Intel down for Good; This year belongs to AMD

I have, and always will, like AMD, but I feel Intel has nothing new to offer to consumers in both CPU & GPU markets. Everything they bring is tick/tock no significant architecture changes. If they bring out OTHER Kaby Lake chips, they already had planned to.... Even Cannon Lake will be nothing but a TICK (process drop in nm) because they are already maxing out their architecture. There ain't much left they can do. We know this from Kaby Lake being marginally better (and barely at that) than its previous generation chips.

Intel will be stuck with the same arch for a few years to come as that was their original plan. To change that in the middle of their plans will cost them a huge amount of money which will f**keverything up for them. They did this before with the Pentium series. The P4 was just another tick/tock cycle as per usual business for Intel (never innovating) and AMD came around the corner with a huge win with the Athlon 64 FX/X2 series completely destroying Intel. 

AMD then held the market because Intel had nothing. Intel even went as far as bringing SMT to market with a few P4 chips, they marketed them as "dual core" but really it was a single core with 2 threads (as per usual business). These P4 chips were horrendous and sucked incredibly hard. You couldn't multi-task as per usual yet AMD could multi-task and run faster. Then after sitting on their hands, AMD started the Phenom line up (low end) and Intel started to bring the core2 series to market (core2duo and core2quad respectively) and then they started to catch back up to AMD, with the core i# series finally beating AMD. Then they've held the core i# superiority for while.

ONCE AGAIN, we are seeing P4 death in the Core i# series. Intel sat on their hands for too long and now will pay the price. Ryzen will take over for a few years. However this time AMD needs to keep it going and keep giving Intel a run for their money.

I'm stoked for this next year in hardware personally, even if it is only for this year.
Intel down for Good; This year belongs to AMD Intel down for Good; This year belongs to AMD Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on February 07, 2017 Rating: 5

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