LG has unveiled a 4K TV that can roll up like a sheet of high-tech paper

A couple of years ago, LG Display showed off an intensely futuristic 18-inch OLED display that could be bent and rolled up just like a newspaper.
TVs are not universally an eyesore, but yes, people who are aesthetically-sensitive-but creatively-challenged will indeed find it difficult to work one into a room’s decor. 
(I kid. Sort of.)

Today, that prototype has grown to 65 inches in size, with the company announcing that it’s managed to scale up the tech to the dimensions of a large TV. At CES 2018, LG Display will be demonstrating the new 65-inch rollable OLED prototype, which also happens to have UHD (aka 4K) resolution.

While I don't think this product is for everyone, I do think there are situations where this would be very useful: As in business settings. These (Maybe a larger size) could easily replace projectors with retractable screens.

People who don't like the look of TVs in every room. I could see people putting these on a table or console and them extending over a piece of artwork, picture, or whatever. Specifically, the "Back to the Future Part 2" scenario (used as window shade) I could see being very popular.

And for those who ask: "Why not just use a projector?" 

These have the potentially to be cheaper and have a better picture quality, with the added benefit of not having to have a projector mounted somewhere in the middle of the room.
LG has unveiled a 4K TV that can roll up like a sheet of high-tech paper LG has unveiled a 4K TV that can roll up like a sheet of high-tech paper Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on January 09, 2018 Rating: 5


  1. Did they finally get rid of that inane monstrosity of a speaker / connections device and put the connections in a standard box that will fit in the same HT cabinet that your DVR, game console, receiver, BD player, amps, cable box and everything else you'd ever connect to your TV fit in without issue?

    1. Nope, I wish they'd get their collective thumbs out of their asses and get that fixed.

  2. No chance the 2017 version would be Alexa compatible?

    1. I would think that it could a simple SW update, but I could be wrong.


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