Monday, February 11, 2019

Change in the study of Philosophy is Imminent

Philosophy today is an antiquated mess that needs to change immediately.

Philosophy should not be a field of study considered independent of science or observation. Philosophy is the study of what we cannot necessarily prove. However, philosophy also entails a great number of other aspects of the human condition.

Namely, philosophy may also be referred to as, "Critical Thinking."

Consider philosophy like one considers empathy. It is an invaluable skill that is absolutely necessary in day to day life, however, it is not meant to be taught in a classroom setting. Philosophy is to be taught and adapted from personal belief and experience weighed against ones perception.

That being the case, does it seem wise to only validate the original thoughts and concepts of those who have lived, written and died already?

Secondly, the very nature of post secondary education dictates a somewhat inflated sense of self. "Who are you to question the very nature of existence? Where did you receive your Masters?"

Ultimately, the very nature of philosophical thought, is causing a rift to form between the "Amateur," and "Professional," philosophical minds. Giving certain forms of knowledge advanced consideration, based entirely on the formal education of the writer, is biased and unwise.

It would appear, at present, that philosophers are NOT writing for the betterment of man-kind. They are, rather, writing for each other. They seem somewhat motivated to draw a firm line between themselves, and those who lack formal education.

Check this out, if you are so inclined:

To wrap it up, I say philosophy is an ancient echochamber lf self absorbed academics who will do anything in their power to keep the, "everyman," out of THEIR field. And it makes me sick.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

AMD needs to capitalize on its Advantage

We have to be honest about ourselves where we are heading. We are heading to a system on chip, SOC. 7nm process is part of that. We are going to have a computer that will fit in our hand that will do what we want.

7nm + small die means that AMD's manufacturing costs are going to plummet relative to Intel's.

Remember, Intel's been making 10nm CPU's for over two years now. The problem is their yields have been so abysmal that they can't ship a fully enabled product.

It's not just their failure to ship new process tech, it's a failure to establish synergy between their foundry process and their CPU design.

AMD knew that they wouldn't have Intel's density advantage. So they designed a CPU that didn't rely on having one, and then executed on that strategy both in design and manufacturing.

Yields on TSMC's 7nm process are almost certainly lower than GF's 14/12, but AMD is already positioned (because their design anticipated it) to respond to the lower yield by having a more modular design that is less responsive to yield.

Intel, on the other hand, designed CPU's that are absolutely dependent upon excellent yields. When their process stumbled (and mind you, 'stumble' may still mean 'better yields than TSMC'), they were completely exposed because Intel's XHC and HCC strategy consumes wafers at a terrifying rate that gets exponentially worse as yields go down.

AMD didn't just beat Intel on process. They beat them everywhere. They are just better than Intel this generation.

If Intel's board isn't offering Lisa the farm to take over, they're idiots.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Into the CyberSpace | #1 Say GoodBye to Facebook


All of the AI in the IoT's, your OS's, and your smartphones is being used to create profiles or 'cartoons' of you; this is combined with your online habits which are delivered by your ISP and your web browser, in tandem with your social media - to control and manipulate you in a passive fashion.

Blackrock technologies operates a computer called Aladdin, which is used to make market predictions and keep businesses risk averse by monitoring trends, referencing historical situations and how those situations played out to make very successful predictions for businesses to keep their assets safe and growing. With the large number of former republican administration officials working at the C level at Facebook and other social media sites, as well as the creation of Cambridge Analytica - it is not difficult to put these pieces together in a scary manner:

First, the above pieces were put together to be used to sell people things by making suggestions with ads on your webpage. Harmless enough.

But with the amount of data about the psychological testing done by facebook - found in 2013 - I believe that social media, and in this case Facebook has discovered that by manipulating items in the news feed, they can manipulate the lives of people and make them more vulnerable, and open to suggestions. In this case, it started out with buying things. Everyone makes money and everyone is happy, right?

Well, I believe they took it one step further and started manipulating people politically.

So, by the use of predictive coding algorithms and trending, as well as key words - social media (Facebook in this case) finds user posts that meet certain criteria: If certain words appear (hate, ugly, words about genitals, break up, cheating, racist, caste, Modi, Rahul, Congress, BJP, etc. etc.) and determining a persons relationships with certain people, family, friends, significant other - they can programmatically force certain posts to be seen in users news feeds. This may cause life altering events like break ups, divorces, broken friendships, losing your job, etc.

Once that life altering event occurs, the person effected is now made vulnerable or weaker and more open to suggestion. Meaning that person can now be more open to buying something (got broken up with because you are fat? Here are weight loss suggestions, or gyms, or diets). (Lost your job because of your political or social opinion? Here are suggestions for the opposing political party and advertisements on how they are more inline with your thinking).

It is true that people are open to suggestion - that is how basic advertisement works. On top of that, women are more effected by this due to their increased usage of social media, and advertisers typically focusing on selling towards women.

And the best part for those that participate in this? YOU do all the work! They only need to track what you do online, how you use your smartphone and your IoT AIs, how you shop, what you post on social media. They just index all of this data specific to YOU and a profile or 'cartoon' created by all of your work and actions online. They can then use this to sell you things or suggest political candidates to you.

Honest folks with integrity this hardly works on, however your data is still being used by tracking everything you do. There are not a lot of people in this category.

Folks having gone through a life altering event - especially relationship level events have been rendered weak and are made vulnerable and more open to suggestions. If they were blind sided (and a LOT of men and women went through break ups in 2013/2014) it makes them even more open due to the unforeseen circumstances.​

This has already been done with businesses - like with Aladdin at Blackrock in Washington state. Testing on humans to apply the same prediction model was done by Facebook in 2013. The success of which then spawned Cambridge Analytica which then was used by Facebook, the Republican party, and the IRA out of Moscow and Putin, to sway elections, cause Brexit, and have more right wing fascists elected throughout the world.

​The solution works! Maybe not on everyone, but on enough people to make a difference. And that is a scary thought. Security vs Privacy, how they are different and what they mean to you are important definitions to understand for yourself. And to use to protect yourself online and ensure that you aren't being manipulated. Step One: Remove Social Media. Say goodbye to your Facebook.


Friday, February 1, 2019

Amazon’s holiday profits soared thanks to Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The company’s fourth-quarter earnings exceeded investor expectations with profit of just over $3 billion on sales of $72.4 billion, a 20 percent increase year-over-year revenue. For Amazon, 2018 was a year of immense growth, and the tech giant capped it off with huge sales from Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and general holiday promotions that lasted through December.

Amazon gave scarce details on which products sold the best, but it did say the last three months were the best holiday season for Echo devices it’s ever had, and that its smart doorbell subsidiary Ring also enjoyed its best quarter ever. As per usual, most of the profits came from the North American segment, including the US and Canada, where users generally don’t spring for the big Asian sales event, Singles Day, which falls on November 11th every year. While Singles Day blew it out of the park when it came to analyst expectations, it saw little interest from North America, which was too busy ordering packages from Amazon.

Like AWS, Amazon’s ad sales have the potential to continue growing, as advertisers realize the tech giant is the premiere destination for a large chunk of online commerce. Although Amazon doesn’t list ads in its own sales category, and instead lumps the figure in a miscellaneous category with other services, it appears that sales have nearly doubled year over year, to $3.4 billion last quarter.

Source: The Verge