Driving maneuver during the test....
Driving maneuver during the test. 
I just came back from RTA Uppal, today was my sister's driving test. There was a huge crowd of people swarming the place(Office). Literally more than 50 vehicles both two wheelers & four. And the driving test procedure was almost a pain in ass kind. I had to wait in a queue to get the receipt for driving test (showing the Original Documents [Verification]).

Also there were people standing near the track area, kinda congested...plus we are not allowed to see the test, there was this tall wall in front. Everyone was peeking from the holes, some even went to higher ground to see the performance of their son/daughter/wife.

Then I realized with so much technology around why isn't the government doing anything about theses tests. Wouldn't it be much easier if everything was automated, through online ? Instead of physically taking so much pain and the process that involves is just overwhelming.