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Linux 4.10 released with Virtual GPU Support & more

Linus Torvalds finally announced Linux kernel 4.10. Initially Torvalds planned for it to be a small release with not so many commits. However, he ended up with an “average” kernel release with more than 13000 commits.

The new release includes a number of improvements and updates. Probably the most noticeable feature is adding support for using virtual GPUs via gVirt. By using KVM now, you would be able to deploy a virtual GPU and install the official drivers for it. According to the team who introduced this technology), it would give a 95% performance match as if it was a native GPU. Which is definitely great for virtualization. There were some other solutions for using vGPU. But the new technology is considered “full”. Taking it to the next level.

This kernel brings nearly full support (excluding Mali support) for Allwinner H3 based boards, and adds A64 support.

Linux kernel 4.10 can be downloaded from kernel.org . You can view the complete changelog here.

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