Never hide your Weekness


Allowing everyone to see your weaknesses and vulnerabilities is one way to experience true inner peace and happiness.

I've read a lot of books, specifically, self-help books, that talk about how to become happy and achieve inner peace. Most give the impression that financial freedom is the gateway to happiness. Well, this is true to some extent. Financial freedom can make you happy, yet, you can be financially free and be unhappy.

Where true happiness and inner peace comes from.One way you can experience true inner peace and happiness, is letting people know your weaknesses. You see, when you hide your weaknesses, you tell yourself you are not good enough. This is one reason why some people are shy.

When you hide your weaknesses, you hide your true self, this in turn, affects your relationship with the people around you. Hiding your weaknesses, creates tension inside you and this tension erects as a wall, separating you from the world. The only way to be free is to be bold and let people see who you really are.Letting people see your weaknesses is being courageous.

Someone might say, "how does letting people see your weaknesses make you courageous? Rather, you would be showing signs of softness and frailty". Well, as a matter of fact, anyone that has this mind-set does not know what it is to be courageous. The word "courage" was derived from the Latin word "cor" which means "heart”. The original definition of "courage" was to tell "the story of who you are with your whole heart". This included, telling people about your imperfections.This means if you are able to tell people about your weaknesses, you are brave. 

You might be asking, "won't people take advantage of me, if they get to know my weaknesses"? Yep. Some people will definitely like to take advantage of you. This doesn't mean you should hide your weaknesses. You see, the only way you can grow and turn your weaknesses into strengths, is by accepting them. When you hide your weaknesses, you have no urge to address them. You therefore live under this illusion that no one can see them, so you are fine. This mind-set does not allow you to evolve to become a better person and as the law of nature says, "if you are not evolving you will die. You might not die physically but you will certainly be miserable.

Why we do not allow people to see our weaknesses.The reason why you hide your weaknesses, is because of your ego. The self-images you have about yourself, is what's causing you to hide your weaknesses. Most people want to feel superior, consequently, they hide weaknesses: who they truly are. What's sad about this is that no one sees the image you have about yourself, it’s just you that sees it. This means, the image you have about yourself is an illusion, it’s a lie.

If you want true inner peace and happiness, forget about your ego, your self-image. Don't see yourself superior or inferior to anyone. Be transparent and free. Let people see your weaknesses and vulnerabilities, because that's being courageous