Making of /r/MakeInIndia Campaign

Last week I created the subreddit /r/IndiaInTech in midst of achieving a huge success of MOM by ISRO and to keep on top of all the technological developments being done in India. Today its 'Make In India' that has motivated me to do so. Below is the short snippet from the subreddit adopted from Prime Minister's speech on wall street journal.

A major new national program designed to transform India into a global manufacturing hub. A young nation with 800 million people under age 35, India is brimming with optimism and confidence. The young people's energy, enthusiasm and enterprise are India's greatest strength. Unleashing those attributes is my government's biggest mission.
A short snippet from /r/MakeInIndia
So far we have 17 Users currently following its latest developments and we seek to promote further on social media networks. We'd like your feedback, advice and most importantly your support to make India a global manufacturing hub.

Visit /r/MakeInIndia, /r/IndiaInTech
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