Dragon Ball Super EP: 80 | Gohan Vs Lavenda

Gohan enters the arena to face off against Universe 9’s Lavenda. Reflecting on how it’s been a long time since he was in a tournament, he decides to ease into the fight to get the feel for it again. But Goku advises him to not hesitate and just go all-out. He shouldn’t get hung up on the fact that he can’t sense his opponent’s ki; he’s strong, after all!

The match begins, and while Gohan seems to do well at first, before long Lavenda grabs onto him and sprays a cloud of purple mist in his face. Whis can tell that this cloud is a powerful poison, and Gohan can no longer see! Rou explains that this is Lavenda (the middle brother of Trio de Dangers)’s “Poison Blow” technique. Gohan should throw in the towel before his body gives out!

Kaioshin offers Gohan a Senzu. After all, Basil used some sort of drug during his fight with Buu, so it’s only fair that they do the same. But Gohan refuses, saying he wants to win through his own power alone. Goku holds on to the Senzu bag for the time being. With Gohan unable to see or even read his opponent’s ki, Goku thinks this battle will be good training for him.

Gohan concentrates on sensing Lavenda’s movement and presence through his other senses, and manages to dodge his attacks. At first Lavenda thinks this is just a fluke, but Gohan continue to dodge him, and even starts landing attacks of his own. Watching from the sidelines, Bergamo can tell that losing his eyesight has sharpened Gohan’s other senses.

To counter this, Lavenda flies up into the air, preventing Gohan from tracking his footsteps, and starts firing blasts of poison at him. Mr. Satan thinks Gohan is really in trouble now, but Goku believes the harder Gohan is pressed, the better he’ll overcome it. Indeed, Gohan declares that he has more power than this, and turns into a Super Saiyan.

The Omni-Kings and others are impressed by this transformation, but Lavenda thinks it won’t make any difference. Gohan still can’t see him, after all! But now Gohan has no trouble deflecting Lavenda’s blasts, and begins counterattacking once again. It seems that he’s locating Lavenda by reflecting his own energy off him, sort of like a radar. But Whis thinks this might backfire…

Indeed, as Gohan flies in to finish off Lavenda, he suddenly collapses and reverts to his regular form. Fighting as a Super Saiyan simply accelerated the spread of the poison throughout his body. Gohan still refuses to give up though, and before long becomes Super Saiyan once again. He and Lavenda trade blows before starting up a Kamehameha/poison blast beam struggle.

As Gohan struggles to maintain his Kamehameha, the poison spreads further through his body, visibly turning his skin purple. Lavenda’s blast soon overwhelms his own, knocking him back, and Lavenda follows up with puffs of poison breath. But rather than fleeing, Gohan dives into the poison mist and grabs onto Lavenda. This way, his lack of eyesight won’t matter! Still holding onto Lavenda, he dives straight down into the arena, creating a huge crater.

Lavenda is down for the count, but Gohan struggles to his feet. He declares that he has won…but then immediately passes out. The Great Priest rules that since both fighters are down, the match ends in a tie. Goku quickly feeds Gohan a Senzu, clearing up the poison. Gohan apologies, but Goku says it was an exciting fight. Still, Gohan feels that he needs to improve.

The Great Priest reads an announcement from the Omni-Kings to all the assembled gods: they are pleased that fighters from the universes with the lowest mortal rank have put on such a splendid fight. The Great Priest goes on to explain how the Omni-Kings have ranked each universe by the average level of their inhabited worlds. Universe 7 comes in second-to-last with a score of 3.18, with Universe 9 at the very bottom with an average level of 1.86.

The Great Priest continues: in the upcoming Tournament of Power, the Omni-Kings will personally obliterate the losings universes (this doesn’t apply to the current Omni-Present Match, though). However, Universes 1, 12, 5, and 8 are exempt from the tournament, because they each have an average mortal level of over 7. The Omni-Kings think that there are too many universes, and so Goku’s idea for a tournament is the perfect opportunity to get rid of the universes with low averages.

Whis realizes that in that case, the universes in the tournament are all ones that were going to be destroyed anyway, and that by winning they have the chance to save themselves. Beerus blames Kaioshin for insisting on always leaving mortals to improve their planets solely through their own efforts, while Kaioshin blames Beerus for sleeping all the time. The Great Priest adds that the gods will be destroyed along with their universes, while their angels (like Whis and Vados) will be spared.
With the announcement out of the way, the Great Priest snaps his fingers and restores the arena to pristine condition once again. Goku enters the ring to face Bergamo in the final match!

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