Change in the study of Philosophy is Imminent

Philosophy today is an antiquated mess that needs to change immediately.

Philosophy should not be a field of study considered independent of science or observation. Philosophy is the study of what we cannot necessarily prove. However, philosophy also entails a great number of other aspects of the human condition.

Namely, philosophy may also be referred to as, "Critical Thinking."

Consider philosophy like one considers empathy. It is an invaluable skill that is absolutely necessary in day to day life, however, it is not meant to be taught in a classroom setting. Philosophy is to be taught and adapted from personal belief and experience weighed against ones perception.

That being the case, does it seem wise to only validate the original thoughts and concepts of those who have lived, written and died already?

Secondly, the very nature of post secondary education dictates a somewhat inflated sense of self. "Who are you to question the very nature of existence? Where did you receive your Masters?"

Ultimately, the very nature of philosophical thought, is causing a rift to form between the "Amateur," and "Professional," philosophical minds. Giving certain forms of knowledge advanced consideration, based entirely on the formal education of the writer, is biased and unwise.

It would appear, at present, that philosophers are NOT writing for the betterment of man-kind. They are, rather, writing for each other. They seem somewhat motivated to draw a firm line between themselves, and those who lack formal education.

Check this out, if you are so inclined:

To wrap it up, I say philosophy is an ancient echochamber lf self absorbed academics who will do anything in their power to keep the, "everyman," out of THEIR field. And it makes me sick.
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