Registry Errors in Windows

The Windows family tree.
The Windows family tree. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I've been using windows since 2006. But there are still few problems that i encounter with it. I sometimes have issues with Windows. Drivers wouldn't work for no apparent reason, registry errors randomly for no reason..not to forget its messed up bad.

It seems like most of the settings in Windows are placebos. They look technical and fancy yet do nothing of value. I would contact tech support and spend hours diagnosing an issue and have nothing to show for it. All sorts of fun problems.

Linux though? It an easy A. The only thing "hard" is you have to use the terminal. But even that's easier when you apply basic logic. In a terminal you tell the program exactly what you want to do. In a GUI you have to muck around in menus with terrible design to figure it out. I can diagnose and fix any issue in less than an hour now.
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