Am I the only one who's hugely disappointed in Nokia for not realizing what it has done to the expectations of the hardcore fans of the original 3310, my nostalgia factor dropped so deep after seeing the reveal.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that every single one us wanted the same old beast of a phone back, the same heavy phone that had built of a nuclear bunker with the same old monochromatic display & that sweet monotonic Nokia ringtone but with some technological improvements on the inside like cramping up a far more advanced battery in that same battery space would've like tripled its battery life and with a better networking chip with better signals, other than those I wanted the exact same thing that made me fall in love with phones like that.

And where do I even start with the Snake game, that is just the biggest disappointment for me in 2017, nothing could even come close to amount of fun I had while playing the original snake on that tiny screen and trying to get the best score as possible.

Why did they change every single thing about the Nokia 3310 and said that this one's for the Nostalgic Fans :'(

What's the point of developing a phone whose primary selling point is obviously nostalgia and then changing it so much it doesn't bear even a passing resemblance to the iconic phone it's cashing in on?