Movie Review: Lucy

I've got interesting theory to tell, mind boggling one.
The movie revolves around our capacity to obtain information by tapping into our brain. Unlocking the remote parts of our cerebrum (Cerebellum) which almost constitutes of neurons hardly countable, greater than the stars in our whole universe.
The plot starts with a girl named 'Lucy' who is given a task to deliver a package to some xyz person (not going into names here). Her friend gets killed, she abducted and beaten. Prior to the getting beaten, she is consumed with a chemical substance called c34 (or something) which starts to kick in post beating part.

she's thrown in a room where the chemical powdered substance that she had consumed starts its magic. And believe me, the graphics inside the human body (the way they showed is truly remarkable). Boom, starts her brain functioning at above 20%, she's hyper active and spontaneous at this time.

She contacts a scientist who along with his other colleagues is working on this theory of achieving higher brain capacity. Although they do not know the end result of their research, they do believe that.. the end would be something unpredictable. She taps into computer and talks to him & tells him about his research, which is not a hypothetical theory, "It works" she says. She explains her situation, the amount of Information she had gathered and everything.

In the end, she's able to reach 100% of her brains potential by consuming the remaining chemical substance by injecting it into herself which was being transported to 3 other different locations.

The movie concludes by her being invisible (reaching 100% of brain functionality). Perhaps she has become what we consider, a 'God'. She is everywhere.

I'd recommend this movie, if you want to know or even remotely interested in believing it. I for one do believe, because our thoughts shape our future and this may be true some time.

Movie Review: Lucy Movie Review: Lucy Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on September 27, 2014 Rating: 5

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