Systemd 233 is expected to be released in the days ahead and as usual it's packing new features and various additions.

Some of the changes include new network options, a RestrictNamespaces unit option, systemd-specific mount options can now be understood in /etc/fstab, all systemd Python scripts now require Python 3, new systemd-nspawn capabilities, systemd-dissect as a new tool to dissect disk images, the systemd hardware database now includes accelerometer quirks, systemd-gpt-auto-generator now supports LUKS encrypted root partitions, and a wide variety of new unit options and other additions.

The near-final list of systemd 233 changes can be found via their NEWS entry in Git.

Developer Martin Pitt has also issued a call for testing of the near-final state of systemd 233 and has made available packages for Ubuntu/Debian boxes.