burnt, four people injured.
It was an open and shut case to begin with. It was a feat on Jayalalitha's part to have dragged this for 15 years. I am curious about the equation between BJP and AIADMK after this because the petitioner in this case was Subramanian Swamy. Also, Jayalalitha had centralized power and exercised total control over all facets of governance. Such systems have the inherent flaw of single point of failure. Let's see if that happens to her party now.

As for now, The verdict will be delivered at the makeshift court at Parappana Agrahara prison complex. The one kilometre area around it has been turned into a fortress with massive deployment of security personnel.
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