I'm Sorry to Turn You Down

I've always cared for people, most of the time helped them when needed. But i can't be around all the time. Sometimes when you expect me to be around, something important comes in the way.

Past Week I promised a friend of mine that I'd offer him a ride to a place far far away. And everything was going according to the plan except i had not anticipated that I'd get shit load of work dumped onto me.

The Day is TODAY...

We were both in contact with each other since morning, just as my college was nearing its end. I got called to professors chamber, duly assigned a task to be completed by tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the day where i am supposed to be with my friend out. This came as a shock. I didn't know what to do. Since there were no other people in my class trust worthy, I was assigned this task (So i was told). I called up my friend and told him this. Now for some reason i cannot expose further details but in a situation like this. I had no choice whatsoever.

I had to turn my friend down. I didn't know what else to say. .. Its just pure bad luck (mine or his) we both suffer either way.

Through this blog post, i wish to convey my message and i wasn't doing this intentionally. Its just bad day and a bad situation that made me turn down my promise. Hope Your Understand.

FYI I'm still working my ass off here, just came to let you know...  :) Good Luck with your test tomorrow.
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