Coolest Websites on the Internet

Everyday I'm on a lookout for websites that I find amusing & entertaining. Today I've compiled a few which I've encountered from past 2 days. Here we go..

1. Eat This Much 
If you have any idea what you want out of your diet like specific calories / macros / ingredients / cook times, you can configure it and it gives you a meal plan that fits.

2. nautiluslive
Welcome to the future. Leave your pants at the door and come watch a live feed of the bottom of the ocean on your Smartphone/iPad/Laptop.

3. The Picture of Everything
A guy decided to draw a picture with literally everything ever made in it (although, it was finished in 2010, so you won't find some things made after that point in time) you'd be surprised at the obscurity of things you'll find if you look long enough.

4. woot
Basically it's a store that only has 1 product a day, but that product is severely discounted. Check it once a day, if you like the product, you'll get a great deal, if not, just move on and wait until the next day.

5. nooooooooooooooo
Are you having a bad day ? or You a Darth Vedar/Star wars fan ? Then this is for you. Make sure you keep the volume to above normal before you click the button on the site. (Let me know in the comments if You lol).

6. HackerTyper
Random typing displays codes to make your senseless typing look like you are a professional hacker on any computer.

7. Chicken On a Raft
I was in no way prepared for this. My mind has deserted me. (On a side note, its nice)

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