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Intel is Dropping Processor Prices in Wake of Ryzen Launch

It seems that Intel is getting nervous about the AMD Ryzen launch and has started to lower prices on their processors. The equivalent 6900K model however still is 999 USD, twice as much as the Ryzen flagship. Others like the quad-core processors do see a price cut.

Also we think with a tiny bit of tweaking that 6900K might even get beaten or normalized by even a 329 USD Ryzen 7 1700 processor. The new prices have not gone into effect everywhere, here in the EU they are still at the same old level. In the USA retailers like Newegg also is listing older prices. → Read More
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I tend to think too much

Humor for the mind...
My great friends and all the women I've dated have helped me realize that I tend to think too much. I'm always delving into every connection, guess, and theory my brain comes up with, whether it's earth shatteringly profound, earth shatteringly stupid, or anywhere in between.

I think of myself as hyper curious and hungry for all the knowledge and perspective I can get. Women think of me as exhausting and tedious. People have told me that I let my thoughts stunt my emotions, which is true from a certain perspective. I think that my tendency to always have my thinking mind rationalize and contextualize what's instinctually sent up by my feeling mind is something that I like about myself, no matter how exhausting it can be to me and those around me.

I'm introspective to a fault. I'm detail oriented and big picture minded at the same time. I'm empathetic and quick to venture into potentially uncomfortable territory so I can best understand and relate to someone else. I'm independent and take pride in my ability to provide for and take care of myself and all my dumbass mistakes. I'm a very sociable introvert who doesn't self express unless there's already an established baseline of giving-a-f**k. I'm an open book that anyone can read, should they take the initiative to read it. I'm not an audiobook that'll invade your headspace without your seeking it.

Because of my introversion and tendency to withhold unless convinced that what I have to share will produce some good, some think that I'm shy or cautious. My humility and quickness to self deprecate sometimes makes others think of me as unconfident. This is all false. I'm adventurous, growth oriented, and have been blessed with a set of experiences that have produced an abundance of the type of self confidence that only shows beneath the surface.

I'm not at all motivated by self expression, and those who place a very high value their own self expression can quickly turn me off to wanting to get to know them. I care most about contribution, and questing to understand the infinite things there are in our lives is the best tool I have towards truly contributing the most benevolence I can.

All of these traits combine and can make it pretty tough to find authentic connections with people. Which is probably why I feel the need to pour all this out to a bunch of strangers on the internet. How sad that may or may not be set aside, it's the truth and this makes me really value that level of connection. And I suppose I see that some degree of self expression is important.

I think step one to lifting yourself out of depression is to recognize it. Step two is to understand it. Step three is to relate it to the world around you. Stay aware, stay connected, and do good things friends.

A Mystical Mongolian tribe that rides Reindeer and hunts with Eagles

The Dukha people living in Northern Mongolia have a bond with the animals that supersedes story books. They live and connect with the reindeer and wolves and have taught their eagles to hunt. The images tell a story greater than any movie plot, partly because it is really happening.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Gets Official Launch Date

If you can't unveil your flagship phone at the world's largest mobile show, make headlines instead. Samsung used a press event for its new Tab S3 tablet to announce the date of its Galaxy S8 launch: March 29 in New York City

The Galaxy S8 was notably absent from Mobile World Congress (MWC), where Samsung has revealed the vast majority of its annual Galaxy S phones. By announcing the official date of its Galaxy S8 reveal at the tail end of its tablet showcase, Samsung stole the spotlight from LG's G6 flagship.

5G phones are expected to be in Market soon

5G phones are on their way... and it will be here a year earlier than predicted. Nearly two dozen companies said Sunday, 5G New Radio , a flavor of the next-generation wireless network that's expected to be the global standard, should be available for large-scale deployments in 2019.

The technology is expected to be 100 times faster than our current 4G LTE wireless technology and 10 times speedier than what Google Fiber offers through a physical connection to the home.

The companies who've vowed to reach a standard for 5G for that timeframe included a mix of wireless carriers, chip providers and handset makers -- such as Qualcomm, Intel, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile parent company Deutsche Telekom.

Resurrected Nokia 3310 mobile phone at MWC 2017 isn't what I wanted !

Am I the only one who's hugely disappointed in Nokia for not realizing what it has done to the expectations of the hardcore fans of the original 3310, my nostalgia factor dropped so deep after seeing the reveal.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that every single one us wanted the same old beast of a phone back, the same heavy phone that had built of a nuclear bunker with the same old monochromatic display & that sweet monotonic Nokia ringtone but with some technological improvements on the inside like cramping up a far more advanced battery in that same battery space would've like tripled its battery life and with a better networking chip with better signals, other than those I wanted the exact same thing that made me fall in love with phones like that.

And where do I even start with the Snake game, that is just the biggest disappointment for me in 2017, nothing could even come close to amount of fun I had while playing the original snake on that tiny screen and trying to get the best score as possible.

Why did they change every single thing about the Nokia 3310 and said that this one's for the Nostalgic Fans :'(

What's the point of developing a phone whose primary selling point is obviously nostalgia and then changing it so much it doesn't bear even a passing resemblance to the iconic phone it's cashing in on?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

How Intel cheated over years to become the ''Monopolist''

Year 2005

It all started when AMD had the Athlon 64 put ahead of everything Intel had available and they were making tons of money off its sales. 

Suddenly, sales went dry and benchmarks began to run better on Intel despite real world deltas being much smaller than synthetics reflected. Can you guess why? Because Intel paid PC manufacturers out of its own pocket for years to not buy AMD's chips. Although they were faster, manufacturers went with the bribe because the amount they made from that outweighed the amount they get from happy customers buying their powerful computers. 

Thus, the industry began to stagnate a bit with CPUs not really moving forward as quickly. They also attacked all existing AMD chips by sabotaging their compiler, making it intentionally run slower on all existing and future AMD chips[1]. Not just temporarily, but permanently[2]; all versions of software created with that version of the compiler[3] will forever run worse on AMD chips, even in 2020 (and yes, some benchmark tools infected with it are still used today!)[4].

tl;dr, from Anandtech's summary:
  • Intel rewarded OEMs to not use AMD’s processors through various means, such as volume discounts, withholding advertising & R&D money, and threatening OEMs with a low-priority during CPU shortages.
  • Intel reworked their compiler to put AMD CPUs at a disadvantage. For a time Intel’s compiler would not enable SSE/SSE2 codepaths on non-Intel CPUs, our assumption is that this is the specific complaint. To our knowledge this has been resolved for quite some time now (as of late 2010).
  • Intel paid/coerced software and hardware vendors to not support or to limit their support for AMD CPUs. This includes having vendors label their wares as Intel compatible, but not AMD compatible.
  • False advertising. This includes hiding the compiler changes from developers, misrepresenting benchmark results (such as BAPCo Sysmark) that changed due to those compiler changes, and general misrepresentation of benchmarks as being “real world” when they are not.
  • Intel eliminated the future threat of NVIDIA’s chipset business by refusing to license the latest version of the DMI bus (the bus that connects the Northbridge to the Southbridge) and the QPI bus (the bus that connects Nehalem processors to the X58 Northbridge) to NVIDIA, which prevents them from offering a chipset for Nehalem-generation CPUs.
  • Intel “created several interoperability problems” with discrete CPUs, specifically to attack GPGPU functionality. We’re actually not sure what this means, it may be a complaint based on the fact that Lynnfield only offers single PCIe x16 connection coming from the CPU, which wouldn’t be enough to fully feed two high-end GPUs.
  • Intel has attempted to harm GPGPU functionality by developing Larrabee. This includes lying about the state of Larrabee hardware and software, and making disparaging remarks about non-Intel development tools.
  • In bundling CPUs with IGP chipsets, Intel is selling them at below-cost to drive out competition. Given Intel’s margins, we find this one questionable. Below-cost would have to be extremely cheap.
  • Intel priced Atom CPUs higher if they were not used with an Intel IGP chipset.
  • All of this has enhanced Intel’s CPU monopoly.
The rest is history. AMD slowly lost money, stopped being able to make chips that live up to the Athlon 64, etc. The snowball kept rolling until bribery wasn't even necessary anymore, they pretty much just own the market now. Any fine would be a drop in the bucket compared to how much they can make by charging whatever they want.

But guess what? AMD hired the original creator of the Athlon 64 and put him in charge of Zen back in 2012. 

'the change' is here | underdog rose to challenge the titan.. 

Intel, even with all their cheating and lies, has rarely been able to beat AMD at performance per dollar. Now you know why I favor AMD over Intel; its not just just the cost or performance but its principle. If AMD sells a chip that is fast enough for your needs, it's probably cheaper than the Intel alternative.

Dragon Ball Super EP: 80 | Gohan Vs Lavenda

Gohan enters the arena to face off against Universe 9’s Lavenda. Reflecting on how it’s been a long time since he was in a tournament, he decides to ease into the fight to get the feel for it again. But Goku advises him to not hesitate and just go all-out. He shouldn’t get hung up on the fact that he can’t sense his opponent’s ki; he’s strong, after all!

The match begins, and while Gohan seems to do well at first, before long Lavenda grabs onto him and sprays a cloud of purple mist in his face. Whis can tell that this cloud is a powerful poison, and Gohan can no longer see! Rou explains that this is Lavenda (the middle brother of Trio de Dangers)’s “Poison Blow” technique. Gohan should throw in the towel before his body gives out!

Kaioshin offers Gohan a Senzu. After all, Basil used some sort of drug during his fight with Buu, so it’s only fair that they do the same. But Gohan refuses, saying he wants to win through his own power alone. Goku holds on to the Senzu bag for the time being. With Gohan unable to see or even read his opponent’s ki, Goku thinks this battle will be good training for him.

Gohan concentrates on sensing Lavenda’s movement and presence through his other senses, and manages to dodge his attacks. At first Lavenda thinks this is just a fluke, but Gohan continue to dodge him, and even starts landing attacks of his own. Watching from the sidelines, Bergamo can tell that losing his eyesight has sharpened Gohan’s other senses.

To counter this, Lavenda flies up into the air, preventing Gohan from tracking his footsteps, and starts firing blasts of poison at him. Mr. Satan thinks Gohan is really in trouble now, but Goku believes the harder Gohan is pressed, the better he’ll overcome it. Indeed, Gohan declares that he has more power than this, and turns into a Super Saiyan.

The Omni-Kings and others are impressed by this transformation, but Lavenda thinks it won’t make any difference. Gohan still can’t see him, after all! But now Gohan has no trouble deflecting Lavenda’s blasts, and begins counterattacking once again. It seems that he’s locating Lavenda by reflecting his own energy off him, sort of like a radar. But Whis thinks this might backfire…

Indeed, as Gohan flies in to finish off Lavenda, he suddenly collapses and reverts to his regular form. Fighting as a Super Saiyan simply accelerated the spread of the poison throughout his body. Gohan still refuses to give up though, and before long becomes Super Saiyan once again. He and Lavenda trade blows before starting up a Kamehameha/poison blast beam struggle.

As Gohan struggles to maintain his Kamehameha, the poison spreads further through his body, visibly turning his skin purple. Lavenda’s blast soon overwhelms his own, knocking him back, and Lavenda follows up with puffs of poison breath. But rather than fleeing, Gohan dives into the poison mist and grabs onto Lavenda. This way, his lack of eyesight won’t matter! Still holding onto Lavenda, he dives straight down into the arena, creating a huge crater.

Lavenda is down for the count, but Gohan struggles to his feet. He declares that he has won…but then immediately passes out. The Great Priest rules that since both fighters are down, the match ends in a tie. Goku quickly feeds Gohan a Senzu, clearing up the poison. Gohan apologies, but Goku says it was an exciting fight. Still, Gohan feels that he needs to improve.

The Great Priest reads an announcement from the Omni-Kings to all the assembled gods: they are pleased that fighters from the universes with the lowest mortal rank have put on such a splendid fight. The Great Priest goes on to explain how the Omni-Kings have ranked each universe by the average level of their inhabited worlds. Universe 7 comes in second-to-last with a score of 3.18, with Universe 9 at the very bottom with an average level of 1.86.

The Great Priest continues: in the upcoming Tournament of Power, the Omni-Kings will personally obliterate the losings universes (this doesn’t apply to the current Omni-Present Match, though). However, Universes 1, 12, 5, and 8 are exempt from the tournament, because they each have an average mortal level of over 7. The Omni-Kings think that there are too many universes, and so Goku’s idea for a tournament is the perfect opportunity to get rid of the universes with low averages.

Whis realizes that in that case, the universes in the tournament are all ones that were going to be destroyed anyway, and that by winning they have the chance to save themselves. Beerus blames Kaioshin for insisting on always leaving mortals to improve their planets solely through their own efforts, while Kaioshin blames Beerus for sleeping all the time. The Great Priest adds that the gods will be destroyed along with their universes, while their angels (like Whis and Vados) will be spared.
With the announcement out of the way, the Great Priest snaps his fingers and restores the arena to pristine condition once again. Goku enters the ring to face Bergamo in the final match!

Watch Dragon Ball Super Ep 80:

Never hide your Weekness


Allowing everyone to see your weaknesses and vulnerabilities is one way to experience true inner peace and happiness.

I've read a lot of books, specifically, self-help books, that talk about how to become happy and achieve inner peace. Most give the impression that financial freedom is the gateway to happiness. Well, this is true to some extent. Financial freedom can make you happy, yet, you can be financially free and be unhappy.

Where true happiness and inner peace comes from.One way you can experience true inner peace and happiness, is letting people know your weaknesses. You see, when you hide your weaknesses, you tell yourself you are not good enough. This is one reason why some people are shy.

When you hide your weaknesses, you hide your true self, this in turn, affects your relationship with the people around you. Hiding your weaknesses, creates tension inside you and this tension erects as a wall, separating you from the world. The only way to be free is to be bold and let people see who you really are.Letting people see your weaknesses is being courageous.

Someone might say, "how does letting people see your weaknesses make you courageous? Rather, you would be showing signs of softness and frailty". Well, as a matter of fact, anyone that has this mind-set does not know what it is to be courageous. The word "courage" was derived from the Latin word "cor" which means "heart”. The original definition of "courage" was to tell "the story of who you are with your whole heart". This included, telling people about your imperfections.This means if you are able to tell people about your weaknesses, you are brave. 

You might be asking, "won't people take advantage of me, if they get to know my weaknesses"? Yep. Some people will definitely like to take advantage of you. This doesn't mean you should hide your weaknesses. You see, the only way you can grow and turn your weaknesses into strengths, is by accepting them. When you hide your weaknesses, you have no urge to address them. You therefore live under this illusion that no one can see them, so you are fine. This mind-set does not allow you to evolve to become a better person and as the law of nature says, "if you are not evolving you will die. You might not die physically but you will certainly be miserable.

Why we do not allow people to see our weaknesses.The reason why you hide your weaknesses, is because of your ego. The self-images you have about yourself, is what's causing you to hide your weaknesses. Most people want to feel superior, consequently, they hide weaknesses: who they truly are. What's sad about this is that no one sees the image you have about yourself, it’s just you that sees it. This means, the image you have about yourself is an illusion, it’s a lie.

If you want true inner peace and happiness, forget about your ego, your self-image. Don't see yourself superior or inferior to anyone. Be transparent and free. Let people see your weaknesses and vulnerabilities, because that's being courageous

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Systemd 233 Is Around the Corner

Systemd 233 is expected to be released in the days ahead and as usual it's packing new features and various additions.

Some of the changes include new network options, a RestrictNamespaces unit option, systemd-specific mount options can now be understood in /etc/fstab, all systemd Python scripts now require Python 3, new systemd-nspawn capabilities, systemd-dissect as a new tool to dissect disk images, the systemd hardware database now includes accelerometer quirks, systemd-gpt-auto-generator now supports LUKS encrypted root partitions, and a wide variety of new unit options and other additions.

The near-final list of systemd 233 changes can be found via their NEWS entry in Git.

Developer Martin Pitt has also issued a call for testing of the near-final state of systemd 233 and has made available packages for Ubuntu/Debian boxes.

Humans are Virus equivalent in Animal Kingdom.

Lately an interesting idea has been running through my head, it's kinda weird but it has a good point behind it.

During all my life I have always question my self like: Who are we? Where did we come from? What's our purpose? ... I had lot of ideas about life overall, but lately one of them keeps bumping into my head. What if our human race is a VIRUS!?

First you will think I'm out of my mind and think otherwise right! Well i can give some words to support my idea.

Virus main goal is to kill and destroy organisms, well that's what we do the best too. Since the beginning of our journey on planet earth that's the exact thing we did. First there was a small amount number of us around, just like virus first days on a cell, then we spread and raise our population.

Same as a virus we spread around very quickly and kill/destroy everything around us. This planet has a long time being, way longer than human race and since we showed up here everything is going to hell with it. Planet earth started dying and changing, we destroy the nature and the environment around us.

We spray around the entire planet and do our work without any consciousness, we destroy this planet. That's how viruses work too, the exact same way. Remember this is just an idea, I'm not saying that all this is 100% true or that i believe in it, just sounded interesting to share it with you. I would like to read your opinion about it which ever it is.

Friday, February 24, 2017

iPhone 8 Plans to End Low-Storage iPhones

According to TrendForce, Apple may ditch its low storage option on its upcoming iPhone 8, which plans to start at lowest mark with the 64GB version. This is not the first time Apple has opted out of lower storage options. 

Apple ditched the 16GB iPhone when it released the iPhone 7, making the 32GB, the phone's smallest storage option. Apple wants to continue that trend now by making the 64GB, its new smallest capacity, and having the large capacity iPhone 8, at a said storage of 256GB for photos, videos, and apps. 

TrendForce also rumors reports of the new iPhone having 3 new size models and a price range for its premium model, rumored to cost over $1000.

WhatsApp Adds Similar Snapchat 'Status' Feature

Facebook seems to have captured an interest in Snapchat stories, as they introduced Instagram stories after acquiring the social app in August. 

The social network is also currently testing out Facebook Stories in its mobile app in Ireland. But now a similar feature is making its way to another Facebook owned app. On Monday, Whatsapp introduced a revamped version of its status features, where users are now able share a string of photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. Similar to Snapchat, youll be able to share videos, photos, drawings, with all of your contacts.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Smartphones have a hidden FM Radio Inside them

You may not know it but most of today's smartphones have FM radios inside of them. But the FM chip is not activated on two-thirds of devices. That's because mobile makers have the FM capability switched off.

The National Association of Broadcasters has been asking mobile makers to change this. But the mobile industry, which profits from selling data to smartphone users, says that with the consumer's move toward mobile streaming apps, the demand for radio simply isn't there.

In the words of NPR's Robert Siegel

Samsung, Apple and LG are among those who have not switched on the chip, but HTC and Motorola chips haven't been blocked, Sprint has turned on the FM chip for phones on its network.

The smartphone has fueled a change in media consumption habits and it's a growing challenge to radio as the go-to audio source for news. To get local broadcasts, Users increasingly download podcasts or stream from news apps where they can skip or pause segments. As popular as this form of consumption is, these apps all suck up costly data.

Aside from the huge benefit he sees for the radio industry, Smulyan says users could avoid expensive data charges and save battery life if they listen to the FM chip for free.

This article is made possible by multiple inputs from Sources: NPR, Wikipedia.

Linux 4.10 released with Virtual GPU Support & more

Linus Torvalds finally announced Linux kernel 4.10. Initially Torvalds planned for it to be a small release with not so many commits. However, he ended up with an “average” kernel release with more than 13000 commits.

The new release includes a number of improvements and updates. Probably the most noticeable feature is adding support for using virtual GPUs via gVirt. By using KVM now, you would be able to deploy a virtual GPU and install the official drivers for it. According to the team who introduced this technology), it would give a 95% performance match as if it was a native GPU. Which is definitely great for virtualization. There were some other solutions for using vGPU. But the new technology is considered “full”. Taking it to the next level.

This kernel brings nearly full support (excluding Mali support) for Allwinner H3 based boards, and adds A64 support.

Linux kernel 4.10 can be downloaded from . You can view the complete changelog here.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

India should adopt American Financial System

In comparison to the USA/UK/EU, India has a far more corrupt banking system and structure then the big 3. In terms of Corporate Social Responsibility India most certainly falls into the greed (embezzlement/CFO smudging the books) unlike the others especially the US.

Trust in Banks ?

In the US, though, "trust in banks" isn't even a thing anymore. Federal Deposit Insurance is such a widely accepted principle of the American financial system that most American don't even consider whether their banks might collapse when they are choosing which bank to put money in. If the bank has FDIC, it's all the same: the bank's shareholders and bondholders can lose money, but the depositors certainly can't.

India is not an especially virtuous country. For example, in the "Corruption Perceptions Index," the USA had a score of 74 (making it one of the top 20 most honest countries - Denmark leads with 92) and India, with a score of 38, was ranked 82. That puts corruption in India at the same level as, say, Mexico or Colombia. Or, to use the "Global Corruption Barometer" (which surveys normal people instead of experts), 54% person of Indians reported having paid a bribe in the previous year versus only 5% in the US.

A good regulatory system needs to look at a weird idea and decide whether it is creative and exciting, or a scam. 

One way a regulatory system can be crappy is to say that all scams are just creative, and let them keep going. Another way a regulatory system can be crappy to say that all creative ideas are scams, and force them out of business. Neither system is a good one. 

The correct course steers through the middle, to maximize the benefits of getting rid of "scams" (increasing trust in the financial system, increasing the level of investments, minimizing the unproductive use of resources in hustling) and also to maximize the benefits of financial creativity (minimizing economic risk, maximizing the efficiency of spreading resources around the economy). The US (and UK and EU) systems might not be perfect, but the Indian system puts a huge amount of pressure on innovation (it's hard to do something new if every plan needs to be approved by five different bureaucracies) without doing anything serious to crack down on corruption.

Europa Lander Mission Announced

Image Credits; Gawker
NASA is once again making the search for life on other planets a priority. According to Science News, Nasa is targeting Jupiter’s moon Europa, which is considered possibly habitable because of its subsurface ocean. 

The proposed mission could be operational in the next two decades. The lander will include instruments to assess surface chemistry on Europa. A major concern is taking precautions to prevent contamination of Europa by microbes from Earth. 

These precautions are important not only for protecting the potential life on the moon but also for future research on Europa.

Solus 2017.01.01 Review

Installed Solus on my laptop as a secondary OS after Windows 10, replacing my Ubuntu Mate install.

Everything went quite smoothly. Package management is quite painless. One thing I'd like to see is when searching for packages in eopkg cli or the "software center" gui that it indicate to you if the package is already installed in the sort of overview mode.

Everything seems quick, clean and smooth in using the DE. It's not perfect, but it isn't buggy, and it's very usable. Pretty much stays out of the way and does what I want.

The only slight downside is package availability. I'm spoiled with Arch being able to get everything under the sun easily from the repos+AUR. With Solus, the package availability is much, much more limited. However, it is extremely well curated. I found I could find almost everything I wanted/needed because mostly all the best apps in the various categories were there. So I got 90% or so of what I needed, and I'm sure that in due time, the few things I'm missing will become available.

Overall, I'm quite impressed. I tried installing Suse Tumbleweed but as it was downloading and installing over a GB of packages I realized that I've come to appreciate the stripped down/minimalistic approach of Arch, and was regretting seeing a lot of backend utilities and other things getting installed that I didn't want. Also I was thinking about how much I didn't want Yast. On the one hand OpenSuse seemed like a very pro mainstream distro with lots of functionality, but for me it just felt like bloat. Fortunately the installer froze up after downloading and installing about a GB.

I burned Solus to a usb and installed it offline in 10 minutes. It's much more familiar to me in the sense of being streamlined and minimalistic. So far a great fit.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Yahoo Issues Yet Another Warning In Fallout From Hacks

Yahoo is warning users of potentially malicious activity on their accounts between 2015 and 2016, the latest development in the internet company's investigation of a mega-breach that exposed 1 billion users' data several years ago.

Yahoo confirmed Wednesday that it was notifying users that their accounts had potentially been compromised but declined to say how many people were affected.

In a statement, Yahoo tied some of the potential compromises to what it has described as the 
"state-sponsored actor" responsible for the theft of private data from more than 1 billion user accounts in 2013 and 2014. The stolen data included email addresses, birth dates and answers to security questions.

BlackBerry is Suing Nokia

BlackBerry is crying foul against Nokia, alleging in a new lawsuit that its mobile networking products are infringing on as many as eleven of BlackBerry's patents without being properly licensed, according to Bloomberg. 

Instead, the Canada-based brand licenses its technology out to competitors, and reportedly seeks damages from Nokia for failing to comply. Nokia, a company best known for making Nokia phones (before licensing them to HMD Global), focuses on networking equipment, health (through its acquisition of Withings) and products like the 360-degree Ozo camera.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

ISRO 104 Satellites launch - Onboard Camera Video

This is one department that is untouched by politics. I just hope the government increases its budget and not appoint a "political minister" to overlook this department.. I really hope these initiatives help focus the importance of STEM education in India.

Monday, February 13, 2017

LibreOffice 5.3 triggers a record of donations

In this case, one image is better than 1,000 words, as the histogram represents donations during the first 10 days of each month, since May 2013, and doesn’t need any further comment.

LibreOffice 5.3 has triggered 3,937 donations in February 2016, 1,800 more than in March 2016, and over 2,000 – sometimes over 3,000 – more than any other month.Donations are key to the life and the development of the project. Thanks.

Finally I wish them every success. Having a viable competitor to Office would make Linux a lot more appealing to more people.

Start Where You Stand

Start where you stand and never mind the past,
The past won't help you in beginning new,
If you have left it all behind at last
Why, that's enough, you're done with it, you're through;
This is another chapter in the book,
This is another race that you have planned,
Don't give the vanished days a backward look,
Start where you stand.

The world won't care about your old defeats
If you can start anew and win success,
The future is your time, and time is fleet
And there is much of work and strain and stress;
Forget the buried woes and dead despairs,
Here is a brand new trial right at hand,
The future is for him who does and dares,
Start where you stand.

Old failures will not halt, old triumphs aid,
To-day's the thing, to-morrow soon will be;
Get in the fight and face it unafraid,
And leave the past to ancient history;
What has been, has been; yesterday is dead
And by it you are neither blessed nor banned,
Take courage, man, be brave and drive ahead,
Start where you stand.

iPhone 8 Rumors And Entering Production "Earlier than usual"

According to a new report from Digitimes, an iris scanner, wireless charging and an OLED display, instead of an LCD screen, could come to the 10th anniversary iPhone. 

In addition, the assumed so-called iPhone 8 could enter production "earlier than usual" to give suppliers time to create enough supply to meet demand. Apple plans to celebrate its ten year anniversary of the original iPhone, by bringing on big hardware changes and software updates to compete against others competitors and satisfy the needs of the buyer looking for something new. 

Digitimes notes many rumors on features coming to the new phone, such as a glass and steel body with a curved edge display, no physical home button, and an iris scanner as a new way to unlock a phone.

Making Meditation a habit in 2017

Meditation has nothing to do with religion or spiritual practice. It has been scientifically proven to be the best exercise for keeping a healthy mind. Its “lifting” for the mind.

First, here is a tough concept you need to digest.

The mind is just a tool for you to use and the voice inside it it’s not you. You are the one that is aware of it, the one that can hear it.

When you build the habit of meditation you can hear that voice speaking all day long, because that is his job. To look for problems to solve, to comment on the shitty weather, to think of your ex, etc. And most of the time it is speaking shit about you. But when you know that whatever it says is not true, it’s just its job to say things, you stop taking it seriously.

The kind of meditation I’m about to describe is called: Mindful Meditation or Vipassanā in Buddhism.

Mindfulness is the ability to know what is happening in your head in any given moment without being carried away by it. What is commonly known as: being in the moment.

This gives you the ability to respond wisely to any event. Being mindful will give you a choice in any situation to take the right approach and not be carried away by your thoughts like a mad dog. And just like learning a new skill, it takes time to master.

There are two approaches to this.

1) When you go to a place to meditate to reduce distractions. (example: your room) 2) When you meditate any time during the day without going “alone”.

• Going alone

Do this at least 15 minutes a day.

• Set an alarm before you do it, to avoid thinking about the time. 
• Sit with your back straight. 
• Do not close your eyes completely and choose a fixed point in front of you to stare. 
• Now, bring your attention to the FEELING of the breath. (It can be on your stomach, throat, nose, etc.)

This will be boring but do not worry we all feel this at first. 
“The whole game is just to notice when your mind is wandering and to come back to your breath, over and over and over...And when you do that, it is a bicep curl for your brain.” Dan Harris.
Whenever you’re attention drifts, GENTLY bring it back to the FEELING of your breath. DO NOT FIGHT IT OR GET ANGRY.

At first your thoughts will suddenly take you away like a furious train. This is normal. You are breaking a life time habit and the mind will not give you an easy fight. It will try to fool you because you were so attached to it. You will have fear, because it will be like losing yourself. Do not go with this. Stick to your mission, be consistent.

• Anytime

You can meditate wherever you are. It is difficult because distractions will be more likely. But if you find yourself “bored”, waiting in a red light or in a doctor's office, walking down the street, eating: choose to meditate.

Make a choice to be where you are and observe what is happening. Stop playing Candy Crush. Exercise your mind. Actually feel and see the world around you.

India Beat Pakistan by 9 Wickets to Win T20 World Cup For Blind

India defeated Pakistan by nine wickets to lift the T20 World Cup for Blind title on Sunday in Bangalore. Set a target of 198 runs to win, India chased down the total with the loss of just one wicket and with 14 balls to spare. Opener Prakasha Jayaramaiah scored an unbeaten 99 to put India on course for the title. Badar Munir top scored for Pakistan with a 57-run knock. With the win, India have successfully defended the title they had won in 2012. Earlier, opting to bat first after winning the toss, Pakistan started brightly with opener Munir's half-century laying the ground for a big total.

Earlier, opting to bat first after winning the toss, Pakistan started brightly with opener Munir's half-century laying the ground for a big total. However, despite the bright start, Pakistan's middle-order stumbled later in their innings, as India restricted them to a total of 197/8 from the stipulated 20 overs.

However, despite the bright start, Pakistan's middle-order stumbled later in their innings, as India restricted them to a total of 197/8 from the stipulated 20 overs. Ketan Patel and Jaffar Igbal picked two wickets each for India, while Ajay Kumar Reddy and Sunil R dismissed one each.

Ketan Patel and Jaffar Igbal picked two wickets each for India, while Ajay Kumar Reddy and Sunil R dismissed one each. India started the chase well, with openers Jayaramaiah and Ajay Kumar Reddy going all guns blazing early on.

India started the chase well, with openers Jayaramaiah and Ajay Kumar Reddy going all guns blazing early on. Reddy was dismissed for 43, while Ketan Patel had to retire hurt after scoring 26 runs. Jayaramaiah, however, continued his spectacular show with the bat, and with the help of Dunna Venkatesh, who scored 11, closed out the match in the 18th over. India finished with a score of 200/1 from 17.4 overs.

Reddy was dismissed for 43, while Ketan Patel had to retire hurt after scoring 26 runs. Jayaramaiah, however, continued his spectacular show with the bat, and with the help of Dunna Venkatesh, who scored 11, closed out the match in the 18th over. India finished with a score of 200/1 from 17.4 overs. This was the second edition of the tournament, with India having won the inaugural edition back in 2012.

This was the second edition of the tournament, with India having won the inaugural edition back in 2012. India had beaten Pakistan in the final of the 2012 tournament too, winning that match by 29 runs.

India had beaten Pakistan in the final of the 2012 tournament too, winning that match by 29 runs.


I support Smoke Ban but not entirely

I personally don't like smoking, I think it is not a good habit and have never smoked myself. 

However when I see things like countries that are trying to become a smoke free country or that are considering banning cigarettes for anyone born after 20xx then I feel like that is a totally wrong direction to go in. Because I see it ultimately as a personal choice, and people should have the ability to make their own decisions, even if I think those are dumb decisions, to me that is the inherent freedom of a person.

I'm fine with bans on smoking in public places, especially indoors, but I don't think that bans that are all encompassing and take away the right to smoke at home or in private are legitimate.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Automation pushes Human Development astern

I used to imagine a utopian future where robots did all of the work. Now consider it a dystopia.

The difference is that in the former situation, we would all benefit. We wouldn't have to work (or work as hard), and yet we'd still be provided with the basic necessities to live. We could spend our time pursuing personal growth, arts, and relationships with others. (Or video games. Whatever.)

In the real world, though, the only people who benefit from automation are the ones who own the machines. Those who are put out of work are not provided for, and any suggestion that they should be is met with wild, angry resistance. And so now we've become conditioned to the idea that we NEED to have jobs. Not just to feel useful, but in the sense that if we don't have jobs we won't be able to survive, and if you can't survive it's your fault.

Instead of not having to work being the future we'd all dreamed of, not being able to work means we're going to starve in the streets. And that is 100% backward.

Hate Valentine's Day

I like the idea...hate the actual date on the calendar. On this day restaurants are crowded, stores are decked with heart crap, it's such a pressure filled mess. If dinner, flowers, a signed hallmark card and chocolate is on the agenda than I hate it. If it's honestly a special just "let's focus on how much we love each other and do things we like" day than YAS.

Growing up I never payed much attention to it..the relationship I have had, that lasted through Valentine's Days was nice, though I find the idea of it stupid and more of a money grab. I really don't need a special day to tell me that I love my girlfriend.

Movie Review: Rings 2017

The most immersive moment in Rings – a resurrection of the killer VHS saga – came when the DCP from which the film was projected cut off, just for an instant. In that deathly still second, it was almost as if the jittery, unstable nature of the series’ cursed videotape had infected the cinema itself. But then sight and sound returned, and my sudden immersion was shattered by Vincent D’Onofiro’s blind priest bellowing so loudly that the scenery he’d been previously chewing flew from between his teeth and spattered the camera lens.

In this long-gestating instalment, attractive young couple Julia (Matilda Lutz) and Holt (Alex Roe) are drawn into the dark world of Samara’s curse by Gabriel (Johnny Galecki) and his obsession with the tape, which leads the two on a search for the ghostly girl’s resting place. After some initial and not entirely unexpected VHS fetishism, the original video goes digital…because apparently smartphones and e-mail are the ‘hip’ thing for horror now.

An intense and entertaining opening – in which the tape is played to the inhabitants of an airborne passenger plane – sets us up for immediate disappointment. The jump-scares (or, rather, ‘scares’, because they’re all cattle-prod cop-outs) are signposted in skyscraper-high neon lettering, and so any sense of fear or dread is quickly ejected from this forgettable, tiresome footnote of a film with all the grace of a VCR spitting out a particularly worn tape.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Scientists Suggest Dark Matter May Be Made Up Of Primordial Black Holes

Could dark matter consist of primordial black holes, as numerous as the stars? It’s an old, improbable idea, but it made a Lazarus-like comeback a year ago, when the discovery of gravitational waves suggested that the cosmos abounds with unexpectedly heavy black holes.

With decades-long searches failing to find the hypothetical dark matter particles that theorists have favored, physicists are turning to more radical ways of explaining the universe’s missing mass. “It’s a nutty idea,” says Marc Kamionkowski, a theorist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, whose team made the case for black hole dark matter here last week at a meeting of the American Physical Society.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Amazon CEO Responds To Rumor Of Robot-Run Grocery Stores

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is swatting away a new rumor about robot-run grocery stores.

The New York Post recently published an article titled "Inside Amazon's robot-run supermarket that needs just 3 human workers". The article claims that Amazon is planning to open a two-story grocery store with robots on the top floor bagging groceries for the shoppers below.

The article quoted several unnamed "sources" from inside the internet shopping giant.
Bezos himself tweeted at the Post, providing a link to the article and commenting, "whoever your anonymous sources are on this story – they’ve mixed up their meds!" 😜

Responsive Web Design has altered the Standards of Web Desgining


Today people are crazy about smart phones and tablets. These devices have multiple apps and are easy to use.

There is a huge growth in sales of smart phones and tablet devices. Most people use these devices to surf Internet, read news or books, check mails, use social media, watch TV, play games, etc.

Thus it is now mandatory to produce mobile adaptations of the website. At the beginning, companies used to construct stripped down version of the website which resulted into several complexity for mobile users to browse them on mobile browsers. But now, responsive web design has rolled out ultimate solution by enabling the developers to build dynamic websites that can adapt to whatever screen size it is being displayed on.

Thus with the help of responsive web design user can observe all the content of your website clearly no matter what device (smartphone, tablet or desktop) a visitor is using to access your site. The Responsive web design had genuinely changed the standard of web design & made life swift & easier.

Following reasons indicates how Responsive Web design has made life easier:

  • Responsive Web design allows visitors to access your website efficiently using any device without any pinching and squeezing of website content. Your website will itself adjust its size to fit the device screen (tablet, mobile or desktop) without reducing the text size.
  • You need to maintain only one set of web content here. Traditionally when anyone required building a mobile friendly site, there raised the need to maintain actually two different websites but now with the help of responsive web design there is no need to sustain content on 2 different websites. 
  • Responsive web design owns the power to boost your ROI. This is due to its capabilities of easy navigation, simple reading and excellent functionality to work efficiently with any device and thus increases your overall business in an effective manner. 
  • Designing and maintaining responsive website is effortless & efficient with its generated special tools for website management. 
  • All the tasks such as SEO, collecting social data including tweets, inbound links, shares etc are more optimized and simpler in RWD sites. 
  • RWD sites can avert login problems and can also forbid several issues related to similar content and others.

Hacking Smartphones

Hacking a smartphone is easy but do you know your phone can be hacked over the air too ?

Hackers look for vulnerabilities in your software that allow them to install their own programs. They'll use these programs to gain root access and/or get your password.

Vulnerabilities are typically code defects that occur in areas where we are dealing with outside data entering the device. Imagine a program that reassembles USB packets. As it gets each packet it copies it into memory somewhere.

What if we could trick it into copying more data than it should? Imagine you have a bucket that can hold a gallon of water. If you pour more than a gallon in what happens? It spills right?

This is called a buffer overflow in computer science terms, and it allows hackers to write data into places they shouldn't. Sometimes that data can be a program or a piece of code that allows them to install their own programs.

It gets complicated quickly but the gist is "If your program is handling outside data it can potentially be exploited"

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Music is the Purest form of Art.

While there are other mediums of art, I think music is the purest form of it. Sculptors take a preexisting medium (clay) that is tangible and shape it into something else. Painters do this same thing except with paint. Music, however, takes a non tangible medium and creates something completely new out of it.

The music may be based on something, but it wasn't tangible at the beginning. A musician creates something out of complete nothing. While there are representations of the notes a musician uses, You can't touch or see the actual sound of notes.

Here's something that I'm listening to at the moment..

Having lots of friends doesn't define your Worth

Since I can remember I've always been a pretty independent person. Forming close relationships just doesn't come naturally to me, nor does actively seeking out new friendships interest me much, especially as I get older. I have some very real bonds, people I'd feel bad about never seeing again, but it's pretty easy for me to say "goodbye" for good. I haven't felt true loneliness since I was very young.

The traits and habits I tend to notice in people who make and keep friends easily are usually (in my mind) negative: willingness to talk at length about inane, uninteresting things, lack of independence in pursuing hobbies and interests, the ability to BS easily, fondness for or even dependence on alcohol, etc.

I'm sure this makes me sound like a snob (I've heard that before), but I'm being as genuine as I know how to be. I really don't understand how other people have the patience for the kind of crap that has to be put up with to maintain a large circle of friends.

Untold Truths: Being Unattractive and How to Overcome it ?

Being unattractive and uninteresting can be helped.

Put a little more effort into the way you groom and dress yourself. Increase your level of fitness if that is what makes you feel unattractive. Upgrade your level of self confidence if you are unwilling or unable to improve your appearance.

Practice smiling. Practice charisma and conversation. Read more, tell stories and anecdotes to yourself when you're alone, get used to telling stories and jokes. Learn to be interested in people, learn to ask them about themselves, learn to flatter.

A lot of these things feel like things you shouldn't practice. It feels like these are things that should be innate, eg "you've got it, or you don't." But that's nonsense. Anything that can and will improve your life is worth actively working on. That goes for professional or personal goals.

Perspective is the final one. Bad things happen in life. Good things happen too. Evolution has taught us to focus and fixate on negatives. Work against that. Don't tell the story of the asshole on the bus who pissed you off, tell the story of the cute kid on the bus who made you smile. Talk about positive, happy things and you'll appear to be a positive, happy person. And before long you'll trick yourself into being a positive and happy person that people would like to be around.

Firefox OS is Dead

I thought that FirefoxOS would have made a good competitor to ChromeOS on inexpensive laptops, 2-in-1s and tablets for these reasons.

It might've provided Mozilla a less hostile entry point if they had a ChromeOS competitor on these types of devices and segued into phones as they built momentum. At the very least, a dual-strategy of both small and large devices would have helped since this is where the top mobile OSes have been for a long time.

At present Mozilla is Completely dead on smartphones. Will cannibalize (ie, draw inspiration from) FF OS for IoT devices. (See edit below: FF OS completely dead for IoT devices too)

Open Source activity: B2G OS (ie; Boot to Gecko: community driven) picks up where Mozilla left off and working toward "smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and other connected devices". They appear to support a few phones right now and only a single 8" tablet.

Sadly, as MUO states, "There isn’t much talk yet of adding new features or creating new apps." ... "One focus is making it easier to keep B2G OS in line with future Firefox browser updates, so that the web experience remains reliable and secure."
© Mozilla
"Mozilla has laid off a team of about 50 people working on bringing Firefox OS to "connected devices" and is ending its attempts to build a commercial platform for such devices"

Everyone is in such a hurry to enter the hostile (small device only) smartphone market (Canonical included) that it's often boom or bust.

Dobox A Portable Wireless dock for Apple Devices

The Perfect Apple Accessory You've NEVER Seen Before! The DoBox has multiple ports to connect an internet cable, flashdrives, hard drives, keyboards, printers, TVs, projectors, monitors or speakers, and use them wirelessly through DoBox's own Wi-Fi.

Dobox is an all-in-one box to those who specifically look for the included features but many of the use cases look cumbersome and goes against pretty much what Apple and most others are doing, which is to use cloud and wireless solutions to simplify transfers.

I still think it's a neat product, but it's very much a niche product and if anything a good example of something Apple will not make. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Silicon Valley Taking Stand Against Travel Ban

The tech companies of Silicon Valley are standing up against Donald Trump's travel ban.The Silicon Valley Leadership Group says immigrants make up about 58% of the area's engineers and other high-skill employees.

97 companies from the area, including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, Facebook and Twitter, joined in on a court filing against the ban.

Carl Guardino, the CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group told the Associated Press, "Immigration and innovation go hand in hand. This cuts so deeply into the bone and marrow of what fuels the innovation economy that very few CEOs feel the luxury of sitting on the sidelines. So people are going to stand up and speak up."

The court filing, which was submitted Sunday, spoke of the entrepreneurial spirit of "people who choose to leave everything that is familiar and journey to an unknown land to make a new life."

Intel down for Good; This year belongs to AMD

I have, and always will, like AMD, but I feel Intel has nothing new to offer to consumers in both CPU & GPU markets. Everything they bring is tick/tock no significant architecture changes. If they bring out OTHER Kaby Lake chips, they already had planned to.... Even Cannon Lake will be nothing but a TICK (process drop in nm) because they are already maxing out their architecture. There ain't much left they can do. We know this from Kaby Lake being marginally better (and barely at that) than its previous generation chips.

Intel will be stuck with the same arch for a few years to come as that was their original plan. To change that in the middle of their plans will cost them a huge amount of money which will f**keverything up for them. They did this before with the Pentium series. The P4 was just another tick/tock cycle as per usual business for Intel (never innovating) and AMD came around the corner with a huge win with the Athlon 64 FX/X2 series completely destroying Intel. 

AMD then held the market because Intel had nothing. Intel even went as far as bringing SMT to market with a few P4 chips, they marketed them as "dual core" but really it was a single core with 2 threads (as per usual business). These P4 chips were horrendous and sucked incredibly hard. You couldn't multi-task as per usual yet AMD could multi-task and run faster. Then after sitting on their hands, AMD started the Phenom line up (low end) and Intel started to bring the core2 series to market (core2duo and core2quad respectively) and then they started to catch back up to AMD, with the core i# series finally beating AMD. Then they've held the core i# superiority for while.

ONCE AGAIN, we are seeing P4 death in the Core i# series. Intel sat on their hands for too long and now will pay the price. Ryzen will take over for a few years. However this time AMD needs to keep it going and keep giving Intel a run for their money.

I'm stoked for this next year in hardware personally, even if it is only for this year.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Movie Review: Arrival

This one was a near perfect masterpiece of Sci-Fi work. From production to performance, everyone deserves recognition for "Arrival".

I did not think a film could move at the slow pace that "Arrival" went at yet still induce an "edge-of-your-seat" feel throughout the film from start to finish. Curiosity and confusion takes over you, at least it did me, yet in the best way possible. I sat anticipating what could possibly happen next and was ready for anything to happen at any moment. 

Everything was so masterfully done to portray an unsettling mysterious appearance of the aliens and what they could possibly want from humanity. The story flowed so well (for as jumbled as the timeline was, for those who watched it) and once everything was set in stone and realized, it was just an overall mind-blowing experience for me.

Highly recommended and a film to remember for years to come.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

EU Tightens On Trump

European Union leaders said they agreed to stick together in dealing with Donald Trump. At their first summit since he took office, however, they were at odds on how far to confront or engage with the new U.S. president.

From questioning the value of NATO and free trade to banning Muslim refugees, Trump and his policies, came up repeatedly in discussions in Malta on external "challenges" facing the Union.

British Prime Minister Theresa May briefed peers on her visit to Washington last week. She is about to lead her own country out of the EU. She assured them Trump was committed to cooperating in their defense -- just as Britain would also be after Brexit.

Dragon Ball Super EP 76 | Review

This episode captures Krillin's humanity and courage against adversity so well.And on top of that, it encapsulates Goku.

His unending thirst for a challenge(as he handicaps himself to SSJ1 and SSJ3) and excitement at fighting old foes again hits the nail on his desire to get stronger. His strategic observation allows him to figure out how the apparitions work, reflecting his intelligence when it comes to fighting. But even so, his desire to protect his friends comes first as he spends half of the episode looking for Krillin.

The disconnect between Goku and his friends are made clear when Goku does not understand Krillin's reasoning for taking up martial arts again.

While Krillin fights for his family, Goku fights to get stronger. But if you lay a finger on his friends, he'll come after you. The new arc starts next week. It looks like episode 77 is going to be a good one.

Watch Dragon Ball Super EP 76:

Google RCS 2017 Update : Building on 2016

Got an email from RCS team at Google, following is email content:
Over the holidays I had a chance to reflect back on 2016 and all that’s happened with RCS in the past year. Here are just a few of the highlights:
  • In February 2016, Google, the GSMA and leading carriers announced their support for RCS committing to a universal RCS profile and standard messaging experience across devices and networks.
  • By the summer, 58 carriers and OEMs had committed to implementing the RCS Universal profile throughout the world. In 2017, we’re expecting to see many more carriers go live with RCS.
  • In the fall, Google launched the RCS-ready Messenger app. Google now offers an end-to-end RCS solution comprising the Messenger app for Android, the Jibe Cloud (enabling carriers to launch and manage RCS services with Google-hosted infrastructure), and the Jibe Hub (enabling carriers to connect with other networks with a single connection).
  • In the winter, Sprint and Rogers went live with RCS, and announced they would begin preloading the new Messenger app on phones in 2017. We also saw the first RCS interconnect implementation -- between Slovak Telekom and Orange Slovakia -- a key building block for global interoperability.
  • Finally, at the end of 2016, the industry agreed on the RCS roadmap for 2017. What’s on that roadmap? In our next email, we’ll provide a sneak peek of what we plan to unveil at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in late February.
2017 is going to be another great year for the industry, and we look forward to working with you.

Amir Sarhangi for The Jibe RCS Team at Google
Personally I don't see this having any penetration outside the US were the IM market is so mature already, specially since telcos will put a price on this to make money, prob. like MMS price and the few people that would try it, won't.

 Abbr RSC: Rich Communication Services

Friday, February 3, 2017

Internet is Overwhelming

Internet is ridiculously overwhelming, I wish I had the time to read every article that I find interesting, but the reality is that internet makes available so much content of quality out there that it's impossible read everything, even if your interests are relatively narrow.

Stumbleupon was (maybe is? I haven't used it in ages) a useful tool to get to places on the internet one wouldn't usually go to. The internet is supposed to be a vast limitless mess, it's like a terrain made of ideas, and it's our job to go exploring.

Samsung Switching to New Japanese Battery Supplier For Galaxy S8

According to Korean news site Han Kyung, Samsung is reportedly switching its battery supplier to a new Japanese manufacturer for their flagship phone, the Galaxy S8. 

Samsung received a major setback and criticism after the Galaxy Note 7 phone had to be recalled two times, due to the explosions caused by the battery. Samsung has since then determined that the batteries were the cause of the issue and has since opted for new testing on batteries before applying them as safe for the phone. Samsung hopes that the switch to a new supplier would avoid a similar outcome for its Galaxy S8 phone.