Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports, a non-profit organization ran a stress test on Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus and concluded that iPhones 6 Plus starts deforming when 70 pounds of force is applied.

After running the “three-point flexural” examination, which involved applying the pressure of 10 pounds, then letting the device regain its position, and then applying twice the pressure, the report concluded that iPhone 6 Plus won’t start deforming until you have forced it against a 90-pound body.

The same investigation saw HTC One (M8) warp at 70 pounds. The iPhone 5 was able to resist until 130 pounds, while the Galaxy Note 3 topped the chart with 150 pounds. Interestingly, the iPhone 6, much like HTC One (M8) also began to bend at 70 pounds.

Disclaimer: Parts of this article adopted from Consumer Reports & BGR.In