Reactions to the Apple Event

Reactions to the Apple Event
A lot of people complains that Apple is no longer offering new technology. But if you look at there product line, they really never offered new technology. 

They offered better interface and usability. They are selling experience not technology. They combine different technology and presented it differently. iPod is mp3, iPhone is PDA and phone, iPad is bigger PDA. Now I think they are positioning watch as health gadget and luxury accessory not a smart watch. Apple is known for creating niche market if not finding it. 

The type of irrationally negative reaction to new products/devices is mostly people's insecurity about not being able to afford them. It's very rare to see someone comment that they really want this new thing but they can't afford it. Instead they decide to react negatively as a defense mechanism to protect their ego. They want you to believe of course they have $349 to spend on a device they don't actually need but they won't because it's SOOOOO terrible.

On the opposite end of the spectrum the people who are irrationally positive probably can easily afford it and their reaction/comments hype up the new thing. For them perhaps the 'payoff' is getting something at a higher cost before others or the attention they may get from people by having the new thing as early as possible. Everyone else (most people) who are not emotionally invested in it probably doesn't even bother to comment. If you're not the loudest voice in the room it's kind of a waste of time to say anything. 
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