Movie Review: Arrival

This one was a near perfect masterpiece of Sci-Fi work. From production to performance, everyone deserves recognition for "Arrival".

I did not think a film could move at the slow pace that "Arrival" went at yet still induce an "edge-of-your-seat" feel throughout the film from start to finish. Curiosity and confusion takes over you, at least it did me, yet in the best way possible. I sat anticipating what could possibly happen next and was ready for anything to happen at any moment. 

Everything was so masterfully done to portray an unsettling mysterious appearance of the aliens and what they could possibly want from humanity. The story flowed so well (for as jumbled as the timeline was, for those who watched it) and once everything was set in stone and realized, it was just an overall mind-blowing experience for me.

Highly recommended and a film to remember for years to come.
Movie Review: Arrival Movie Review: Arrival Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on February 05, 2017 Rating: 5

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